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The prowess of Women right from the turn of the century has been unmatched since the history of Man. Most of the world’s leading women have built success stories that can inspire the downtrodden. Each of the stories and facts that you find in these topics have shaped our horizon beyond what words can say. Our world’s women have continued to lead the push for balancing the inequalities we find in our world. It is quite an issue worth commending to find the new breed of leaders that women have given to various sectors of the world. Let celebrate the World’s women and their diverse accomplishments. You are welcome to our world.

World’s dumbest girl

To find the World’s Dumbest Girl, one needn’t look further than right in front of his or her face… at their phone. Yes, dumb girls, are running rampant in cyber space on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and now streaming live on Periscope. There are so many of these girls out there, that it’s impossible to single out one as the World’s Dumbest Girl. It is possible, however, to figure out which girls share this title. If you come across a girl who meets any of […]

TOP 5 OF THE WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICE Some singers have a natural singing voice from birth but with a good mentor and learning about music here and there makes their voice this top five, we are going to list the best voice as rated by research that i have conducted.The list below depends on the ratings in social networks and the uniqueness of voices that melts peoples hearts. 1. JACKIE EVANCHO She is an American classical crossover singer and was born in April […]

On your mark,get set,go! Running has never stopped us from excitement isn’t it?Well,who would not get excited while watching athletes running with all they’ve got to reach first and be the fastest man or the fastest woman.Running to be the fastest woman or man isn’t easy and you have others who have the same dream as you:to be the world’s fastest woman/man.Here we take a look at the world’s fastest women.With Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce having 7 World Championships and 2 Olympic Gold medals to […]

World’s most flexible girl Being flexible simply means you can perform some body stretches. However, flexible people have been able to showcase unique acrobats but Julia Gunthel just takes is a notch higher than everyone. She contorts her body like a snake with no bones. Julia, commonly known as Zlata hails from Kazakhstan but spent most of her childhood in Germany Many have called her boneless due to her bends that most humans wouldn’t do or rather if try, you risk breaking your limbs. But […]

The real constitution of beauty is a matter of considerable debate. On the one hand, some men swear by physical appearance, whereas others claim that inner beauty is what really matters. But the truth is that the world ascribes female splendor to being slender. And so, where do we put other women who are on the plus side? You may have heard about Mayra Rosales. She used to be the world’s biggest woman, although at present she’s shed off most of her weight. But the […]

In this fast growing world, along with time there came a wide range of change in the people and their living style as well dressing. Basically when we see a person, we get a picture of his character on the way how he dressed. When an interviewer who has to interview a person with no formal dressing and with foolishly combed hair will get irritation as soon as he see him.Even he have so many good qualities, his mind wont allow him to give job […]

Girls are the world’s prettiest dolls. The dolls of real life, yes! the girls. A girl or a woman plays an important role in one’s life. A mother who is the first woman in our life, the one who brings us to existence and up brings us. She guides us the right way always and help us become a successful person in our lives. Then comes the sister who loves us. We share our childhood with our brothers and sisters. They support us at every […]

When it comes to wearing and buying expensive footwear, people get divided into two kinds of people: one who scoffs at the price and moves on to look for better prices value ratio, and the other who flutters through his earnings to get what his heart wants. Here we’re gonna talk about the other kind. The fortunate, rich kind of people who have bought the most expensive boots ever sold. It’s unbelievable really, for how much these little things, sell. These are the 5 most […]

When thinking of powerful weapons most people go through thoughts of bombs and powerful guns. I seem to think differently because if you take a look around you will realize that there are far more greater things that can be used as weapons other than those things that were made for destruction. The most powerful weapon is actually a woman. We all have seen the power a woman has over a man. A woman can drive the sanest man crazy. Come on guys, you all […]

world’s luckiest man

We all wants to be lucky in our lives and we do need a good luck for every task that we perform.But it is not necessary that we all do have a same luck and will definitely achieve success in the task that we perform.We do require hard work to become lucky at times but it is not applicable for all of us, some people do get lucky without any hardwork or we can say they are born with charming or great luck.Every person wants […]

Breasts don’t lie, so they say. Ask anyone and you’ll see. Men are more attracted with women’s breasts than any other part of their body. Not even brains. It’s funny, right? Not really. The World’s most Beautiful Breasts It has been claimed before, and at least most women will agree, that women’s breasts are the greatest attraction for men. This is probably the reason why most women are today, either consciously or unknowingly, becoming conscious about keeping their assets intact. Well, nature bears the blame, […]

The wedding day is certainly one of the most important events in people’s lives, which is planned for months, but when that day comes, it seems that it’s really a whirlwind. However, the moment we see the bride coming down the aisle, time stands still, and we realize why women, in general, pay so much attention to choosing the perfect dress. A wedding dress can certainly dictate the events of that day, and this is what the women whose dresses were labeled as the most […]

Suman Khatum is the world’s fattest child. At the age six years, she has a height of 3ft and 5inches. She weighs 14st 5lbs which is five times in excess of what she should weigh at that age. It is believed that the food she feeds on per week is enough to feed her whole rural community. Her afternoon snack involves more than fifteen biscuits and ten bananas at the same time. Her father’s weekly earning is put aside for feeding her. After a meal, […]

Arguably, fashion is among the most lucrative industries in the current world order. This is not just because of the mere reason that we need to dress up and look cool in our outfits; it justifies the fact that each and every individual needs to bring out the best of their uniqueness and personality. In short, fashion defines a person in the best way others can easily see. If you’ve ever been to any fashion show, I am certain you will agree with me on […]

Money can’t buy happiness. Especially if your happiness is a dress worth more than 5 million dollars! The world of fashion is surely no stranger to expensive designer clothes and fashion items worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Famous brands and designers all over the world have always put style and fashion at a price not many can afford. And this list will even go beyond that, showing that clothes can mean more than style, beauty and being fashionable. Sometimes it also […]

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