World’s best goal

As the holiday season approaches, people all over the world begin to look back on the past 11-12 months and question whether or not a proclaimed goal from the beginning of the year has been met. It started with a resolution, “I declare that this year I will… earn $100,000; pay off my debt; start a business; lose 50 pounds.” These are all worthy goals. They were likely initiated with a sincere desire for change, yet some goals were met and others were not. Why?
Behind every goal is a longing for what is missing. The thought is that if a certain “thing” or “goal” is realized, then life will be better forever. This is true when the goal is greater than temporary. One goal with the greatest potential to last forever is fulfillment. Therefore, the world’s best goal is

If you ask 20 different people to define what fulfillment means, you will likely get 20 different responses. Fulfillment, rightly defined, is optimal achievement; optimal success; optimal consciousness. It is a state of mind, a feeling without equivalent. It is not something that can be given. It is self-generated; a personal goal that is a perfect gift to self.interesting

The prime benefit of fulfillment is peace of mind. You cannot buy that. In a clear state of mind it is easier to relinquish outdated modes of thinking about who you are, where you should live, or what you should do for a career. Existing in a state of fulfillment brings about a sense of unparalleled freedom and confidence. Flow does it get any better than that?29140-interesting-business-image

When you know that the world’s best goal is “fulfillment,” then the rest of life’s journey becomes a more pleasurable one. In order to experience fulfillment, there is a process to be followed. The first step is to decide what type of person you choose be. This step deals with content of character, rather than career.
Therefore, the descriptors are likely one word responses like, compassionate, creative, dauntless, or fair. At this stage the choices are to be: who others have said you should be; who you have always been; or who you now choose to be. The beauty of this process is that life starts right now.

Once you have re-defined self, the next step toward enjoying the world’s best goal is to choose how you will express the new you. This step deals with what you are passionate about, and what moves your heart and soul. This could be the obvious like law, writing, medicine, or carpentry; or the less overt like helping others, and building or organizing things. Whatever the choice, it is okay.interesting3dabstract1920x1080wallpaper1257

The final and most important step is to regularly focus on how it feels to be this new you doing what it is that you enjoy most. Some call it meditation, others call it visualization. The point is to find a quiet spot and enjoy being you. This is how to experience fulfillment right here in the now. The fulfillment of being and expressing your true self is indeed the World’s Best Goal.

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