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One of the engaging subjects is to find the difference between science and technology. Each one plays an important role in our human experience. However, in order to zero in on the issue at hand, we can see the upgrades and the history of technology in our world. When we get bored with the facts, we can always turn to the funny ways in which technology has enriched our world. This light and hearty presentation would help you see the power of technology in a new way. You cannot go wrong going along with this trend.

Are you looking for a cheap phone…even the world’s cheapest phone? If you are looking for a phone that may not have the best quality but costs as much as the average cup of coffee, then these phones are worth looking in to. 1. Alcatel One Touch 232lf you are looking for an extremely cheap phone with few features but works well, this phone is for you. At the insane price of only 1 pound, or 1.5 US Dollars, this phone gives you some bang […]

world’s biggest tank

Today’s wars are fought with drone and missile strikes, a mere push of a button now capable of ending numerous lives. But to truly take territory from the enemy and to break their formations and fortifications, there is none better than these armored behemoths of death and destruction called tanks. Here are the biggest of these titans, the superheavy tanks, those that at least reached the prototype stage, that are sure to strike desperate fear into the hearts of infantrymen everywhere. 5. Char 2C The […]

The world is infinite and nature has amazing huge our day to day activities, we rarely use many large numbers that have been put forth by the research I our cosmos. The Largest number can be mathematically meaningless and mostly it may refer to the number of names or infinity. In Mathematics, numbers are notified as odd,even,prime but the largest number is considered as prime numbers as illustrated from the advance mathematics for Technicians. From mathematical point of view, numbers do not have a […]

The lifestyle and class of various individuals can be clearly defined by the type of motorcycle they ride. Here are the top ten countdown of the most expensive motorcycles in the world from the highly innovative and genius brains across the whole world. 1. Ecosse ES1 Superbike at a cost worth $3,600,000 This motorcycle is meant for individuals who crave for speed and those who have plenty of money to burn. It weighs approximately 265 lbs and the v4 engine has 200hp that produces 189.84nm […]

If you have some cash laying around then you might want to pick up one or two of the world’s most expensive houses! Well, if truth be told, it will take you a bit more than just a little cash. Oh, and we’re sorry to tell you that you won’t ever be able to buy the world’s most expensive home! That house will never be for sale, but if it were, you’d have to pay somewhere around $1.55 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a B! […]

We agree that there are times that we need entertainment to catch up with daily events or just wind down after a long day. Television-sets also bring us different views of the world and the universe right at home, and they form a great escape platform for many people. Technology in the 21st century is changing fast and today’s television sets are custom made with insane features. These features attract various prices, and since not all human beings are equal, there are some who have […]

The most powerful guns in the whole world are effective in the maintenance of law, peace and order and contributes to safety in a high percentage of countries. Technology is advancing at a faster rate in each sector. Here is a list of the most dangerous, lethal, powerful and useful machine guns in the world 1. DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle This is a German made rifle that is currently being considered as the most dangerous and powerful gun ever made. DSR-Precision GmbH is the […]

In this technology driven world having headphones have become a necessity. Everyone wants headphones with excellent sound quality especially since if the quality is poor it can permanently damage your ears. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive headphones on the entire planet. 1 .?Diamonded Studded Beats By Dr Dre There are many expensive headphones but not many that have a $100000 price tag. This luxury product was created in collaboration with diamond masterminds Graff Diamonds. The headphones are covered with 114 […]

As a child I played games, as a teen I played games and as an adult, I still play games, fervently. gaming has always been a large part of my life and I am sure many people will agree with that statement and clam it for them selves as well, games is a large and very broad term however; whether its physical sports games such as rugby, cricket, football or tennis it is in itself still a game. This article however is about the worlds […]

There are lots of laptop brands in the world which are producing premium Laptops.Such brands are Apple, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP etc. Among these brands Apple is the brand which produces high quality Laptops undoubtedly. People are becoming more and more tech savvier and upgrading their devices to catch up the better than the best technology, there are some people of different category who want technology along with luxury. So, when we come to the Most Expensive Laptop in the World, this one is […]

The questions come in which is the most beautiful car globally? Many vehicles are handsome and this undeniable. They can also be well styled and good in appearance. The gauging of the present cars all over the world can be done by the use of various adjectives. There various cars that deserve some adjectives such as timeless and at the same time crush-worthy. The cars having such descriptive will deserve special attention, and they also have car connection that enables them to have the higher […]

World’s safest car

The world’s safest car should make it impossible to be hurt if in an accident. It should be literally impossible to be killed if involved in a car accident. It should have padding in it covering every inch on the inside, and the windows should be made with shatterproof glass. It should also have the ability to pop out a bubble on the outside of it in order to cushion it if it happens to roll from an accident, anything is possible. The world’s safest […]

How many times have you dreamt of living “in the lap of luxury” only to wake up to the alarm, and prepare to go (or run) to work? How many times have you found yourself gawking at expensive stuff, only to realize that even your whole life’s earnings would not be enough to buy it? How many times have you made that “secret list” of what you’d buy if you suddenly won the lottery? We’re guessing plenty. You probably think the millionaires have it all, […]

World’s first car

In 1935 manufacturing plant “Volkswagen” displayed her first model of car. It was a vehicle without rooftop and had just five strength. Clearly, that no one referred to about such things as container holders for auto or other helpful embellishments however it was just a firstling of today’s car goliath, and for that time it was a decent auto and not all that numerous individuals of the general public had the capacity have it. It was a vehicle for high societies of the group. Be […]

1. Huawei MediaPad X1 (7 inches)2. Blu Studio 7.0 (7 inches)3. Huawei P8Max (6.8 inches)4. Sony Xperia Z Ultra (6.44 inches)5. Google Nexus 6 (6 inches) In this day and age, technology is changing the world by adding bigger screens to phones and um… bigger toilet warmers I guess. Smartphones today are one of the everyday devices we can’t live without. Who can live without Flappy Bird, ask yourself that? So in order to make the smartphone experience as good as possible phone manufacturers are […]

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