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Everyone that has grown up in the 20th or 21st century would have heard terms such as the World’s weapons of mass destruction. When we talk of the World’s weapons, it is important to note that it has not always being negative. There are certain innovations that has helped to make this world a better place. Each of the World’s weapons has helped to create the societal norms that we live with. Based on the fact that there are pros and cons on this subject, it makes it more engaging for the discerning mind.

Knives have been of great use for humanity for milleniums. From antique knives to modern hunting weapons, from prehistoric knives to the knife that you were last stabbed with in CS:GO(don’t lie to us – we know you play it) and even the small pocket knife that our father gave you for your 12th birthday and you that only used to sharpen your pencils. Knives are a treasure! But we are not sure whether you understand how much is the average knife lover ready to […]

When someone says to you,” what is the worldТs most powerful bomb?”. Most people jump onto the world war 2 bandwagon and think about the fat man and little boy nuclear warheads that shook Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the roots. But it’s the 21st century and technology is so much more advanced as it was then! Sprouting from the cold war, the American and Russian scientists devoted their time creating the new worldТs most powerful bomb after the spectacle left in Japan. As time went […]

It is definite that every nation competes for power and having the largest ship is a sign of power. Even individuals in the world today compete’s with each other, with an aim of outdoing everybody in terms of yacht ownership. Having a numerically large and a powerful ship is a sign of wealth and power. This is mostly evident in the navies, it may be thought that a nation with the largest ship is the most secure. From the day’s of world war II to […]

To a tank enthusiast, determining the ranking of the best battle tanks in the world may be one of the hardest things to do – also something which most people may not agree upon. With the help of statistics and facts, we have gathered the top 10 best Battle Tanks in the world. 10. Oplot-M (Ukraine)The Oplot-M is the most developed version of tanks made in Ukraine. The tank has explosive reactive armour with ammunition system that loads automatically. The tank may not be very […]

Snipers have been used many times throughout the course of recent history to change the courses of fierce wars, just as much as any other modern weapons. An efficient sniper breaks the moral will of an enemy to fight and keeps them in constant fear. A good sniper rifle, one which combines range, deadly stopping power and easy handling which therefore makes it a must have for sniper operating in modern day battlefields. Below is a top five list of the world’s most powerful rifles […]

world’s best tank

There are many tanks of the world.I write about world’s best battle tanks.We called them world’s best tanks, because of many reasons.They are fire power, armor protection,the ability to maneuver,easy method of production of tank and the subconscious effect on the enemy only with it’s appearance .Now we look about the world’s best tanks.I mention about 5 tanks, and they took top five ranks of the world’s best tanks.Some tanks are made in past and some tanks are modern. 01 – T – 34 First […]

world’s best knife

There are many knives in the world, but we always use kitchen knives.I write about 10 knives,those are world’s best knives.They came to list of world’s best knives because, they had sharpen blades. 01. Global This is the world’s best knife.This world’s best knife was manufactured by Japan-to Professional standards.This world’s best knife’s razor is very sharp .The world’s best knife is perfectly balanced, and ultra hygienic.The world’s best knife’s price is Euro 73. 02. Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay is one of world’s best knife.Gordon Ramsay […]

world’s best gun

A shotgun is a big investment, one must be sure to spend money wisely, the possibilities are virtually endless when choosing a weapon and can be a bit disconcerting for a new fighter or a novice shooter. It is important to have an idea of what you want to buy before seeing your gunsmith. To help you make a choice, I choose highly reliable guns with excellent value for money, could be used for shooting and hunting bidders and their careful owners use flawless for […]

An army is an extremely significant resource in every country. While we are peacefully sleeping at night, the defense forces, diligently, ensure that external threats don’t penetrate into our countries. After the Second World War, nations sought to strengthen their armies to protect themselves against any uncertainties. The million dollar question remains- which is the world’s most powerful army? Get to know the top 5 countries with the most powerful armies in the world, and what makes them more superior than others. The U.S Well, […]

“;That is the name of the most expensive knife in the world. You are grossly mistaken if you think it is from ancient times or relates to some legend. The knife was made in the 20th century by an American from Kimberly, Nevada known as Buster Warenski. He was born in 1942 and died in 2005. He had a natural talent for knifemaking. He was also very passionate about it. Originally, knifemaking was just a hobby but he realized he could earn a living from […]

world’s biggest tank

Today’s wars are fought with drone and missile strikes, a mere push of a button now capable of ending numerous lives. But to truly take territory from the enemy and to break their formations and fortifications, there is none better than these armored behemoths of death and destruction called tanks. Here are the biggest of these titans, the superheavy tanks, those that at least reached the prototype stage, that are sure to strike desperate fear into the hearts of infantrymen everywhere. 5. Char 2C The […]

world’s biggest gun

Guns are undeniably the ultimate weapons use by those people who are in the armed forces of different countries all throughout the world. There are even civilians who are using guns for their own protections. These guns are greatly protecting each nation’s territories in the past and even up to the present time. Perhaps, you are one of those individuals who are asking what is the world’s biggest gun. Well, to help you know about it, here are the top 5 biggest guns in the […]

World’s biggest army

The United States standing army of over a million personnel is without a doubt the world’s strongest if not largest. This is in line to keep the special status of the super power; a title which can easily slip away to the emerging high tech military countries. Chances of this happening are however close to nil as the United States military budget standing at over $600 billion a year also being the highest in the world. Much of this budgetary allocation is geared towards technological […]

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