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Nature and Nurture is a common debate that has brought lots of interest in our contemporary society. The World’s biggest offerings in nature has also made nations to hold their pride of place. Nature is not an aspect that can be waved off without a careful study. We can lead a new world when the World’s natural habitat is celebrated. The balance that it brings to our ecosystem is a huge advantage to humanity. Each of the topics under this segment would give you facts to live a well informed life.

If the deepest possible layers of understanding are to be fathomed, then every single monument, movement and moments that we experience as we live and breathe within the space around us can throw our minds into awe. However, listed here are some of the mind-bogging worldТs most interesting facts that have been discovered in the more recent years of humankindТs existence. 1. A photon spends an average of 200,000 years in bondage, before finally gaining freedom to travel away from the core of the sunТs […]

Halloween is time to scare and be scared. But many of the scary pictures that qualify as the World’s scariest pictures go beyond scaring. Some create a chill in the mind because of the horrifying true stories that are associated with them. Others are scary because the mind fears impending death or injury. Many are just the photographers reporting the existence of such things. Others are manipulation of mind by the so called cinematographers and artists some of whom are con to create that creepy […]

After a mediocre amount of searching I was able to find the worlds most expensive photo. At first I would have assumed it to be in the hundreds of thousands, or maybe 1 or 2 million, but I was shocked to find that a German artist by the name of Andreas Gurskey has a photo of the river Rhine by the title of Rhein II (the second, yet largest of the collection depicting the river Rhine made by Andreas) which was sold at the value […]

World’s longest

The world longest fresh water mass is lake Tanganyika which is located in East Africa and on the border of Tanzania and Congo (Kinshasha). The lake covers an area of 32900 square kilometers and is 660 kilometers long. The world longest lake is fed by three Rivers the Kalambo, Ruzizi and Malagarasi Rivers while River Lukunga is its out let.The Kalambo river has the world longest water fall estimated at two hundred and thirty five meters, the falls were first discovered by explorers in 1858. […]

Below is a list of some of the world’s shortest rivers. 1. The Tamborasi River is 20 meters long and 18 meters wide. It’s probably the shortest in the world. The river is in the Tamborasi Village, Indonesia and has amazing white sand. There are forests on the banks of the river which are home to wild animals. 2. The Reprua River which is found in Gagra District, Goergia is one of the shortest. It is 27 meters long. The river’s source is the springs […]

The recent history of the earth is littered with tale after tale of devastating earthquakes that literally brought life on earth to a standstill. Human life has been the biggest casualty with the highest death toll in a single year occurring in 2010 in which 320, 120 people died. The area around the Pacific Ocean, where tectonic movements are rampant and rightly christened the “Pacific’s Ring of Fire”, has borne the worst brunt of these natural disasters. Here is a compilation of the top 5 […]

Greenland is the world’s biggest island and is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has the least human population with a growth rate of 0.02%. The commonly spoken languages are Greenlandic, English and Danish. Listed below are top 10 facts worth learning about the Island. 1. It maintained Danish sovereignty during World War II despite being under protection of the United States. Greenland established its local parliament in the year 1979 and began to enjoy self-rule in 2009. 2. Greenland is rich with natural […]

World’s biggest cave

Do you know how much beautiful and inspiring they can be? Huge, spacious, wild and still unexplored, caves are the real magic of nature. I hope you will enjoy reading about five beautiful caves, and maybe you will even find a way to get to these magical places. So, let the adventure begin! 5. New Athos Cave This is the biggest and the most popular cave in Georgia, and it is also called the Novy Afon Cave. It is located inside Georgia’s Iverian Mountain. For […]

Have you ever experienced a tsunami or an earthquake in your life? If not, you might have at least seen the news, pictures and videos of the devastating proceedings that follow such tremors most of them illustrating destruction of the affected areas. Well join me as I take you through an event that unfolds to be world’s biggest Tsunami but first what is a tsunami and what are differences between this and the earthquake? Herein this essay is a clear definition and they time unfolds […]

  Largest and Most Famous Waterfalls On the Planet Nature is a marvel and master piece all on its own. Have you ever wondered what are some the greatest natural wonders of the world? Waterfalls are one of the many phenomena that exist on this great planet. Let’s explore some of these massive bodies of water. 1 .Chutes de Khone This huge fall tops the number one spot on our list for being an immense waterfall. This beauty is located in Southeast Asia in Cambodia. […]

World’s highest peak

“I’m on top of the world!” It’s such a catchy and well known phrase. How does it feel to be actually on top of the world, have you wondered?We bring you here, list of the highest peaks in of the world, where you can climb and gaze at the world belowllnterestingly so, all the highest peaks, falling till the number 14 on the series, fall in Himalayan mountain range. 1. Mount Everest – Every adrenaline junkie knows of this mountain. Mount Everest is the highest […]

A dilemma has existed on which is the smallest island in the worlds because there are many pieces of rocks that existed in the oceans at it was not really clear whether they were to be classified as Islands as well. It is not only until after the British government designated any piece of land out in the ocean that had grass and was able to sustain pasture that can feed at least one sheep and can be inhabited. This is when the world’s smallest […]

Can you believe the cost of diamond to be at $400 million? Believe it or not but that is the price of the world’s most expensive diamond. That is one massive, whopper of a price tag, but when you see what it is attached to, you are just as breathless about the gorgeous diamond, called The Cullinan. This amazing and largest rough diamond, to ever be discovered, was located in a South African mine, that belonged to Sir Thomas Cullinan (circa 1905). What is noticeable […]

world’s deepest cave

Mysteries and wonders exist not only in stars and galaxies outside the Earth. If you are up for adventure and amazing wonders, you will find a lot of mysteries within the deepest caves of the planet. Caves have long served as shelters among ancient human beings. While hundreds of caves from different locations have been explored and seen by many, the world’s deepest cave, along with other huge and deep caves, remains a mystery to all humans. Here are some of the most amazing deepest […]

Volcanoes show as beautiful scenic elevations of the earth until they turn into massive destructive monsters when they erupt. While most volcanoes in the world are considered dead for not having erupted for thousands of years, a bunch of other volcanoes remain active and erupt from time to time. There is, however, a great wonder when you look at the size, length and activity of various volcanoes all over the world. Today, you will discover the title holders for the world’s biggest volcano record. Top […]

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