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Everyday we are contemplating the ways in which to best engage our world. If the World’s users of different products and services are lumped together; we miss very important details that could help our world. There is fun and facts that come with the World’s users of various services. This is the reason why this list can show you angles that might come as a huge surprise. There are educational and scientific reasons for the topics in this range. However, it is presented in an easy to read format for your enjoyment.

Football is one of the most popular sports globally and interestingly one of games associated with alot of glamour and hype. Forbes has rated football as one of the best paid professional sports with players taking home millions of money back home perhaps earning even more than people working in formal institutions. This brings us to the question; who is the most well paid footballer in our era? To some of us, the answer may seem obvious but to others, perhaps not. The ambiguity of […]

World’s dumbest man

ISN’T A TERRORIST THE DUMBEST MAN IN THE WORLD? Every passing day, the terrorist is emerging as the dumbest person on Earth! While travelling through the length and breadth of this world, I am subjected to inconveniencing body checks at air-ports, thanks to the terrorist’s dumbness. In his true element, the terrorist selectively interprets the Koran and distorts it to get a leverage to inflict pain and suffering on innocent people, including Muslems he purports to fight for. What makes a terrorist appear dumb is […]

When I was a kid I had this notion that the great men and women were the most respected people in my was that time you would tremble in front of the village chief or feel privileged if you formed an alliance with his kids.I would blame my young age which was well tuck in a small village in Kenya with ignorance dominating.Now with my advanced age I view greatness in men in various angles.Billions of people do great things and to identify the […]

Attaining a popular celebrity status in the world comes with high prestige. WorldТs most popular man is always known for his different accomplishments. Apart from success levels, the worldТs most popular man stature comes with skills and/or talent. When people always remember your name, sing along to the words of your lyrics or know what your company does by heart means that you are beyond popular. How to get there? Here are the top 5 men to reckon with: 1. 1. Jim Caviezel JimТs role […]

Anderson Silva Anderson Silva aged 39 today, MMA fighter today is for many people the best world’s world. The greatest and world’s best. Muhammad Ali of modern times. He had this little thing that makes that he is the best, the greatest, world’s strongest fighter. He was tall, strong, handsome, in short, it was the ultimate fighter worthy of the greatest. It was this precision that no one else could match, out of the common technique, he spanked things that people have never tried in […]

If you had to guess what one of the most common surnames was in the world, what would you guess? If you said Smith, you’re correct. Although it’s origins are found in England, Smith is the most widely recorded last name in the United States. While we often think the name comes from the age-old trade of blacksmiths, it actually comes from the expression War-Smith’ to describe brave soldiers who acted as blacksmiths when repairing their own armor. On the other side of the world […]

Sauti sol band, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.To explode with zest and vigor and life meaning it will lull the mentally unstable to sanity.Sauti is a Swahili name meaning voice.sol is coined from the word soul.These men sing from their heart their music divine.Sauti sol is a band in Kenya that is made up of four men in then a guitarist who says he need not sing much for his guitar does all the singing for him they are charming not only do […]

World’s best voice

Power. When you think of this word you wouldn’t immediately think it would have anything to do with the tone, cadence and overall desirability of someones speaking voice but it does when you are Morgan Freeman. I believe Morgan Freeman has the world’s best voice. I mean think about it. When you see a movie and you hear this mans voice you immediately turn to butter. Of all the voices in the world you hear his and it truly is the world’s best voice. The […]

How to be The World’s Most Beautiful Model. Most young people especially between the ages of 16 and 23 aspire to be models. To be precise most of them want to be the world’s most beautiful model at some point in their life. However, as one grows older, it becomes quite clear that it’s rather difficult to build a career out of modelling much less be one of the best in the industry. Most people tend to give up on that dream when they get […]

The following are my choices for the top ten most beautiful names in the world. I am going to split this equally between male and female names. There are beautiful names for both genders and so many unique spellings. The options for names when you have a child are endless. 01. Adalynn is a female name, it is of American origin. Adalynn is a somewhat rare name. The name Adalynn is a combination Of: ADA And Lynn. The alternate spellings of this name are: Addalyn, […]

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and this is no more true in one corner of the globe than the other, but what if the reverse is considered ! Does beauty exist in the eyes of the individual, or is this a trick of light, and more or less a confirmation of the first statement ! So what determines who has the World’s most beautiful eyes? There are numerous articles written about the world’s most beautiful eyes, and facial screenshots […]

World’s highest man

Sultan Kosen a tukish national born on 10th December who holds the title for being the tallest living male at 251 centimeters(8 ft 2 34 in) .His record for being the tallest man comes from his pituitary gland which helps control growth, a tumour residing there. His posture of body is like that he uses crutches to walk and support. He lives along with his parents with his three male sibling and one female sibling all normal sized his rate of growth surged at age […]

Nowadays, naming children quirky and fancy names is the in-thing. However, some age-old names have stood the test of time, vehemently staying put like a nugget on sinking soil. An example of such names is Muhammad, the world’s most common name. Transcends Geographical and Cultural Borders Incidentally, the name Muhammad is of Arabic origin, meaning to praise. It is a male name. Over the years, however, the world’s most common name has not only proved to be versatile but also transcends geographical and cultural borders. […]

World’s saddest song

5.   Tears in Heaven- Eric Clapton Some of the best writing comes from tremendous tragedy. Clapton exemplifies this well in his song writing. After the tragic death of his four year old son, Clapton wrote this beautiful piece to express what it feels like to live without a loved one. He shows the challenges one faces and how they can be relieved through time and optimism. Though a sad song, Clapton shows that one can have pain and emptiness and yet still live life. 4. […]

World’s longest man

Needless to say, every person in this world is unique to each other in different aspects. Some of these aspects would be the facial features, the social status, weight, and the height. This is the main reason why you can see short and tall people wherever you go. The big question is, are you fully acquainted about the world’s longest man? Better yet, can you name a few of those people who are recorded to be amongst those tallest individuals the world has to offer? […]

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