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The prowess of Women right from the turn of the century has been unmatched since the history of Man. Most of the world’s leading women have built success stories that can inspire the downtrodden. Each of the stories and facts that you find in these topics have shaped our horizon beyond what words can say. Our world’s women have continued to lead the push for balancing the inequalities we find in our world. It is quite an issue worth commending to find the new breed of leaders that women have given to various sectors of the world. Let celebrate the World’s women and their diverse accomplishments. You are welcome to our world.

Charity Pierce? Does that ring a bell? Absolutely!! The world’s fattest woman in recorded history weighs a whopping 778 pounds at the age of 38. She resides in Texas and is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Tony Sauer. She plans to walk down the aisle, have a cowboy-themed wedding, dance all night and have the best honeymoon ever. She is really serious to have a life with him. That’s actually what she just wants – to have a life! We all know she […]

When it comes to determining the world’s strongest woman, you will realize that it requires a woman with exceptional strength and energy to perform complex tasks that an ordinary woman may find it as an uphill task. Actually, the world has witnessed quite a number of women who have recorded amazing displays with regard to their strengths. One of the World’s Strongest Woman who has distinctively come out is Aneta Floczyk. This incredibly amazing 33-year old woman from Poland started her career in the field […]

Steamy Summer Trends For 2015 The apparel stores are teeming with the newest fashion trends of the year, which includes swimsuits, sheer fabrics, lively prints, embroidered denim shirt as well as pants and accessories. However, to beat the tropical heat decorate the wardrobe with simple fashion garments that suits your exclusive fashion. Being stylish and comfortable is the key to flaunt your summery style statement and for that purpose you can mix and match your present fashion garments. The body type, shape and size cannot […]

The wonderful wonders of the world Our world is full of wonderful stuff. There are many things which make us say WOW when we see them. The nature and its creations never seize to surprise us and there are many things which are unusual ion any ways. There are beautiful valleys, animals, weathers, humans, etc, which continue to how us the other faces of nature. Just like that, there are many interesting types of humans are also present around us who are making us think that […]

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