world’s best fighter

You know, it is amazing how the world is developing in regard to extreme sports. Fighting Sports has been there since time in memorial; however, it has not been interesting as well as sophisticated as it is at the moment. To tell you the truth, all has changed for the best! In the contemporary society, lots of people stay awake all night just to watch the top cream fighters across the globe take to stage to entertain them. It is clear that everyone who stays awake the entire night to watch such fights have their favorite contenders. Now, here comes the question, who is your world’s best fighter? And what makes you rank them the best in the world? With that that in mind, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty as to who is the best fight and what call for the best fight.roman reigns4

Well, being a WWE fan, it does not take me so much to define the best fighter. In fact, I take is as an opportunity to argue my case. World Wrestling Experience (WWE) is among the best fighting sports that live me moving my dodging imaginary blows while sited on my couch. However, that is not the point; the WWE has incredible fighter ranging from the funeral director, the Rock, Steve Austin to John Cena. However, no single player brings more excitement in the rink like Roman Rein. He is among the most vibrant young contender in the wrestling experience. Recently, he has been selected as the first contender for the world heavyweight championship against his former group mate Seth Rollins. Roman Rein and Seth Rollins were members of a group called “The Shields”. After a while, the group disintegrated, and Roman Rein decided to go it alone since then Roman Rein has taken the rink by storm.roman reigns5

With that little history at hand, then what makes Roman Rein the best fighter in the world? Here are several attributes as to why this guy is the world’s best fighter.


There is nothing unusual like watching a brave fighter take on stage. You know, courage is the only thing that one need to triumph the world, and that is what defines Roman Rein. Courage has made him stand tall among other contenders in the VWVE.


There is nothing exciting as watching thoughtful fighter take on each other on the stage. Roman Rein is among a standout contender who has not only triumph his competitors with a fly blow, but with a spear as well. He is the best in what he does. As they say, you cannot hold a great man down, it is true. The power in Roman Rein is incomparable. Besides, how he swings in the rink explains the experience as well as how best he is in what he does in the rink.


Respect is an added advantage to one’s career. In fact, it is an aspect that makes Roman the world’s best fighter to say the list. He has respect for the authorities as well as his fellow contenders in the VWVE.

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