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Society can only thrive when everyone adapts to standard rules, patterns and customs that unify us. The World’s society and its members is rich in the fact that there is no scarcity of opportunities available to all. The Society has also broken boundaries and set a new marker for everyone to embrace. Each item that is listed in this section shows that we cannot mistake the fact that we have so much to learn. It is with a heart filled with joy that we welcome you to enjoy each topic that is presented in this category.

What does one need to do to earn him an entry in the Guinness World of Records book? Well, that’s simple. Forgoing basic hygiene is one of them. Every normal man has nails that they regularly trim and polish. The reason why we have them could be…..we are all primates and like any other primates we biologically should have them. Well, stop trimming them .in 62 years time you could hit the chapters in the latter great book. Shridar Chilal, an Indian last cut his […]

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