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One of the engaging subjects is to find the difference between science and technology. Each one plays an important role in our human experience. However, in order to zero in on the issue at hand, we can see the upgrades and the history of technology in our world. When we get bored with the facts, we can always turn to the funny ways in which technology has enriched our world. This light and hearty presentation would help you see the power of technology in a new way. You cannot go wrong going along with this trend.

Located in Eastern Europe- a place known for harsh winters and triple-distilled vodka- the former Soviet state of Belarus has its name in the record books for developing the world’s biggest dump truck. Known as a ‘haul truck’ in mining lingo, the Belaz 75710 is set to revolutionize the iron, copper and coal mining industry not only because of its massive size but also due to every interconnected part that helps it run like clockwork. The largest European engineering company Siemens, developed this huge dump […]

The race for the world’s most powerful computer is closely followed by press and developers across the globe. A list of top 500 comes out twice a year and although there are changes, the top 5 spots are secure for now. There are plans set in motion by IBM to win back the top spot, but for now someone outside America tops the list with its supercomputer. In order to grasp just how powerful these computers are 10 petaflops is the speed the nature uses […]

In this tech dominated world you can lay your hands on your favorite computer at some reasonable price margins. However for these computers the price category is on a category of its own as to own one would mean lots of cash. If you are surprised at the cash then the same feeling will apply for their unique features which are hard to find on the normal computers which are always at large. More powerful computers are being developed and with this you can expect […]

World’s first movie

There is some truth to the notion that a film is a work of magic more than a work of art. It was able to preserve memories of people and places since the 18th century. The first movie ever made in history is a wonder. As young as it was, it didn’t have any sound, visual, animated or any types of effects that our films have today. It is just like picture in motion. Nevertheless, it started the revolution and evolution of films. The world’s […]

Submarines do form a vital core in determining a country’s naval prowess and to be in line with this statement many countries have a lot to show in terms of the massive submarines on display as well as the combating power they possess. Russia leads the pack with 3 of its submarines being considered among the world’s top 5 largest submarines. Other countries like the United States and China are however speculative about their naval submarines but the information hereby is reliable given we have […]

Nobody can really be able to explain why human being always have to seek and have a desire to scare out ourself from all sort of things ranging from scaring books, movies and video games . Fear is something we always try to avoid every time and gaming give us this immerse feeling and experience. Gaming has continuously been improved to render more intense virtual world. But there are those games regardless of time they always still thrill us. Scariest game is a combination of […]

Internet connectivity is a global phenomenon. It exists in every street ranging from all the magnificent wall street in New York City down to the narrow Martin Luther king junior street in Nairobi Kenya. Even K’ogelo-Siaya, the remote village where Barrack Obama’s grand mother emanates from, is adequately equipped with WiFi connectivity. She enjoys it day and night. Its obvious then, that the world today has been revolutionized into a mere village. HOW IS INTERNET SPEED MEASURED? The speed of internet connection is measured in […]

world’s biggest TV

The World Biggest Tv Indeed it deserves to be the biggest. It has just been launched by its pioneers,the British Company called Titan. The Tv set has a screen size of about 370-inches beating the previous record holder by about 10.8 feet. It is also the most expensive of the kind in the world by costing approximately $2 million. Its resolution is greatly good bringing its pictures with its reality. Because of its elephant size, it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors uses. For […]

Vivo X5 Max: The World’s Thinnest Phone written by: winniedpooh Vivo, a Chinese producer of mobile phones, announced the latest thinnest phone in the world, X5 Max. The phone screen measures only 4.75mm in thickness. The Vivo X5 Max highlights a 5.5-inch 1080p super AMOLED showcase screen that is additionally the thinnest screen in the world with a thickness of just 1.36 mm. The handset is double SIM, with one opening for a Micro-SIM card and another for a nano-SIM card or TF card. The […]

Phones are part of our everyday lives, and something that we keep a close eye on. When it comes to the price tag attached to them, we often find that the steepness can be a sign of just how good that phone really is by today’s means. Phone enthusiasts everywhere clamor to the doors of mobile carriers the day new versions of the technology is released, but here are some of the world’s most expensive phones you will ever find, and all the reasons you […]

When computers are mentioned many things come to the minds of different people. Some people think of computers they think of it as a record keeping device or a gaming device or just a device to do several functions . Computers, however, in a simple definition are just a general purpose electronic device that can be programmed to solve arithmetic problems or carry out logical operations. We now venture into a world of mechanical “computers” where no one cared how many twitter followers you had […]

world’s easiest game

We live in a digital world, and technology now rules the playground. Recent studies have revealed that, for children ages twelve and under, over sixty percent of play time consists of touch screen gaming. Of the seventy percent of children who live in homes in which they have access to smart phones and other touch screen consoles, thirty six percent of them own their own touch screen device. While kids still enjoy playing board games, only about fifteen percent of them say they would choose […]

Diamonds are supposedly a woman’s best friend , they also account for great glamour and sparkle to anything that they may be worn with. They also are a source of intrigue as people all around the world are fascinated with these little sparkly things that are sometimes not so little anymore. A symbol of love and undying bond – a diamond is often judged by its clarity, colour, cut and mostly size. Which is why is it interesting to discuss the worlds biggest diamond that […]

Five Of The World’s Most Expensive Watches Contrary to popular belief smartphones haven’t changed the allure of having a well-crafted watch. If you are a watch enthusiast you probably consider your watch to be an investment. This means that you are not only concerned with how well it tells time but the intricacies that make it work as well as it does are important to you and of course, how it looks is just as important. Here is a list of the world’s most expensive […]

world’s best phone

Do you know what happened in 1876? If you are seriously checking the encyclopedia, along with other amazing and interesting happenings, the world’s first telephone was invented in the year which helped people to convey messages to one another faster than mail service. As time evolved, telephones too changed and after a century, the world has been taken over by the smartphone fever. Larger than a phone and smaller than a personal computer, these phones have become the talk of the town. A sneak peek […]

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