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Plants are rich in the things they offer to the planet in which we live. The world’s plants are multifarious and each of them come with different characteristics. It is healthy to live with some of them while others could be harmful to our existence. No one can turn a blind eye to the fact that plants now hold a choice place in our world. When we take away the cultural leanings, beauty and the unique blend that plants offer; we still have a lot to learn. The World’s quest for current information is duly met with the listings you find in this group.

Mushrooms are responsible for approximately six the seven thousand deaths annually in the United States alone. Some of these mushrooms will make you hallucinate, while others while give you stomach flu like symptoms. Some hurt you fast, others take their time. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the some of the world’s most poisonous mushrooms. 1. Death Cap (Amanita phalloides)The death cap looks like a very classic mushroom: it’s white and stand about six inches tall with a thick stalk and an […]

The legend tells that 1,400 years ago, Pechocha a Zapotec priest that served the god Ehectatl, the Aztec god of wind and storm, planted a big group of trees for the benefit of the locals in the small town of Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca. Thanks to that, the mitical the ahuehuete “Graybeard of the swamp” known as the tree of Tule was born. This enormous monster, with it’s 46.1 ft of diameter, becomes the world’s thickest tree. It has 137.8 ft of circumference(you need […]

Flowers are known to be the best and easiest way of expressing emotions and feelings. A beautiful flower has a way of triggering emotions since when you spot a beautiful flower you feel happy. Flowers are just a sincere way of lifting our spirits. A beautiful flower has the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face even when sick or when having the roughest day. Outlined is a list of the most beautiful flowers in the world: 1. Rose Rose has been one of […]

Top 5 world’s largest flowers Flowers are among some of the living things that have graced the landscape for millions of years. Thanks to their simple and yet evolutionary technique of tricking insects using scent and color, flowers have effectively defied the tests of Mother Nature. Currently, flowers top the list of the most diverse living things on earth. That’s not all. The massive flowers below are the perfect show of how far flowers have been able to push their endeavor for adaptation. Rafflesi arnoldii […]

About the size of a small car but not looking much like the pumpkins we commonly think of sits the world’s biggest pumpkin. Eager growers stand around, hoping theirs makes the cut, and that the pumpkin they’ve spent their time pruning over can hold the record of the world’s biggest pumpkin. When the word comes in, it’s official, the world’s biggest pumpkin weighs in at 2323.7 lbs and was grown by Beni Meier. Meier is a Swiss accountant. He broke a record her had set […]

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