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One of the engaging subjects is to find the difference between science and technology. Each one plays an important role in our human experience. However, in order to zero in on the issue at hand, we can see the upgrades and the history of technology in our world. When we get bored with the facts, we can always turn to the funny ways in which technology has enriched our world. This light and hearty presentation would help you see the power of technology in a new way. You cannot go wrong going along with this trend.

A picture holds a memory or shows the beauty of something.The world’s most beautiful pictures show the beauty and elegance of a place or a legendary memory.Pictures capture the hidden beauty of something out and manifest it in a glorious way.Some even go ahead to explaining an occurrence that occurred years back or moments ago or even a historical moment. Some of the world’s most beautiful pictures include amazing landscapes,waterfalls,rivers,hotels,resorts,mountains,hills,buildings,beaches,honeymoon sites,cities and even hotels.Pictures of such places show the glamor and beauty of a place.People […]

world’s first phone

THE WORLD’S FIRST PHONE Next time you are bemoaning the fact that you have to recharge your Smartphone yet again after only using it for a couple of hours or complaining about your best friend having the latest Iphone while you are still using the trusty old cell phone that you’ve had since college, try and remember that at some point in history, people communicated with drums and smoke signals. It was also not uncommon for a messenger to have to travel on foot for […]

We all want to enjoy internet websites surfing with a browser has a many features.For my personal experience , I found that the world’s fastest browser is google has many features can help you , it has nice extensions and a store to download them.Google chrome login with your google account to all google websites : YouTube , Google search , Google+ …But, Why Google Chrome is the world’s fastest browser ??When you use Chrome you will know why , It has a perfect […]

You are certainly conversant with Titanic for its massive size and troubled first journey on the sea waters. Yet Titanic was but one of the many giant ships ever built by the world’s finest engineers. Below is a run-down of the top 10 world’s biggest ships ever built. You will be amazed by their sheer size and aesthetic built. Read on. 1. USS Theodore Roosevelt Weighing at 100,000-tonnes, the USS Theodore Roosevelt is one of the largest aircraft carries ever built. The ship is so […]

For a long time human’s have been interested in making the biggest and the best – and this includes making the world’s biggest machines. In the following article, we will explore some of the greatest inventions made by man that have made it into the list some of the world’s biggest machines. Have you ever heard of the world’s largest dump truck? This machine was built initially for one purpose: the purpose all dump trucks are made for! That is, moving Earth – and lots […]

Apple is the most expensive and valuable brand in the world since 2013. This is after it kicked out Coca-Cola which was leading before 2013. It has been ranked as the world’s most expensive brand after a comparison with other top brands such as Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft and IBM. Apple’s wealth is reported to be up to $170.3 billion. Apple has been determined to be the world’s most expensive brand through a combination of methods. One of this is the prices of Apple products in […]

INTRODUCTION: Whoever talks about digger,they say that it is a machine equipped with buckets to dig.There are various types of digger available in world with various sizes.for eg, excavator is a heavy construction equipment used for building or other construction sites.Excavators are also called as JCB.The excavator is mainly used for digging trenches,material handling,removing the trees in the forest,demolition of houses and other sources. WORLD’S BIGGEST DIGGER: Among all the countries in the world, BAGGER 288 won the world’s biggest digger in the world.The bagger288 […]

Is there really one specific crane that could be known as the world’s biggest crane? There are a few factors that need to be considered before picking out a crane that befits this title. The invention of the crane can be accredited to the Egyptians and Romans back in the ancient day who used this powerful tool to lift stones when building their great temples. Since then, cranes have evolved in both power, speed and might depending on the job. In terms of “biggest”, the […]

world’s best video

The world has of today seen many video’s since the inception of video in the 1920’s .Video production is an art of coming up with content and giving out a finished video product.Captured recorded videos are stored in electronic media, but can also be distributed electronically without necessarily recording.Finished video products include;television programs,wedding videos,corporate videos and finally home videos.Each and every year the world recognizes the best video and rewards it.In 2015 alone the MTV awards ceremony recognized some of the world’s best video,the Grammy […]

world’s best tank

There are many tanks of the world.I write about world’s best battle tanks.We called them world’s best tanks, because of many reasons.They are fire power, armor protection,the ability to maneuver,easy method of production of tank and the subconscious effect on the enemy only with it’s appearance .Now we look about the world’s best tanks.I mention about 5 tanks, and they took top five ranks of the world’s best tanks.Some tanks are made in past and some tanks are modern. 01 – T – 34 First […]

1. MacBook Pro 13″ This is the most advanced of all of Apples’s laptops . This is probably one of the best looking laptops out in the market with alluminium casing and an unbeliveble premium feeling . The refreshed Retina display is one of the most important improvements over the last year with even faster speeds than ever before it is leading the market no matter if you are a profesional user gamer or just surfing the Internet the MacBook Pro fulfills all these needs […]

world’s best anime

The Anime “Code Geass: LeLouch of the Rebellion” is in the top of my list. Unlike the famous anime from its genre “Death Note” its not about how the main character falls in the hands of evil because of power but is about how the main character Lelouch Lamperouge sees through the difficulties and the evil he faced despite his ultimate power to make anyone obey his orders. In this anime, Lelouch and his younger sister, Nunnaly Lamperouge suffer an assassination attempt but somehow are […]

Power! The term which interests everyone. Day-in and Day-out we want Power. We love Power. This nature is not only for the humans but for the machines too. They want to be Powerful too. They want to grab the attention and identity too. Here’re the top 10 Best Powerful engines in the world. 1 .BMW i3 127 kW Electric Motor. The new way of energy going to shape the automobile industry is the Electrical energy. To prove that BMW launched its powerful 127 kW Electric […]

Metals are great materials, which are extracted mostly from the earth’s crust through mining processes as mineral deposits. They have a wide range of applications in industry, some being quite rare to find and expensive as well. Precious metals are adored for their beauty and high value, and are sometimes symbols of wealth. Investing in precious metal business is one of the most desired areas of trade, but perhaps having some knowledge about some of the world’s most expensive metals would do you good when […]

Human affinity for Jewelry dates back thousands of years. From gold to silver, from diamonds to sapphires, human beings have retrieved the rarest rocks and metals from the deepest of the earth’s crevices to adorn their bodies. Some people sport jewelry for the class symbolism that attaches to it, while others wear jewelry for its aesthetic or sentimental qualities. In the world of high-end jewelry, nothing comes cheap. This list takes you into the gilded realm of the top five most expensive jewelry in the […]

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