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The World’s space has been enriched with the production of enchanting vehicles. Each of the world’s leading names and Vehicle Manufacturers have a history that makes for interesting reading. Beyond the basic leaders in this field, there are other information that puts you in the right stead to fully explore this field. When the world’s group of vehicles that represent each generation is holistically looked at; we would see that this genre has come a long way. There is nothing more to be said than to invite to go through the contents in this list.

1 .Antonov An-225 Mriya This 20th century designed marvelous and well engineered masterpiece definitely stands out as the frontrunner in terms of cargo aircraft’s. Designed and manufactured by the Soviet Unions Antonov design bureau in Ukraine, the 18 meters tall Mriya, which aptly means dream in Ukrainian had its first official flight on December 21st 1988. With an enormous take off weight of 640 000 kilograms (640 tonnes), it is by far the longest and heaviest airlift cargo aircraft and the world’s biggest plane. It […]

world’s biggest car

Considered as the worlds biggest monster truck ever created by man and located in the middle of the Arabian desert,The pick up truck is originally modified from the 1950’s American dodge power wagon .This monster is owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan from the United Arab Emirates also famously known as “The rainbow sheikh” for his love of cars all in different colors as revealed in his car collection when he decided to celebrate his love for the desert during his wedding by […]

When it is all about speed, nothing beats the Japan’s maglev bullet train. It set a new speed record of 603 km/hr (374 mph) on experimental test in Yamanashi. The train just broke its previous week record of 590 km/hr (366 mph) on experimental test. Comparison to other fast trains in the world Japan’s maglev bullet train beats the record set by another Japan’s maglev train that hit 631 mph in 2003. Presently, China has the fastest maglev operating commercially. The train operates on one […]

SR-71 – World’s Fastest Airplane written by: erickchg In 1976 they pulverized the world aviation speed record by affecting over the Western United States in America’s super spy plane, the Lockheed SR-71. Power speed: 2,193 mph. Known as “The Blackbird,” the SR-71 remains the quickest plane which ever flew. Flying at velocities surpassing Mach 3.2, and coming to a stature of 85,000 feet, it initially entered administration in 1966. Just 150 pilots ever qualified to fly her. Constructed by Lockheed, the SR-71 voyaged quicker than […]

world’s fastest bike

Should you ask me if I get the opportunity to have a bike, what I will pick? I would certainly purchase a Suzuki Hayabusa. Suzuki Hayabusa is my top pick since it’s all the characteristics that I am looking out for in a bike. And I am sure not only me but lots of those who are in search for world’s fastest bike. It is like any large lad’s dream bike that been on the wishlist of grownups who’s seriously into high-performance motorcycles. About The […]

world’s cheapest car

Cars are undoubtedly the most popular means of transportation invented and used by mankind. The field of car manufacture is awash with numerous players who release brand new cars into the market year in year out. The year 2015 has not been left out either. The proceeding discourse endeavors to explain the top 10 world’s cheapest cars produced in the year 2015 in an ascending order. Versa Sedan S It is a four-door salon car that is manufactured by the Japanese automobile giant, Nissan Motors […]

world’s biggest ship

Ships are great vessels used to transport people and goods and require great investment for them to get constructed. So as to get the world’s largest ship, the ships always get listed according to the vessels’ overall length. With this calculation, you can also consider the emerging ship also to be the world’s biggest ship. To get this calculation, one always measures the maximum length of the vessel between the furthest points in fore and aft. The size of the ship is got by considering […]

world’s best car

5. Cadillac CTS Sedan Designed to maintain composure even in the most severe road conditions, this twin-turbo charged machine redefines class. Running on a 420 horsepower, V-6 engine, the beautifully crafted luxury vehicle stands out as being among the world’s finest on the roads. It has a larger wheel base and track dimensions which help optimize mass efficiency to achieve near perfect weight distribution. 4. 2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed Combining Lamborghini’s Power and Range Rover’s outdoor capabilities, the convertible Bentley Continental epitomizes the possibilities […]

World’s fastest car

There are always so many ways through which the performance aspect of an auto can be evaluated however the most favorite of them is the speed factor. Auto enthusiasts are always amazed by the speed aspect. The reason behind can be attributed that faster speed always implies better performance as well as functionalities of a given auto. There are so many brands out there and this means that there is always a wide collection to choose from. For speed lovers, the question has however remained […]

Top five world’s most expensive cars. When it comes to budgeting for a car, an average person would be thinking of a range of $15,000-$80,000. This is not the case for the high rollers. When you are rich you would like to spend seven figures for a car. What would be the essence of having money if you can’t show it? For this top one percent of world population flamboyance and expensive lifestyle always supersedes efficiency and practicality. Most of these cars in the top […]

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