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The prowess of Women right from the turn of the century has been unmatched since the history of Man. Most of the world’s leading women have built success stories that can inspire the downtrodden. Each of the stories and facts that you find in these topics have shaped our horizon beyond what words can say. Our world’s women have continued to lead the push for balancing the inequalities we find in our world. It is quite an issue worth commending to find the new breed of leaders that women have given to various sectors of the world. Let celebrate the World’s women and their diverse accomplishments. You are welcome to our world.

The society we currently live in is very judgmental especially with how our body looks like. The perfect body shape is perceived to be tall and slender. This mindset has therefore pushed many people to look for all kinds of means such as dieting and working out to achieve that perfect body shape. However, as this article will prove, some of these methods used to lose body fat can be quite fatal. This article highlights the plights and predicaments of the world’s thinnest woman and […]

World’s biggest butt

Gone are the days that skinny women we regarded as the most attractive women making big women lose their self-esteem. The women would result to dieting to reduce their weight and become attractive. The world changes have changed the dice increasing the demand for women with big butts. Men no longer want skinny women they are attracted to women with big butts hence women are even undergoing plastic surgery to boost their butts’ sizes to become attractive. This article discloses the women with biggest boots […]

Eyebrows as well as sexy eyelashes, tend to be 2 key elements keep the advantage of the face area. Sexy eyelashes as well as eyebrows besides the visual eyes as well as encounter protecting impact as well as stops dirt as well as overseas items, leading to harm to the actual impacted eyes. The eyelashes feel the actual significant characteristics and also ultra fine allergens you the eyelashes are usually provided for mental performance. When details from your human brain for the attention is actually […]

Bridgette Jordan came to the limelight in September 2011 when she received the Guinness record for being the world’s smallest girl. Bridgette was born and raised in Sandoval Illinois to a family of five, a brother a sister and her parents, at the age of 21 Bridgette stands at a height of only 2 feet 3 inches which is roughly 69 centimeters. The cause of her small body stature is attributed to a rare condition known as majewski osteodysplastic dwarfism type II, this condition affect […]

The World’s Most Expensive Ring There are very few truly flawless gems that are created of rare colors, that are coupled with the most precious metals to design the world’s most beautiful and expensive rings. These rings that comprise the list leading to the world’s most expensive ring are bought at auctions, making these highly sought after rings the subject of high bidding wars, which have contributed to their expensive price tags. Also included in the rings’ information is their highest estimated worth. Here is […]

Being a grandparent has always been associated with old age the same way being a great grandmother is associated with being dead. Great grandparents mostly die before we are even born to see them alive and the only people we get to see alive on the upper end of the family tree are our grandparents, who in the conventional sense ought to be old to fit the bill. But exceptions do happen. Throughout history, there have been women who’ve challenged this conventional way of how […]

The world has a total of 1826 billionaires, 197 of which just happen to be women. The figure might be relatively small, but women do hold a hearty share of the world’s economy. We’re NOT talking Beyonce here. She might be all that—famous, rich, smart, talented and married to one of I the world’s richest rappers alive—but her bank account just doesn’t make the cut. This list consists of the world’s top insanely rich women who, if they decided on a lark, could buy some […]

Next to diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend. There are a number of really expensive shoes out there made by top designers who have built empires by keeping celebrities well heeled. There’s a lot that you can tell about a woman by the shoes she wears. When it comes to the world’s most expensive shoes, these five brands stand out. 1. Manolo Blahnik The designer brand has been around since the 70’s when platform shoes were the rage; almost no one was wearing heels […]

The World’s Biggest Boobs: Natural Vs. Implants What’s with men and boobs? There’s lot that can be said about men’s fascination with big boobs and women’s need to have them. You could say men have mommy issues or something Freudian like men needing to nurtured. The strange thing with that nurturing thins or mummy issue analogy is that men don’t look at big boobs and immediately think of their mothers so, that’s an explanation that doesn’t work well. For women to want bigger boobs it […]

Every single week the group at Top Billing conveys to you what is presumably the longest running way of life TV program in South Africa. Top Billing has been prestigious for its equalization of substance and global news from Celebrities and world-class gourmet experts to our particular neighborhood examples of overcoming adversity to wedding promise rivalries, spouse of the year and then some. Top Billing has been conveying to South African viewers for a long time, the top VIPs, lovely locations, homes and ample sustenance […]


Most men or anyone would agree that a woman is the God’s gift to the world. They are wonderful creatures that come in various skin texture, eye color, body curve, size, hair color, among other things. However, the most common or unifying factor is their class and style that keeps them at the top. It is what they say, wear, do, and the rest that separates them. Nevertheless, their strength, intelligence, popularity, attractiveness, success among other traits that define these women. Here are the world’s […]

Among animals, birds’ men are always attractive with beautiful pooping colors, long tails, sharp and magnificent feature. But in case of human beings his gender biasness plays a role reversal. In our community women are most attractive and beautiful creature. This sex not only have sharp feature but also have some hypnotizing beauty which men lure for their entire life. Not even now, but for several million decades before also of stones, papers and wasted by men to describe and narrate the exotic beauty of […]

From the scientific proof, girls mature into adults capable of sexual reproduction at around ten to eleven years old. Nevertheless, when they begin to have their menstrual periods it is always known they are now able to get pregnant. In the normal society life process it is always or it is a tradition that girls can never get pregnant until they are over eighteen or capable of supporting the child. This is always evident as parents always advice against engaging in sexual intercourse at early […]

Regarding the ugliest women- it is usually known that beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder. A person you see may appear ugly or engaging depending on your criteria of determining his/or her charm. Unfortunately, glow of face and physical appearance matters a lot to ensure you appear either unattractive or beautiful. Below is a list of the top 5 ugliest women in the world. Donatella Versace. She tops the list as the world’s ugliest woman. She is the sister to Gianni, a renowned […]

World’s heaviest man

The following is a list of the top-10 heaviest people on the planet ;(All the weights refer to the documented weights. ) 1. Jon Brower Minnoch was a man who was born in the United States. He was born in 1941 and died in 1983. At the peak of his weight, he was recognized as the heaviest man on the planet. He had a weight of about 1400 lb (640 kilograms). However, this figure was not very accurate because of his poor health and lack of […]

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