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One of the engaging subjects is to find the difference between science and technology. Each one plays an important role in our human experience. However, in order to zero in on the issue at hand, we can see the upgrades and the history of technology in our world. When we get bored with the facts, we can always turn to the funny ways in which technology has enriched our world. This light and hearty presentation would help you see the power of technology in a new way. You cannot go wrong going along with this trend.

The Biggest & largest engine is actually a JET engine .Yes, you heard it right, its a jet engine named General Electrical’s 90-115B. DESIGN: According to official sources, it is 18 feet long and 11.25 feet wide and weighs about 18,260 pounds (which is really a massive weight for an aircraft engine). Originally, it was built for the 777-Boeing, where this engine officially entered into working state. It was developed by GE aviation in association with aviation of France, Italy and Japan. Based on NASA’s […]

If you’re one of those people who believe PCs are dead then you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, recent years have shown developers almost harbouring a new found respect for die hard PC pundits. With that in mind lets take a look at some of the world’s most powerful PC components that will hopefully get you in stones throw of a Large Pixel Collider. 1) CPU-Intel Core i7-5960x A great way to start off this list about the world’s most powerful PC components would […]

It doesn’t matter if you are writing a school paper, or if you are trying to type a novel that you intend to publish one day. Sooner or later, you are gong to need to have a word or phrase translated into a language that you aren’t very familiar with. There a many different ways to do this, but the easiest way is to simply use an online translation tool. Unfortunately, there are many different websites you have to consider. In this guide, you will […]

If you are looking for a new subwoofer for your home theater, you have a lot of options. Here is a list of the top 5 most powerful subwoofers, with a compact design and affordable price to enhance your home theater. These 5 units range from the $200 mark to the $1000 mark, and are all similar with one key difference distinguishing them from one another, their quality. When looking for the perfect subwoofer, define what your needs are. What are you willing to spend, […]

2015 has been a big year for phones – the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S6 came out this year, as well as the Nexus 6P and the OnePlus X. With all of these new options, it can be difficult to decide which phone you really want to get. One essential criteria when making this decision is always processing power, which determines the speed at which your phone runs. Introducing: The Top Ten World’s Most Powerful Phones. These rankings are based on the chip set and […]

World’s first game

From the first video games to games today. Now a days video games, as well as the computer science industry is on a boom as people are always on the prowl for something to revolutionize the gaming industry or to top their previous works. Common game names like the recent Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, and Call of Duty are franchises that are on the top of the gaming industry. But what was the first game to be invented? The first one that caused the gaming “revolution” […]

Spacecrafts have always been a source of curiosity for each one us. Fortunately, space investigation organizations from all over the world have been highly successful in the improvisation of space technology. There are a many interesting things about these objects, like, their construction, working, materials used, design, safety ,but, the one aspect that keeps even the ‘not’ so technically driven people, amazed ,is “speed”. Every single, fuel driven vehicle is judged by people on the basis of its speed. This is what technology is all […]

There are so many different types of objects which are organically existing or human created on Earth. Each of these has a particular speed that they can maximally obtain. Sadly no, you cannot harness the speeds of the objects and creations below. However, you are able to witness and utilize one of the fascinations that extends beyond the Earth that shall come later. The anticipation is building already. Let us start with things physically on earth. Cheetahs are well known to be the fastest land […]

Games are a great means of relaxation not just because of the fact that they are entertaining in nature but because they are also educative in nature. The world’s most powerful gaming PC will always help you build up speed with which your brain will always react to things around you most especially to adverse circumstances because in games your brain is always calculative and articulate on how best to avert being destroyed by the enemy. This makes your brain always be alert at what […]

World’s coolest game

No matter if youТre playing on Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Android or even on your computer, we all want to know the best possible games to play. No one likes paying for games thatТs not interested or fun. So, this is why these games are so popular. This is because they are the top 5 coolest games, ever. 1. Minecraft Minecraft is just the number one game to play. No matter if youТre playing it on your computer, Xbox or even on an Android device. […]

World’s cameras

If You want to know about good quality cameras by spending just a 10 minutes. Then, this is the place where you can know about them.Here we are going to discuss about salient features .clarity and few more technical terms .starting from the 10th 10)SONY ALPHA A99 This camera sony alpha a99 takes a picture with a clarity as high as 24.3 megapixels or simply 24.3MP.The new CMOS censor have been developed by sony especially for this model.This model A99 is not of normal optical […]

The world’s thinnest smartphone known to date is newly designed Vivo X5 Max smartphone from the brand called Ivvl, If you don’t recognize this brand, dont be too confused, because these phones are only manufactured in China, and only just debuted in India a year ago. The only way you will see one of them here in the United States, is if you were to order one online, directly from a retailer or their personal manufacturer from a manufacturer in China. Most people that would […]

A good laugh is always good for the soul, there are a lot of funny videos in the internet to choose from in various sites including you tube and Facebook. From randomly occurring home videos to staged and scripted clips, some of the world’s funniest videos get the coveted a million plus views while others are gathering cobwebs from lack of interest. Making a viral video is more of a science with the perfect recipe you are guaranteed success. To make a randomly occurring funny […]

With growth in technology laptops have emerged as the must have technology gadget. From a school going child to a top notch businessman everyone needs a personal laptop to carry out wide range of errands. This powerful business tool has as a matter of fact emerged as an indispensable part of our modern fast paced lives. Let us give you a peek- a -boo into world’s most powerful laptops. 1. 1. MacBook Pro 13in Topping the 2015 charts of most powerful laptops is this latest […]

The gaming industry is big, bigger than ever. What was worth US $9.5 billion in 2007 will hit US $91.5 billion this year, which is an approximate 965% growth in 8 years; to add, it is expected to hit the US $107 billion mark by 2017. The industry is finally starting to get recognized by a wide range of age groups; the graphics are getting better, the Esports (competitive gaming) competitions are getting bigger, and the prizes are getting even bigger, in millions in some […]

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