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The World’s space has been enriched with the production of enchanting vehicles. Each of the world’s leading names and Vehicle Manufacturers have a history that makes for interesting reading. Beyond the basic leaders in this field, there are other information that puts you in the right stead to fully explore this field. When the world’s group of vehicles that represent each generation is holistically looked at; we would see that this genre has come a long way. There is nothing more to be said than to invite to go through the contents in this list.

world’s best cars

when it comes to cars, each day there are new designs making it hard to have the best car. From speed, horse power emissions, safety and price some cars are outstanding in their own way. Most cars come with either good design and specifications but high prices but these cars have gone beyond this, they are designed to meet all at friendly price making. In 2015 some of world’s best cars that been amazing in their characteristics are : Alfa Romeo Giulia Its the hottest […]

world’s best auto

Ever since i have been an automobile enthusiast Audi A3 have been luring me by its magnificent design and elegant engineering. It has been in production since 1996 and it still continues to be in top of the chart in the automotive sector. It is an example for the gorgeous German passion towards automobile industries. The 2016 model of the sedan has already bagged top comments in the market with the advanced technology used in it. The new 2016 edition is a front wheel drive […]

Power! The term which interests everyone. Day-in and Day-out we want Power. We love Power. This nature is not only for the humans but for the machines too. They want to be Powerful too. They want to grab the attention and identity too. Here’re the top 10 Best Powerful engines in the world. 1 .BMW i3 127 kW Electric Motor. The new way of energy going to shape the automobile industry is the Electrical energy. To prove that BMW launched its powerful 127 kW Electric […]

Over the years, there have emerged quite a number of different sophisticated vehicle models, each changing in time. From armored vehicles, specially designed airbags, powerful engine capacity, gold or silver plated cars to puncture resistant tires among other interesting features of the world’s most powerful car. Car making companies have come up competitively with different innovations and this has led to one of the vehicle companies to make one of world’s most powerful car models not just in terms of engine capacity, performance or speed […]

world’s biggest tank

Today’s wars are fought with drone and missile strikes, a mere push of a button now capable of ending numerous lives. But to truly take territory from the enemy and to break their formations and fortifications, there is none better than these armored behemoths of death and destruction called tanks. Here are the biggest of these titans, the superheavy tanks, those that at least reached the prototype stage, that are sure to strike desperate fear into the hearts of infantrymen everywhere. 5. Char 2C The […]

World’s longest car

World’s Longest Car In the current world, it is as if people compete for the most absurd honors and the world’s longest car in reality would never be far from the most ridiculous record. Over the year limousines have been designed and even stretch limousines have been stretched even farther. Jay Ohrberg of California, United States Of America (we always knew it would come from the United States) holds the pride of place as the designer of the world’s longest car. Jay who is an […]

Beginning it’s path in Las Vegas during 2012. Weighing in at four hundred and ninety six tonnes, with few within that of the field believing the rumors of this monstrous vehicle to be true. Sure enough though, after years past the birth of the Belaz 75710 Dump Truck came to be. This beast has on it two diesel generators as well as a four wheel electric motors as a backup. This puppy will never run dry; at least it never should. Rolling about on eight […]

Over the years more and more uses have been found for helicopters. One of the results of this is that they have been getting bigger and bigger. The biggest helicopters today are larger than many transport planes. The list below will introduce the five largest helicopters in use today. Mil Mi-26 Halo The Mi-26 was designed during 1970’s in the Soviet Union in order to get troops and military equipment to inaccessible locations. Large parts of the Russia have no airports at which transport planes […]

EXPENSIVE YACHT INCLUDES? What is a yacht? It is a creation of a boat or ship, defined as a light fast sailing object. Until 1950s, they were mainly made of wood or steel but due to the advanced technology, they are nowadays made of complex contractions materials such as aluminium, carbon fibre, steel and ferrocement. the main contraction material used to create this vessel is known as fibreglass, world’s most expensive yacht includes? The rising sun. It cost an average of two hundred million US […]

world’s coolest car

WORLD’S COOLEST CARS Cars keep evolving within short periods of time.Everybody longs for the most modern and posh cars,and at one point in life,dream of owning them,depending on their own personal needs.For one to own their dream car.they have to conduct a thorough research through the internet and other sources for them to know the world’s coolest cars based on their taste and the task they would like to carry out.Below are the top ten world’s coolest cars in the world. 1.FERRARI 458 ITALIA This […]

world’s smallest car

Ever imagined of car that can be packed in your sitting room? if the is no you haven’t seen peel p 50 here are some of smallest cars in the world. The world’s smallest car ever made is a peel p 50. it was built in 1960 by peel company with engine capacity only 50cc, an average of 5 horse power and a top speed of average of 29-35 miles per hour. It production was stopped in 1966 but its scheduled to resume production of […]

The best way to flaunt wealth and affluence is by owning flamboyant and ultra-luxurious automobiles. In times like these, cars are no longer used for transportation alone, rather they act as status symbols and as an expression of the taste of individuals. It’s the brand and the comfort that attracts huge prices for the cars; the buyers don’t give any second thought while shedding huge sums of money to own such magnificent pieces of engineering. Sports cars continue to top the list of most expensive […]

Motor-biking has reached a new level as a sport but more people are looking to buy the same type of cars that have the same attributes as motorsport bikes. Here’s a list of bikes that aren’t just the most expensive bikes in the world but the coolest bikes that bike enthusiasts dream of having. 1. The Ecosse ES1 Superbike The most expensive bike in the world costs $3,6 million and has a V4 engine with 200.00 horsepower and a top speed of 370.1 km/h. The […]

Nothing so exciting than riding a super bike as you are outside and feel more connected to environment than when in a car. All motorcycles riders will agree with me there is nothing worse than a slow motorcycle. As i technology is improving from better to best likewise creativity and quality of motorcycle production is improving with introduction of super speed bikes, some of world’s fastest motorcycle are: 1 Dodge Tomahawk Its the fastest super bike in existence so far with only 9 units produced […]

The biggest yacht in the world is the Sailing Yacht A. It is named ‘A’ to ensure that it emerges as the first in the shipping registers. It is owned by a Russian billionaire, Andrey Igoverich Melnichenko. For its design, Mr. I Melnichenko selected a French man, Phillipe Starck. Its actual building took place at the German Naval Yards I at Nobiskrug, near Hamburg in Germany. However, its masts were produced by Magma Structures, based in I Portsmouth. Notably, these masts are the largest and […]

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