World’s best man

The world’s best man. Does such a thing even exist ? Ask a woman and she will definitely say no. But let’s dig deep.Perfection is something we all strive for and look for in others. There are many qualities we admire and we are constantly to drawn to people who possess them. The best man is a mixture of many qualities. Each person has their own opinion on perfection. Here are some qualities that a best man should possess, that most of can agree upon.1. Integrity Integrity makes a man worth respecting.Rex_HANDSOME_MUGSH_38-O7D-483819 He is always true to himself and never fails to deliver on his promises. He is ambitious and highly motivated. He is someone you can rely on. He gives respect and demands respect too. He is highly principled. He has rigid ideas on what is right and what is not. He does not stray far from his moral compass. He also knows to handle money appropriately.2. HonestyThe best man is honest at all costs. He does not twist the truth or say what people want to hear. He is direct and straightforward in his speech. It might be a small issue or a serious one. He does not believe in hiding things from people he cares about. He does not seem ambiguous. He may come off as brutal or offensive, but it is definitely better than lies. 3. Self confidenceA self confident man is always true to himself and unlikely to change who he is. He cannot be forced to do something he does not believe in because he is very sure of them. He never questions himself or his decisions. He knows he deserves good things and he works hard for them. He has a distinctive set of goals which he will achieve at any cost. He has a positive attitude in any situation. He is cheerful and fun to be with. He looks for the good in others and spreads joy.cooper-main_1748055a

He does not whine or complain and takes whatever comes in his stride.4. GentlemanlyThe world’s best man has to be gentlemanly. This means he is polite and considerate. He is attentive to the needs of women, the elderly and anyone in need. He pulls up chairs and always gives up his seat for the less fortunate.somanabolic-jon The world would be so much better with more such people. Such a guy would never behave inappropriately. He is calm and composed. He does not react suddenly. He takes time to think it through before arriving to a conclusion. He knows the consequences of the actions resulting from anger. 5. FaithfulnessThis is a very desirable trait in men. Men who stick to their roots are always admired. A faithful man is thoughtful towards the feelings of others. He never hurts them on purpose. He could never think about betraying his friends or relationships. He is kind , mature and compassionate.So , these are some of the qualities that make the world’s best man. Of course, it is subjective. But these qualities generally hold true. So whoever is looking to become the world’s best man can follow them !david_gandy02

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