world’s best football player

Football is the most followed sports game and soccer players are also the world famous. Over the years, we have enjoyed great entertainment from the highly talented soccer players. If you are a football fan, you will definitely enjoy reading. This article focuses on the top 5 soccer players based on their achievements, general performance, talent, skills, consistency and their general influence on every game.

1. Lionel Messi {Argentina and Barcelona)img_558599d701680

Magical performer, talented footballer and has been referred to be a god of football by his supporters as well as fellow football players. His football style and ability makes him to be considered as the world’s best contemporary player. The dogged affability and determination in the pitch cannot be compared to any others. He is also considered to be the one of the most loyal football players. He has been dedicated to Barcelona in his career, including Barcelona C, Barcelona  and Barcelona Football Club. He is Barcelona’s all time best goal scorers with career total goals of 429 goals and has managed to score 49 goals for Argentina

2. Christiano Ronaldo {Portugal and Real Madrid)2014-11-14t220927z_1517180775_gm1eabf0gyn01_rtrmadp_3_soccer-euro

Christiano Ronaldo is purely talented in football. The dribbles, assists, professional touches and unique moves make him unstoppable. He is also very fast and puts a lot of effort and hard work in every game that he features in. He has been successful in all the three clubs, which includes Sporting CP, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Ronaldo has an incredible goal scoring record and has managed to score 326 goals for his team, which makes him Real Madrid’s all time top scorer in all competitions. He has career total goals of 449 and has also managed to score 55 goals for his national team which makes him Portugal’s record goal scorer.

3. Luis Suarez {Uruguay and Barcelona)1288704601526

Having played in major soccer clubs including Nacional, Groningen, Ajax, Liverpool and currently at Barcelona,

Luiz Suarez is highly skilled and experienced. He creates goal scoring chances with his very powerful and remarkable shots. His direct runs towards the goal confuse various defenders and put them in great danger when he is in possession.

4. Sergio Aguero {Argentina and Barcelona}

Fotball , 6. februar 2012 ,privatkamp , Sverige - Argentina :  Sergio Aguero , Argentina jubler etter mål Norway only

His passing ability and clear vision make him a perfect player. His goal scoring ability as well as his acceleration, agility and strength have never been witnessed from any other player.

He is always determined to keep the ball with him no matter how the opponents may resist. Aguero is also regarded as one of the great soccer players with an incredible work ethic.

5. Thomas Muller {Germany and Bayern Munich}Thomas-Muller-Bayern-Munich

He has always demonstrated his brilliant football skills in every game. His dribbling, passing, shootings and ball control skills are superb. He is always very strong and quick while playing. It’s true that a good number of players in the football history who have had high achievements tend to be holding midfielders but when it comes to the attackers, no one matches Thomas Muller’s ability.

He is one of the most successful players who have been effective to both the club and country. He has collected almost all the trophies including the Champions League, World Cup and the German Bundesliga.

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