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A shotgun is a big investment, one must be sure to spend money wisely, the possibilities are virtually endless when choosing a weapon and can be a bit disconcerting for a new fighter or a novice shooter. It is important to have an idea of what you want to buy before seeing your gunsmith. To help you make a choice, I choose highly reliable guns with excellent value for money, could be used for shooting and hunting bidders and their careful owners use flawless for years.35e6869ef5a8071213c83d46afb7a45fe8b69f60

But before I reveal the podium, some tips seem necessary:
One constant; You should buy the best you can afford.

For most hunters, gun-all-trades is probably the best choice, especially at the beginning, it is not yet sure what type of hunting or shooting discipline that will practice, and do not forget it is likely that you sell your first gun is because you want to, after draw some time buy a specialized weapon, simply change rifle, or you decide to permanently stop the shooting or hunting (j hope not!). For these reasons I logically advises to buy a good brand of gun that will sell easily.
Buy before the start of hunting season, it gives you time to change and practice or maybe even change it best to know before opening your gun for you.

Check preferably a local gunsmith, combined with a shooting range is even better, drawing few trays, you will immediately see if the gun fits you and it’s ideal for conformation.
If a gun is not for you do not buy it, even if it seems a bargain !!
Remember, it is very important the gold buying, ask as many questions as you can to your gunsmith, examine and manipulate as much as you can the gun.

Secure yourselt above all the qualities ot the weapon and not only to its outside, ot course, we all hope to impress our friends hunters by the beauty of our brand new rifle, but ultimately you will be judged on the quality of your shot, not the shine of your weapon.
In the end, “You do not choose a gun on mere rational criteria. Scales, ultimately, a movement of the heart or intervene the eye, the hand and all the secret alchemy of desire.”
MK60 MIROKU (ˆ 1,800)MK70_SPORTER_12M_1

Miroku is a manufacturer of Japanese weapons, in addition to producing weapons under his own name, he also manufactures bunk for Browning.
The MK60 universal model particularly well named, is a gun that can be used both for shooting and for hunting, its mechanics is the same design as the MK38 / MK70 and Brownings 5.25 /4.25, available 12 gauge and 20, 66 or 71cm guns chambered 76, fixed choks % -Ë, 8mm referred band, equipped with a single selective trigger, pistol grip and a tulip before .the quality of finish is in accordance with the standard and unbeatable value for money.

The shooters are rarely disappointed by the Mirokus universal and will not be otherwise.

Beretta Silver Pigeon III (ˆ 2,900) beretta-silver-pigeon-620x185
It is the many hunters rifle, reliable with a very reasonable price, typically Italian coffee rocking with all the Beretta mechanical characteristics that are identical in all models but each series is finished to a different level JThe Silver.Piqeon is available with a barrel length of 76cm 66,71 ou chambered 76 with fixed or
multichoks and referred 6mm tape. A classic look rifle. You can not go wrong with this weapon that has proven itself.

Magnus Caesar guerini (ˆ 2,900) i
Guerini is an Italian manufacturer established in Brescia, that reputation is growing, using modern technology to manufacture these weapons but ends by hand.

Magnus model has a low rocker, combining the characteristics of Beretta and Browning, with Faus-body very finely engraved.
A characteristic of all weapons guirini is the perfect fit wood and metal barrel 61, 66,71 and 76cm, chambered 76, 5 interchangeable choks referred strip 7mm semi-pistol grip style with a front selective single trigger.

Magnus is an alternative to Browning and Beretta if you want something different, it might be your weapon 5.25 Browning (2000 ˆ)
Browning jouie a renowned deserved, model 5.25 (it takes pronounce cinq.vingt-five and twenty-five hundred non Cinque) is a very reliable weapon manufactured in Japan by Miroku with high adapted from classic and legendary rocker B25 absolutely indestructible, guns 66, 71 or 76cm, chambered in 76mm interchangeable choks with a single selective trigger inertia, a principle that has not changed in 40 years The 5.25 is available in a wide variety of specification, grade, length, choks, there’s something for wholes tastes, however I recommend the light version (I am an anti-light), and especially buy the latest version as
Browning eased guns was heavy before and had a reputation for too nosedive. .The Last 5.25 (2011) features new light guns Back Bore (18.85mm bore) and with more Invector (long choks) which gives the gun better balance and a perfect swing.
The Browning 5.25 is a solid weapon, well made that should last a lifetime if well cared for.

Columbus ZOLI (ˆ 2,600)i
In the family of Zoli rifles Columbus is not only the newest but also the sum and summary of all the technical improvements and violations through research and refinement of the previous generation, when compared with the competition weapons that offer exactly the same thing you realize they are much more expensive, the brand gained a good reputation with surprising speed.

The Columbus at a low rocker made entirely from forged steel block, adjusted perfectly, the lock is of type boss, simple and efficient, best of all the percussion group is amovible.les guns available 66,71 and 75cm chambered in 76 with 5 interchangeable choks.

Columbus offers the features and functionality of providing a higher cost rifle while maintaining a very attractive price.

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