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Sporting events have a powerful way of unifying people of different ideologies. Sports has helped to build bridges across people of different orientation. The World’s sporting icons have contributed their quota to make this industry a choice place for all. It is the individual and collective effort that has made this field a promising one for years to come. The records that has been set bring a mix of joy and pain. It pushes the coming generation to press for more. The world’s biggest sporting events has produced legends that continue to set the pace for others.

Ready for some thrill and fighting ?Then try these online games. That’s right, you don’t need to go somewhere else for so much zeal and fun. All you have to do is just play these awesome games.Believe me, they are world’s best popular games and once you start playing these games, you’ll feel as if you are on the ninth cloud. These games are like a drug, so addictive that a person can’t keep himself away from them even if he wants to.I hope you […]

What makes a man healthy ? maybe this is an important question that we should ask ourselves more often as we analyze our health. It maybe one of the most sought after things in peoples lives,a healthy lifestyle will always remain the numero uno priority in our lives. forget about the much talked about fitness regiment and whole foods debates peddled around,becoming the worlds healthiest man takes more than a walk every evening in your favorite encompasses everything from our immune to our hearing […]

With a vast number of players, different players during attack and defending, some re faster than the other but today many players have proven to be fastest with the ball. When asked about who is the fastest players in the world, many will argue that Theo Walcot,Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale are the fastest players. Now if you can guess who is the fastest player in the world of football? This can be answered according to the speed clocked by the players during […]

Gareth Bale is the world’s most expensive football player. He was born on July 16th 1989 in Cardiff, Wales. He is a Welsh international and plays his career football for a club known as Real Madrid in Spain and the Wales national football team. He plays as a winger and he is well-known for his pace and his ability to take free-kicks. He has jersey number eleven. He has outstanding physical qualities that a player should have as well as tremendous ball crossing ability. In […]

There is a debate in the whole world on who is the current world’s strongest child, this has been attributed to the many children that are coming up each day to prove to the world that they are the world’s strongest child. Most of the parents have allowed their children to enroll to the fitness classes and gyms where they are advised by their instructors on what to eat and do so that they can be strong. There are several children that would be termed […]

The world’s biggest body builder of all time is Mr. Ronnie Coleman also known as the beast due to his body size and structure. He was born in Louisiana and went to Grambling State University where he played college football. Although he aspired to be a professional accountant, he later moved to Texas where he joined the Texas police force. Ronnie Coleman signed in a nearby gym in Texas in the year 1990 after a work mate invited him. Coleman took part in his first […]

Football is the most followed sports game and soccer players are also the world famous. Over the years, we have enjoyed great entertainment from the highly talented soccer players. If you are a football fan, you will definitely enjoy reading. This article focuses on the top 5 soccer players based on their achievements, general performance, talent, skills, consistency and their general influence on every game. 1. Lionel Messi {Argentina and Barcelona) Magical performer, talented footballer and has been referred to be a god of football […]

world’s best fighter

You know, it is amazing how the world is developing in regard to extreme sports. Fighting Sports has been there since time in memorial; however, it has not been interesting as well as sophisticated as it is at the moment. To tell you the truth, all has changed for the best! In the contemporary society, lots of people stay awake all night just to watch the top cream fighters across the globe take to stage to entertain them. It is clear that everyone who stays […]

They have succeeded thanks to their abilities to fight all boundaries on a sports field. No matter if itТs water or ground, they continue to teach us that success can be as near as you work for it. Top ten of the worldТs sportsmen made it possible, and their skills have led them to becoming the richest in the world today. So, letТs see our first star: 1. FLOYD MAYWEATHER The world undefeated professional boxer won the world championship in four different categories in weight. […]

Gianluigi Buffon is arguably one of the world’s best goalkeepers, the 37 year old was born on 28th January 1978 in Carrara Italy to a sports oriented family of five two sisters and parents. Buffon began his football career at an early age of 13 at parma youth team. Before settling for the position of goalkeeper the young Buffon tried several position inside the field of play, which included central and defending midfielder. His debut to mainstream professional football came up in 1994 when he […]

World’s most popular sport There is no doubt that the most people on the planet will agree that the world’s most popular sport is soccer. In any given country on any given Sunday afternoon you will always find a bunch of boys playing soccer. And if there us a certain number of kids playing a certain sport, then be sure the adults are playing it too. Some are playing and some are paying money to watch the others play. There are a lot of attractive […]

Introduction. If we were to measure the sizes of the stadiums and rank them according to the amount of space they cover, then getting the first and the last will be a big problem. That’s why in this article i will rank the stadiums based on the number of fans the stadiums can accommodate per sporting event. In this article, i will not focus on the racing courses just stadiums hosting non-machine games. List of stadiums. 1. Rungrado 1st may stadium. This is a multipurpose […]

world’s best game

Details on when soccer became a thing that people worship are blurry. Word has it that the ancient Chinese and Egyptians played the beautiful game. They would use animal skin to make the balls so as to increase their sensitivity to even the slightest kicks. Others say it began as a joke by army marshals to keep their soldiers fit in preparation for war. One thing is clear, though, it’s the world’s best game. Soccer is played by two teams of eleven players each. Number […]

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