There are so many different types of objects which are organically existing or human created on Earth. Each of these has a particular speed that they can maximally obtain. Sadly no, you cannot harness the speeds of the objects and creations below. However, you are able to witness and utilize one of the fascinations that extends beyond the Earth that shall come later. The anticipation is building already. Let us start with things physically on earth. Cheetahs are well known to be the fastest land […]

The real constitution of beauty is a matter of considerable debate. On the one hand, some men swear by physical appearance, whereas others claim that inner beauty is what really matters. But the truth is that the world ascribes female splendor to being slender. And so, where do we put other women who are on the plus side? You may have heard about Mayra Rosales. She used to be the world’s biggest woman, although at present she’s shed off most of her weight. But the […]

The world’s biggest cathedral nestles in the historic and lovely city of Rome, specifically in Vatican City. Across the globe, St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest place of worship for Roman Catholics. Michelangelo, together with three other architects in the person of Donato Bramante, Carlo Maderno, and Gian Bernini designed the basilica. St. Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, was buried in this holy place; hence, its name. The basilica itself has an area of approximately 15, 000 square meters. With its […]

World’s best goal

As the holiday season approaches, people all over the world begin to look back on the past 11-12 months and question whether or not a proclaimed goal from the beginning of the year has been met. It started with a resolution, “I declare that this year I will… earn $100,000; pay off my debt; start a business; lose 50 pounds.” These are all worthy goals. They were likely initiated with a sincere desire for change, yet some goals were met and others were not. Why? […]

He is the first Black-American president of the United States of America. His family is the first Black family to live in the White House. To many, this will only remain to be a dream that we wish will one day come true. Barack Obama is one of the most famous men in the world. From young to old, white or black, rich or poor, everyone has heard of him. Children have been named after him with a parent’s hope that they will grow to […]

If we look at the globe, we will see there seven continents of land spread over the flat Earth, the continent of Australia and the continent of Asia, Africa, Europe and North America and South America continent and the continent of Antarctica and the Arctic. And as a result of wars, conflicts and political divisions, every continent includes a number of states, and each state located on a particular flat from the continent, and includes a number of the population and the population is different […]

The B-2 Stealth Bomber is an American bomber designed using low stealth technology. The plane goes at an estimated cost of 2.1 billion dollars. The plane’s stealth technology enables it to penetrate anti-aircraft defenses. The B-2 Bomber has no distinct fuselage making it a tailless flying wing of a crew of two passengers. This article talks about the B-2 Bomber as the most expensive plane in the world.UniquenessThe plane is designed to deploy both traditional and nuclear weapons. It is also able to deploy GPS […]

World’s best series

Have you ever been glued on the screen just waiting to see what will happen next and next after next? Curiosity, suspense and emotions, the list is endless. Phone calls, text messages and just a simple knock on the door become a nuisance. I call it the power of a great series. Too bad there is no rehabilitation for its addiction. Severally we find ourselves in such situations and if you’ve watched Prison Break you must be a victim. Who has never heard of Prison […]

Roses are perhaps one of the most well-known flowers. They look beautiful, they smell lovely and are very symbolic to romantic situations. Had a fight with your lover? Buy her a rose! Are you meeting a loved one? Buy her a rose! We all accept them for their emotional value if not their looks and smell. But did you know that there are a whole lot of rose types besides the typical red rose you may have in mind? While they all have the same […]

It is definite that every nation competes for power and having the largest ship is a sign of power. Even individuals in the world today compete’s with each other, with an aim of outdoing everybody in terms of yacht ownership. Having a numerically large and a powerful ship is a sign of wealth and power. This is mostly evident in the navies, it may be thought that a nation with the largest ship is the most secure. From the day’s of world war II to […]

Top Five Coldest Countries in the World. Extreme cold conditions might be as a result of harsh winter conditions, high elevations of land in relations to the sea or the positioning of a country on the global map. Most of the coldest countries are often countries that are located near the North and South Poles. Due to the sun movement north and south of the equator as the year progresses, some countries on Earth hardly sees any sun for many month. This often leads to […]

The Sudoku number-filling puzzle is world famous and has been for quite some time. Due to the various degrees of difficulty the puzzle may provide, people of all ages and levels of intelligence compete against it and have chances of winning. We want to present the world’s most difficult Sudoku puzzle, considered unwinnable for people. As we will see later on, there are some places we can get help to solve such complicated puzzles, mainly using computer-generated code. Difficulty increase in Sudoku not only comes […]

World’s coldest city

Our planet has various types of climate; some of the places have moderate climate, and some experience extreme climate; making it difficult for human habitat to exist. When you talk about world’s coldest city it is difficult to give accurate names as there are various parameters to measure the same. You can measure the coldest city by taking the record lowest temperature or average temperature over the years; however, irrespective of the way you measure you will get a similar list of the world’s coldest […]

Where is Hamilton, Ohio? Not many know, but it will now be known as the place in which the largest watermelon was discovered. Chris Kent from Seviervlle, Tennessee entered his mammoth of a fruit in the 2013 Pumpkin and Fall festival in Tennessee in hopes of coming away with his second title. He did more than just that. His watermelon weighed in at 350.5 pounds, which was a remarkable 42.5 pounds heavier than the previous world record holder Gabriele Bartoli of Italy. The remarkable thing […]

Most of the beautiful words are in English language. Whats makes words beautiful is actually the feelings or emotions behind them. Words that are spoken without feelings are of no use. Words help increase the beauty of our conversations and our understandings of how and why we speak the way we do. The words are spoken should show our exact meaning of them, the word love says everything we feel, it means a lot to a mother, father, siblings,relatives, friends, spouses. It is is advised […]

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