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Nature and Nurture is a common debate that has brought lots of interest in our contemporary society. The World’s biggest offerings in nature has also made nations to hold their pride of place. Nature is not an aspect that can be waved off without a careful study. We can lead a new world when the World’s natural habitat is celebrated. The balance that it brings to our ecosystem is a huge advantage to humanity. Each of the topics under this segment would give you facts to live a well informed life.

world’s biggest sea

Differentiating between seas and oceans makes people confused. However, sea is a part of ocean water. The world’s largest sea is Philippine Sea. This is in consideration of the surface area which is 5, 177,562 sq. km. It is a Nothern section of the Pacific Ocean and is located in the Eastern areas and Nothern areas of the Philippines. It boarders Japan, Taiwan, Carolines, Marianas and Philippine archipelago. On the southwest are Philippine islands of Luzon. On the southwest are islands of Palau. On the […]

world’s biggest lake

Caspian Sea which is located between Europe and Asia is the largest lake in the world, with a surface area of 371.000 km2. Even though it’s called a sea, Caspian Sea is originally a lake. How’s so? Well, you see that a large body of water is considered to be a lake if it is surrounded by land and has no river flowing out of it. Caspian Sea meets this definition, and therefore, it is considered as a lake. So, why is it called sea […]

Volcanoes are quite scary, but what about the largest ones on this planet? Now, that’s something to worry about. Check out this top five. 5) Mount Fuji, Tokyo, Japan. This volcano represents Japanese culture, history and people. Mount Fuji is one of the most representative natural wonders of Asia and it has symbolized the prosperity of Japan of centuries, but, what if this Volcano blows? Japanese scientists confirm that there is a real risk of explosion due to the natural tendency of the Japanese islands […]

Mountain climbing has been an age old activity that has been ongoing since the 1900s. There are dangerous deadly mountains which have a death record on them. Mountain climbers who love danger and exhilaration have found themselves on the deadly slopes of these world’s most dangerous mountain trying to reach the summit. This begs the question of which is the most dangerous mountain to climb. There is a list of 14 autonomous mountains commonly referred to as the eight-thousanders because they scale a height of […]

Mother nature unfortunately and unfairly has always played second fiddle to mankind and its achievements in the human psyche solely because of the higher visibility of mankind’s achievements.We would like to do our bit in dispelling the false beliefs of human triumph over nature by informing you about the top 10 biggest mountains in the world which is bound to put the humans in their place. 1- Mount Everest No surprises here standing at an astounding 8428m this massive mountain from the Himalyan range serves […]

world’s best flowers

All the flowers are the beautiful gift by The God Almighty. They can bring smile on anyone’s face at any time. In the world we can find flowers in various colors and in various fragrance. But some flowers are unique in their beauty and fragrance and those are used widely for all the occasions. Though there are plenty of beautiful flowers yet here is the list of the world’s best flowers. 1. Orchid – It is in the first place in the list of world’s […]

world’s widest river

Rivers all over the world are extremely important to humanity. You can look back through history and see that all civilizations were began near rivers. The rivers all over the world have many helpful resources to humans. River can carry humans or goods to other places in a much shorter time than any other means of transportation. Also used for farmers to irrigate their crops, and are a key factor to the water cycle. Not only are rivers helpful for transportation and farming, but also […]

The world’s smallest ocean is Arctic Ocean. It is found in the northern hemisphere and borders countries such as North America, Scandinavia and Siberia. It is found between Africa and Europe and has a total area of 14.056 million square kilometers and almost one and half times bigger than the United States of America. Five countries border this ocean and these are Russia, Alaska, Norway Greenland and Canada. The geographical coordinates are 90.000North and 0.000 East. It has a coastline that extends a length of […]

Mountains are often associated with great heights and vast land masses, whenever the word is mentioned. But unbeknownst to many and as obvious as it may seem there are some mountains in the world that are renowned to be quite small as well. Some of the world’s smallest mountains are actually just few meters tall and a few meters wide. What’s fascinating in this is that despite the fact that they are really small in size and height, they still preserve the favor of being […]

The main reason of the pollution of the rivers is not taking the precaution in maintaining the cleanness of the water of river which is called prevention, and we know a very good proverb in English “Prevention is better than cure”. Many industries leave their toxic chemicals; some humans bring the river to be polluted by their waste products. We must take a strict action or measures for the protection of the river’s cleanliness. One must take a measure like diluting the river by water. […]

Metals are great materials, which are extracted mostly from the earth’s crust through mining processes as mineral deposits. They have a wide range of applications in industry, some being quite rare to find and expensive as well. Precious metals are adored for their beauty and high value, and are sometimes symbols of wealth. Investing in precious metal business is one of the most desired areas of trade, but perhaps having some knowledge about some of the world’s most expensive metals would do you good when […]

Deserts have always captured the imagination of every individual on mother earth. Most people’s childhoods are filled with stories of adventures,of culture and nomads pertaining to desert life. They are synonymous with environment, unforgiving weather, devoid of life and filled with sand with no trace of water. However, some myths will be shattered through our take on the world’s top 5 driest deserts. Antarctica: Surprising but true, Antarctica is the world’s driest deserts. The mystery is compounded by the fact that Antarctica is snow capped […]

The pacific ocean is undoubtedly the world’s deepest ocean, standing on an estimated surface area of 64 million square miles, with the deepest point being the Mariana Trench. The Pacific accounts for about 46 percent of the Earth’s water, and was the last ocean to be discovered by the Europeans, specifically by a Spanish explorer known as Balboa, back in 1513.The ocean runs from the Americas to Australia to Asia, and from Antarctica to the Arctic ocean. The ocean is so extensive that it stands […]

Did you know that the world’s biggest mushroom was discovered by a PHD student from the Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada? Yes, Myron Smith was a student undertaking botany he led a group of friend to the discovery of the world’s biggest mushroom. They found it in the hardwood forests that neighbored the crystal falls. Surprisingly, Smith and his colleagues were on a side project while they came across this wonder. Apparently their core mission was to establish the boundaries of single fungal plants with […]

A desert may generally refer to places on the earth that receive less than 254 millimeters or around 10 inches of rain annually.The deserts may look inhabitable, but surprisingly there are signs of life existing that have adapted to life with such meager precipitation .they contain barren landscapes of rocky or sandy formations. On earth, deserts are found in all continents, with some forming on leeward sides on huge mountain ranges and others nearby water bodies, deserts are thought to be very hot areas, however, […]

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