World’s best crossover

Our favorite TV shows are our favorites for a very good reason, but nothing is ever better than those episodes where two of your favorites fuse together to create a master crossover. So what is the world’s best crossover on TV? It’s difficult to say but this is a personal list of top 5 (in no particular order.)
1.maxresdefault (4) The Springfield Files” – The Simpsons. This episode sees Mulder and Scully from hit 90’s show The X-Files team up with Flomer Simpson to investigate a report of aliens in the area (which *spoiler alert* turns out to be Mr Burns.) This episode is hilarious and it’s portrayal of David Duchovny’s Mulder is what earns it a spot in the top 5, they brilliantly capture his ‘Mr Spooky’ persona. Not to mention brilliant one liners from Gillian Anderson such as explaining the reason for one test being that she just thought Flomer could stand to lose a little weight.
2.maxresdefault (5)Bravo Dooby-Doo” – When Johnny Bravo met the Scooby Doo crew. This episode is comedy gold featuring the classic repeating chase scene gag and -my personal favorite- when Velma and Johnny lose their glasses at the same time. Velma exclaiming that she can’t see without hers, while Johnny covers his face and insists that he can’t BE seen without his. This combined with *spoiler number 2* that the baddie is just Johnny’s Aunt trying to get him to leave makes this a must see. They just don’t write them like this any more.
3. maxresdefault (6)The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. The show used to be called “Grim and Evil” but the Evil side and all the villains with it (e g Evil Con Came and General Skar) were cut from the show. Flowever in later series these characters turn up again to play cameos and one off episodes. In episode “Chicken Ball Z” (a subtle Dragon Ball Z reference) Mandy even buys Evil Con Carne’s island base as seen in the old episodes.
4. Galaxy_Trio_TitleFlarvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. This show was a regular riot when it aired on Cartoon Network. Ex-superhero Birdman from Birdman and the Galaxy Trio was back, as an attorney. Every episode brought up an old family favorite cartoon character who had ended up needing legal advice or even being taken to court. The show regularly placed characters such as Fred Flintstone or Yogi Bear in a spot of bother. This show was one of the ultimates in combining parody and pop culture.
5. Simpsorama-FeaturedSimpsorama” – The Simpsons meets Futurama. Yes this is the second time that The Simpsons has
featured on this list but it must just be that they keep on picking the perfect team. Everyone was devastated by the end of Futurama so when this episode aired it was a joy to watch. Seeing Bender becoming friends with Homer and Lisa assisting Professor Farmsworth was every nerds heaven, and it threw in a possible alien apocalypse, what more could any hardcore Matt Groening fan wish for?
This is a personal list of top 5 world’s best crossovers, there are of course far too many to mention and this is just in the TV universe!

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