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Society can only thrive when everyone adapts to standard rules, patterns and customs that unify us. The World’s society and its members is rich in the fact that there is no scarcity of opportunities available to all. The Society has also broken boundaries and set a new marker for everyone to embrace. Each item that is listed in this section shows that we cannot mistake the fact that we have so much to learn. It is with a heart filled with joy that we welcome you to enjoy each topic that is presented in this category.

The gaming industry is big, bigger than ever. What was worth US $9.5 billion in 2007 will hit US $91.5 billion this year, which is an approximate 965% growth in 8 years; to add, it is expected to hit the US $107 billion mark by 2017. The industry is finally starting to get recognized by a wide range of age groups; the graphics are getting better, the Esports (competitive gaming) competitions are getting bigger, and the prizes are getting even bigger, in millions in some […]

The wedding day is certainly one of the most important events in people’s lives, which is planned for months, but when that day comes, it seems that it’s really a whirlwind. However, the moment we see the bride coming down the aisle, time stands still, and we realize why women, in general, pay so much attention to choosing the perfect dress. A wedding dress can certainly dictate the events of that day, and this is what the women whose dresses were labeled as the most […]

Unless we live in the middle of nowhere, probably most of us have been stuck in traffic at least once in our lives. For many people, traffic jams are part of their daily routine, and for that reason they have to plan ahead and sacrifice some other activity, whether it is sleeping or having breakfast at home, in order to get to wherever they need to be on time. The problem with traffic jams is the level of stress it produces in people’s lives because […]

world’s biggest cunt

So my friend stopped by my house the other day with a look that told me something rather important and large was on his mind. He couldn’t wait to tell me all about it as I offered him a cup of coffee and told him to sit down on my easy chair so he could explain to me what was on his mind. My friend Frank was so excited he spilled his coffee all over his lap, and burned his dick to a crisp! Anyway, […]

After researching this topic I discovered that there is no one set difficulty when it comes to riddles as each person has a preference when it comes to there intellectual tastes I, for instance, was rather amused with the riddle, If a chicken says all chickens are liars do you believe what its saying? The answer however was, chickens don’t talk, got a rather brilliant chuckle at that. all the while my personal favourite riddle would be what has cities with no buildings, forests without […]

Whether you’re asking for the world’s most difficult logic puzzle, the most difficult crossword puzzle, the world’s most difficult puzzle box or the world’s most difficult riddle puzzle; the answer to the world’s most difficult puzzle is open to wide debate across the globe. Famous American philosopher and mathematician, George Stephen Boolos named world’s most difficult puzzle to be a logic puzzle that was made by Raymond Smullyan and changed a bit by a computer specialist named John McCarthy. So we know that this isn’t […]

If solely were for you to do a good survey, say regarding seven people, from what your current world’s most challenging language is, a person all possibly would become likely to acquire various other advice in what language can be exactly ones hardest, your mostly depends in in which language one provides interacted with, a number of may say That Arabic language would be the almost all difficult, although others can say that Japanese would be the hardest, despite the countless varied opinions and also […]

This is a list of the top five hardest video games that make you wanna quit. Have you ever played that game you just can not beat? Well, if not or if you enjoy the challenge here are some to try. These are truly difficult games that leave a lasting impression. 5. Super Meat Boy; This game can be found on the computer, XBox, and Playstation. You will find yourself as a little man made of meat and watch your girlfriend get taken from you […]

Have you ever wondered what some of the most commonly spoken languages in the world are? If you have, then you’ve come to the right place! Below is a list of the five most common languages in the world today, based on the total number of speakers worldwide. This list is based on the 2015 edition of Ethnologue, a web-based publication containing statistics related to languages and dialects. 5. Bengali Bengali is an Indo-European, Indo-Aryan language spoken by roughly 210 million people. It is listed […]

City Montessori School found in Lucknow, the capital city of India’s most congested state Utter Pradesh, is the biggest school in the world. The school has a total of about 44000 pupils, 1000 classrooms and 2500 teachers. The school was started in 1959. The couple,Jagdish Gandhi and Bharti, who started this school started it with a loan of $6 (300 rupees) and five pupils. It has since then grown immensely to the point where the whole school cannot gather for assembly as there is no […]

world’s best status

The world’s best status in any social media account you own is a simple smiling emoji.To people who are you usually generous with expressing themselves this might be boring, to other people it might be kind of obvious and to most people it may seem not that interesting at all.But it is a Genius status once you look at what it means to all sorts of people you interact with in your life or even those who can view your social is just the […]

world’s best place

By owning this area, you could have whole lots of enjoyment. If you desire to cash in your time, then no other area is far better compared to Disney globe trip spot. If you are still waiting, merely take advice of your friends and review what they will certainly inform you. Since they review it as the ideal area for satisfaction, there are thousands of family members that enjoy Disney globe to be their spot of getaway. Each year this place is an active hub […]

world’s best job

A job does not have to be stressful and return peanuts that cannot sustain power and house bills. On the contrary, people are living good working life on a fancy edge and enjoying every bit of it. From minimal to no stress less levels, a fat cheque every month, minimal sweat packed by really fancy get away and most importantly they look good while doing it. Here are the 5 best jobs of 2015 in the world over. Software developer When your customized alarm app […]

world’s smartest man

Who is actually the world’s smartest man? This is a critical question that you could also be asking yourself. You will come to realize that when it comes to determining the smartness of a person, there has been a debate on whether to focus on one of these factors; that is the level of intelligence (IQ) or what the individual has achieved so far. Apparently, the world has been able to witness great people with great thinking mind that would leave you shocked and amazed. […]

Human affinity for Jewelry dates back thousands of years. From gold to silver, from diamonds to sapphires, human beings have retrieved the rarest rocks and metals from the deepest of the earth’s crevices to adorn their bodies. Some people sport jewelry for the class symbolism that attaches to it, while others wear jewelry for its aesthetic or sentimental qualities. In the world of high-end jewelry, nothing comes cheap. This list takes you into the gilded realm of the top five most expensive jewelry in the […]

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