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Tiniest Books Found In the World
Who doesn’t love a good book but what if your favorite book were written in the tiniest text known to man? Would you still read it? Some folks already have trouble reading normal size text much less text that requires a microscope. Let’s see what some of the smallest and tiniest books available are.

1. “Teeny Ted Turnip Town”4353444xaj

Despite the original title being such a large title, this title belongs to probably one of the most micro-tiniest book found in the world. This book banked at around $15,000 dollars and is the proud micro-creation of Malcom Douglas Chaplin. This creative Canadian had to engage the help of the nanotechnology to create this little book. Believe it or not but this book actually has the width of a single human hair! To create this book it had to be done on a nano silicone chip that measures 70 micrometers by 100 micrometers. Oddly enough one cannot read the book with just a regular microscope but rather an electron microscope which scans the book. The book was written on thirty microchip tablets and done at an imaging laboratory in Vancouver, Canada. Only 100 copies of this little tike have been made available to the public.

2 The Tiniest BibleRTR4H8IF

The second book on our tiny list would have to probably be the smallest Bible found. This Holy Book was first found at the University of Iowa at the university’s library. At first there was serious mystery about what could be inside the book. After some assistance, the librarian and assistants probed the book under a microscope and soon found out that it was a Bible. The book was printed in Tokyo, Japan by the Toppan Printing Company back in 1965. The only content found inside the book is the first chapter of the book of Genesis in the King James Version. It is recorded that the book is the size of little ladybug! It measures at less than an inch thick and tall.

3. The ABC BookBilderABC_01

This book could be considered a children’s book if that child had a strong magnifying glass. Author Josua Reichert is the creator of this miniscule book. To the naked eye it literally looks like a teeny red dot. This an alphabet book done in a colorful scheme. Thankfully, the author offers a large print of the book for those who do not have a magnifying glass handy. It kept safe inside a wooden box and surrounded by glass. It measures slightly over 2 millimeters top to bottom.

4. The Tiny Book Collection585420_800wc

Surprisingly, micro-mini book collecting is a very common hobby. It is so with Hungarian book fanatic, Josef Tari who is the owner of the world’s largest collection of tiny books. He proudly owns over 4,000 small books and none are larger than 76 millimeters in height. He started his small collection back the 70’s. One his oldest, tiny books dates to be 100 years old. The smallest book that he owns is 2.75 millimeter by 1.75 millimeters wide. Despite them being so incredibly small they are still legible to the naked eye. He also adds to his hobby creating his own little books and gives them to his friends and family.

5. “Los Libros Mas Pequenos Del Mundo”libro-mas-pequeno-07

This company is found in South America in Peru and has sparked the fascination of small books to many.

They first debuted at the International Book Fair in Sharjah, Dubai and became quite famous with the local Emirates. Their books mostly consist of fairytales and love poems. They measure one to seven centimeters in size. They are still quite legible to read despite their small size and there is no need to break out a magnifying glass. Unlike some the earlier picks these books are actual full stories. They are available in Spanish, English, Italian, French and soon Arabic for their Emirate fans.

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