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Society can only thrive when everyone adapts to standard rules, patterns and customs that unify us. The World’s society and its members is rich in the fact that there is no scarcity of opportunities available to all. The Society has also broken boundaries and set a new marker for everyone to embrace. Each item that is listed in this section shows that we cannot mistake the fact that we have so much to learn. It is with a heart filled with joy that we welcome you to enjoy each topic that is presented in this category.

Everyone loves a good mystery, a bit of the strange and unexplained. Here are the Top 5 Unexplained Occurrences in the World: 1 )Bird Death Mystery What happened in Arkansas on New Year’s Eve, 2011? Residents say they woke to see more than 3,000 blackbirds scattered all over the ground, some bleeding, some still struggling. Not long after the phenomenon, other areas like Kentucky, Louisiana, and even as far away as Sweden, began to report the same thing. Was it a disturbance in the atmosphere? […]

Earthquake is among the most destructive natural disasters. The world have witnessed numerous earthquakes over the centuries. The magnitude of an earthquake is measured in Richter scale. Here we look at the top 5 strongest earthquakes in world history. 1. Valdivia, Chile, 1960 On 22nd May 1960, the residents of Valdivia and surrounding places in Southern Chile witnessed the strongest ever earthquake in history. In the earthquake that recorded 9.5 on Richter scale, 1655 persons lost their lives. Nearly two millions people were displaced. The […]

Paris, France. The city of love. When one sits and thinks about Paris one cannot deny its prestige in displaying the very essence of romance and artistry. Take the “Louvre” for example, the home of the world’s most famous painting, the “Mona Lisa”, or the Eiffel Tower, that inspires legions upon legions of men to get down on one knee and propose marriage to their spouses. Even the language spoken there is considered to be the most romantic in the world. Paris then, is, quite […]

World’s best goal

As the holiday season approaches, people all over the world begin to look back on the past 11-12 months and question whether or not a proclaimed goal from the beginning of the year has been met. It started with a resolution, “I declare that this year I will… earn $100,000; pay off my debt; start a business; lose 50 pounds.” These are all worthy goals. They were likely initiated with a sincere desire for change, yet some goals were met and others were not. Why? […]

World’s best series

Have you ever been glued on the screen just waiting to see what will happen next and next after next? Curiosity, suspense and emotions, the list is endless. Phone calls, text messages and just a simple knock on the door become a nuisance. I call it the power of a great series. Too bad there is no rehabilitation for its addiction. Severally we find ourselves in such situations and if you’ve watched Prison Break you must be a victim. Who has never heard of Prison […]

The Sudoku number-filling puzzle is world famous and has been for quite some time. Due to the various degrees of difficulty the puzzle may provide, people of all ages and levels of intelligence compete against it and have chances of winning. We want to present the world’s most difficult Sudoku puzzle, considered unwinnable for people. As we will see later on, there are some places we can get help to solve such complicated puzzles, mainly using computer-generated code. Difficulty increase in Sudoku not only comes […]

Most of the beautiful words are in English language. Whats makes words beautiful is actually the feelings or emotions behind them. Words that are spoken without feelings are of no use. Words help increase the beauty of our conversations and our understandings of how and why we speak the way we do. The words are spoken should show our exact meaning of them, the word love says everything we feel, it means a lot to a mother, father, siblings,relatives, friends, spouses. It is is advised […]

Currencies are rated according to the countries’ economies, level of employment, exports and imports, growth rate and their performances.If there is improvement in the economic growth, the currency will tend to be a bit higher,mostly compared to the US dollar.On the other hand, if the economic growth falls there will be a depreciation of the country’s currency making the US dollar to be highly appreciated. Here are the top 10 cheapest currencies in the world: Uranian Rial (Iran)-This is the highest depreciated currency in the […]

The hold of a pen tightly in my right hand between my thumb and index finger takes me back. Back to the afternoon that I was sad because my high school crush didn’t say hi to me when I got out of the house to buy groceries. Back to the nights I stayed up late to finish my homework. Back to the evenings in high school when our English teacher dictated countless of notes that we wrote in books that ended up getting thrown after […]

I take night walks with my two-year-old daughter and my younger sister most of the nights these days,with the street lights on and the cool breeze blowing through us. A calm settles in me and I feel light whenever we do this and for some moments I become one with the wind and the rustling trees. I become the white birds I see above us. I become the crescent moon shining from miles way. I become the white thick clouds up in the sky. I […]

There are funny videos, there are freaky videos and then there are the downright terrifying videos. Many people don’t even dare to look at such things, because honestly, they can scare the crap out of you. But for those who dare, the internet is full of videos which are not just terrifying but also mysterious, discomforting and most importantly, haunting. Although there is no guarantee that these videos are real, the fact doesn’t make them less spooky. Keeping that in mind, here is a list […]

Ever tested, wondered or maybe been told what your blood type is? Generally, ’blood type’ is the classification of one’s blood by the absence or presence of certain inherited antigens on the red blood cells surface. There are four major blood groups; А, В, AB and O. The rhesus factor classification came up after blood tests were performed on some rhesus monkeys, isolating the Rh+ and Rh- factors, results showed that both factors composed of an antigen present in human beings’ red blood cells hence […]

When thinking of powerful weapons most people go through thoughts of bombs and powerful guns. I seem to think differently because if you take a look around you will realize that there are far more greater things that can be used as weapons other than those things that were made for destruction. The most powerful weapon is actually a woman. We all have seen the power a woman has over a man. A woman can drive the sanest man crazy. Come on guys, you all […]

Music is medicine to the soul,joy to the heart and a reliever to the can caress you and take away your troubles and pains even just for a is not just made up of beats but also of words that describe emotions.To some,music is not just a song,to them,music is life.AII these are descriptions of the effect of music whereby music is comprised of songs.However,which is the world’s most popular song? Famously known as the happy birthday is considered to be the […]

Between the names of your enemies and the names of your family members, choosing the right name for your child can be quite difficult. Add in the opinions of everyone around you and being somewhere on the spectrum of wanting to be super traditional or super unique, naming your baby can be nearly impossible (not to mention, that you only have nine short months to do so). To make your job a little it easier, here are the top five baby girl names and the […]

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