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Nature and Nurture is a common debate that has brought lots of interest in our contemporary society. The World’s biggest offerings in nature has also made nations to hold their pride of place. Nature is not an aspect that can be waved off without a careful study. We can lead a new world when the World’s natural habitat is celebrated. The balance that it brings to our ecosystem is a huge advantage to humanity. Each of the topics under this segment would give you facts to live a well informed life.

world’s largest lake

The earth is covered by around 71% water with the rest being dry land. The waters include the fresh and salt or saline water bodies. Recently, there have been a lot of questions that have been asked about the largest water bodies but this has not been answered to satisfaction. The answers will usually depend on the type of lakes that you want to be included. This can be categorized with; fresh water lakes, salt water lakes or both or the size can be measured […]

When one looks at the world, we are left with the perception that God took time to place each and every feature. We look at the distribution of land in terms of continents, oceans, rivers, lakes, the forests and animal distribution among others. Let’s look at mountains for instance, there is ice and glacial deposits at some of the mountains, ranges, rivers flow from some of the mountains. Let’s not live out the forests that harbor animal life. Since the world requires research and study. […]

world’s deepest lake

The deepest lake in the entire world is located in the southernmost reaches of Russia. It is called Lake Baikal, or Ozero Baykal, and is nicknamed the Pearl of Siberia. It has a long and a typical crescent shape. But how deep does it go? Let’s get straight to the facts. Lake Baikal drops to an astonishing 5,314 feet, or 1,637 meters. The bottom of the lake extends to a jaw dropping 4,215 feet below the sea level, that’s 1,285 meters! If that isn’t enough […]

world’s biggest tree

World’s biggest tree Most of the the world’s biggest trees grow in United States of America. They are called sequoias. Some even call them the mammoth trees in order to highlight their size as well as their age. Sequoia is a conifer (needled-leaf) tree. Which makes it very durable and tolerant to different weather. Most of the mammoth trees grow in California. Since 2006 the title of the tallest tree in the world belongs to a sequoia tree (another name is coast redwood) called Hyperion. […]

world’s oldest tree

The world’s oldest tree is found in Sweden. A conifer, it’s by fact known to have taken root way back in the ice age period. Though it’s not ancient, its roots growing for around 9,550 years, this magnificent tree has a height of 13 feet which is equivalent to 4 meters. In accordance to a team of researchers headed by Leif Kullman, all this and more information was discovered. This team reigns from a department of ecology and environmental studies from Umea University of Sweden. […]


Measuring a stream’s precise length can be a dubious business and subsequently the length estimations of numerous waterways are just approximations. Truth be told, there has even been some contradiction throughout the years in respect to whether the Amazon or the Nile is the world’s longest waterway. These inconsistencies are for the most part because of contrasts of assessment on where the mouth and wellspring of the waterway are really found, yet for our rundown we will attempt to run with what the greater part […]

Waterfalls are amazing features that are formed when the water running in course of a river or other body falls over a rocky ledge into a pool below. They are also referred to as cascades and have presented the world with beautiful scenery. It is for this reason that people all over the world make long trips to have a glimpse of the beauty that is exhibited by the falls. Here are some of the world’s highest waterfalls that you will love to visit and […]

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