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The prowess of Women right from the turn of the century has been unmatched since the history of Man. Most of the world’s leading women have built success stories that can inspire the downtrodden. Each of the stories and facts that you find in these topics have shaped our horizon beyond what words can say. Our world’s women have continued to lead the push for balancing the inequalities we find in our world. It is quite an issue worth commending to find the new breed of leaders that women have given to various sectors of the world. Let celebrate the World’s women and their diverse accomplishments. You are welcome to our world.

Here’s a wonderful and wacky list of the world’s top five biggest tongues: Number five goes to 18-year-old Adrianne Lewis, whose tongue is said to measure in at about 10cm. Despite Guinness World Records rejecting her several times, she is still as confident as ever that she has the worlds longest tongue and has created her very own YouTube channel to show off her tricks to the world; she is able to be able to lick her nose, chin, eye, and ELBOW. Her tongue gained […]

How long does it take for you nails to have world’s biggest fingernails? Well, you wouldn’t know unless you knew juts how are leading in that arena, and just how long their nails are. Earning the record for the world’s biggest nail seems quite forward and easy. Decide whether which of your limbs should take the burden, and sit on your comfortable coach weighting for nature to do its part. But, weight until you hear from Shridar Chillal, an Indian who earned the Guinness World […]

world’s biggest legs

The world is a complex phenomenon, and so are people. Every aspects of an individual is unique, not to mention that nature endowed each and every one of us with peculiarity who dynamics is beyond the human comprehensions. Well, if your legs do not speak for you, most of know the basic doctrine of genetic makeup and fingerprints. Talking of legs, recent findings have it that the world’s biggest legs category of the Guinness Book of Records is getting more fans. People all around the […]

world’s biggest girl

Many are occasions where girls get oversensitive of their bodies. They want to look as thin as they can to maintain the “ideal body image’ that the media so cherishes. Some of them even forego fundamental meals just to be small. The most important question, however, is juts how big is big? Is it weight or height? And what weight or height does a girl need to have to be called the “world’s biggest girl”? The article is meant for you if you’d like to […]

It is a world of clamor and lustre; people want to identify themselves with uniqueness of life. Women have become more stylish and elegant to stay a float in the fashion world. It is now true that the more expensive one’s accessory is, the more satisfaction one gets. There are women accessories in the market niches that appalls in their cost and crafting. They may include clothing, jewelry, watches, shoes and handbags. However, each women has her unique and exceptional taste on various accessories. World […]

world’s biggest lips

In the world of beauty there always seems to be some new fad to aspire to. These days it seems that big and bloated lips are all the rage and the bigger the better. People are going to great lengths to puff up their pouts from Botox and silicone injections to suctioning their lips outward with a drinking glass or special lip-plumping device. There are tons of lip-plumping glosses and lipsticks on the market that contain various pout-producing ingredients such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, caffeine, […]

Everybody seems to have a butt fetish these days. Gone are the days when slim and petite bodies were considered the perfect and ideal type. Days when if you looked nothing like a runway model, you were not deemed a beautiful woman. If you’re a woman with a huge butt, your attractiveness automatically goes up. We round up our list of the biggest booties. Number 5: KIM KARDASHIAN At number 5 is Kim Kardashian. Her booty is probably the most famous and most googled butt […]

There has always been a competition for who the most Richest man in the World is. Some people believe that Vladimir Putin is the richest man therefore giving him the title “Putin World’s Richest Man”. However there are some minorities that completely go against the title “Putin World’s Richest Man”. In order to clarify the differences that who is the Richest man or woman in the world, we have top 10 Richest People in the world. After this it would be clarified that does Vladimir […]

In this 21st century, thin waists seems to be considered incredible, fashionable and adored by many people. This is because thin waists tend to bring out a person’s real body shape. Achieving a really incredible thin waist is not such an easy task as some people may think as it requires patience and determination. The most common ways of achieving thin waists are constricting the rib cage and stomach, surgery exercising and taking of balanced diet. The most common way of achieving thin waists is […]

There is one particular girl who comes to mind when hearing the words “skinny girl”, and that would be Lizzie Velasquez. Lizzie was born with a rare condition that has caused her to not be able to store fat. She has never gained over 64 pounds in her 24 years of life so far. When she was born, she had only weighed 2 pounds, 11 ounces. Due to such size, and complications, Lizzie also lost sight in one of her eyes. It made it harder […]

The world is a nice place to be in,right?Nobody has proved this point well like the tiny Mrs.Stacey Herald.Who was born in a small town in USA has defied all odds and made a life for herself and family.She was born with a serius syndrom which made it hard for her to grow since her bones,limbs and lungs were undeveloped.She could grow but it was heard for anybody to notice her growth,her mother was her voice of hope which encouraged her to pursue her dreams […]

In today’s world there are no double standards when it comes to the right body size and weight. Every woman wants to attain the size zero mark and ideal body weight. We live at a time where women are working hard to out skinny each other to be considered hot and beautiful. This is very common among celebrities and has turned into an obsession to appear appealing to their fans. Most of them go through anorexic moments to attain their desire, you wonder if they […]

There’s always a way that palatable cakes make people feel, the sensational taste that flows in their mouths that blows their hearts to cloud nine. Cakes have been in existence since the ancient days .whereby, they all had a symbolic meaning while being baked. For instance, in ancient days, cakes were baked to honor the gods, today, cakes are made for ceremonies and also as desserts. Well, a renown designer who is known for her chic style in clothes and the uniqueness in her designs, […]

In the world, women and ladies would like to be seen in beautiful figures. The hair styles, makeups and good body shapes are among the features that men would like to see in women. However, for them to be identified, they have to come up with unique features so that they can be noticed. For instance, wearing high heels. Therefore, high heeled shoes of great importance in the fashion industry. The highest heels were limited to 4-5 inches, however currently these are standard as women […]

Every girl has a dream to have a fare tell story of her a most memorable time-а wedding day, the time she will exchange an everlasting promise of love to her Prince Charming before God, the family, relatives and friends. Before that special day, one of the highly valued factors that are considered is what the bride will wear as she will be walking down the aisle while the groom and the crowd looking admire her wedding dress. Certainly being such memorable life turning event […]

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