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Everyday we are contemplating the ways in which to best engage our world. If the World’s users of different products and services are lumped together; we miss very important details that could help our world. There is fun and facts that come with the World’s users of various services. This is the reason why this list can show you angles that might come as a huge surprise. There are educational and scientific reasons for the topics in this range. However, it is presented in an easy to read format for your enjoyment.

The world’s most dangerous man is neither a ruthless dictator nor a gang leader. It is the elusive Ermias Ghermay. this is not because of any terrorist act – as would be expected – but because of his multi-million and highly successful human smuggling operation in North Africa. Ermias has smuggled thousands of people across Africa to Europe subjecting them to some of the most inhumane conditions before they reach their destination. The survival rate of these victims is grim, but Ermias makes money off […]

World’s thinnest man

Of the many wonders in the world,when considered,height is also a factor of wonder..MPeople are normally in the thoughts of good physique and body maintenance and they prefer different ways to gain a good posture.Height is also an important factor which can also be added to a person’s charm. Thereare people with different heights all around the world,but some of them possess a high variation in their heights from the normal persons due to the many may be due to the genetic disorders and […]

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