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Nature and Nurture is a common debate that has brought lots of interest in our contemporary society. The World’s biggest offerings in nature has also made nations to hold their pride of place. Nature is not an aspect that can be waved off without a careful study. We can lead a new world when the World’s natural habitat is celebrated. The balance that it brings to our ecosystem is a huge advantage to humanity. Each of the topics under this segment would give you facts to live a well informed life.

This is a post about the five deepest rivers on the planet. This main 5 of the world’s deepest rivers was made by greatest profundity measured in meters. 5. The Mississippi River ~ 61 meters (200 ft) The Mississippi River is a physical reality, the best geologic power in North America. It is somewhere in the range of 2,300 miles (3.700 km) long and streams at a normal pace of three miles for each hour as it passes New Orleans. It channels waters from 31 […]

Water makes up so much of our world. The human body alone is made of 70% water. As time passes it is becoming harder for us to find clean, pure water. The most common form of clean water is bottled water, but the prices will only increase with time. The cleanest water know is found in a tiny village in Canada. The village is near Toronto and it contains less lead that the cleanest ice layers in the Arctic. The wells there are named spring […]

World’s biggest park

City parks is a great place to escape from everyday ruitine, take your dog out for a walk, enjoy the fresh air or have a lovely afternoon with a picnic. Probably every major city has such places. But which ones are the biggest? We are going to order the parks from by their size and educate you about the biggest out there. 5th placeNumber 5 in our list is Losiny Ostrov National park in Moscow, Russia. The total area is 11 621,36 hectares. It is […]

Our Planet is beautiful, and while we would all love to explore each and every corner, sometimes it just isn’t possible. We are content to look at pictures, and globes. If you want to get a good, detailed look at our planet, check out these, the world’s biggest globes: Honorable Mention: Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusets has its own 28 foot diameter globe. It was built in 1955 and was able to rotate and even display the four seasons. It was not kept up well, […]

Deepest Place on Earth For mountain climbers, the prospect of reaching the highest point on earth may be welcomed with much enthusiasm given the thrill that accompanies it. On the other hand, ocean explorers crave for the deepest point they can find on earth. While there are many pretty deep places on earth, the Mariana Trench stands out from the rest by size and design. Located in the Pacific south of Japan, the Trench, which has also adopted the name “the Challenger Deep” after a […]

World’s deepest sea

The Caribbean sea , a stretch of the Atlantic ocean , is located in western hemisphere is known to be the world’s deepest sea . Its deepest point is seven thousand,six hundred and eighty six meters below sea level with an average depth of two thousand ,two hundred meters. This point of the Caribbean sea is known as Cayman Trench/ Bartlett deep or Bartlett trough positioned between the cayman island and Jamaica. The relatively narrow Cayman trench is the world’s deepest sea vent with small […]

There are numerous water bodies on earth and each has its own distinctive characteristics.Some of the most common characteristics attributed to water bodies are salinity,depth,area coverage or spread,location and temperature.Temperature is viewed in duality:cold or warm.In this context,we examine not just the cold side of it but the coldest. The coldest ocean in the whole world is the Arctic has a relatively small area of 14,070,000 square kilometers which is approximately 5,430,000 square miles,compared to the likes of the Pacific,Atlantic and Indian Oceans which […]

Roses are perhaps one of the most well-known flowers. They look beautiful, they smell lovely and are very symbolic to romantic situations. Had a fight with your lover? Buy her a rose! Are you meeting a loved one? Buy her a rose! We all accept them for their emotional value if not their looks and smell. But did you know that there are a whole lot of rose types besides the typical red rose you may have in mind? While they all have the same […]

Where is Hamilton, Ohio? Not many know, but it will now be known as the place in which the largest watermelon was discovered. Chris Kent from Seviervlle, Tennessee entered his mammoth of a fruit in the 2013 Pumpkin and Fall festival in Tennessee in hopes of coming away with his second title. He did more than just that. His watermelon weighed in at 350.5 pounds, which was a remarkable 42.5 pounds heavier than the previous world record holder Gabriele Bartoli of Italy. The remarkable thing […]

World’s biggest wave

Waves which occur in water bodies bring pleasure to our eyes if they have limited extent of length but if they become so high that they start creating havoc and destruction of human beings, animals and plant life,waves are not at all a matter of pleasure. While considering the world’s biggest wave is recorded that an earthquake which is followed by a landslide in the year of 1958 at the state of Alaska generated almost a wave of 100 feet height.This is also recorded […]

What is the world’s longest mountain? Are we looking at this from top to bottom or from side to side? If we look at it from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain then you could consider two possible answers to that question. First, Mount Everest, measured to be 8,850 meters above sea level. With the highest altitude in the world which is why it is considered to be the highest mountain on earth. A mountain that has claimed many lives […]

World’s warmest sea

If you are looking to get away from the coldness of winter,the following places are where you can go to and find the warmest seas in the world. 1. Tulum, Mexico This place has got an impressive beach with clear waters. While swimming in the waters, you can also have a view of the ancient Mayan ruins which the place is notable for. 2. Jobsons Cove This is a lovely beach that is totally separated from the sea and surrounded by cliffs. It is a […]

What is the world’s biggest planet in our solar system? Do you know? Have you ever wondered? Well thanks to the invention of the telescope about four hundred years ago scientist can answer the question. The worldТs biggest planet’s diameter is roughly eleven times that of Earth, and two point five the mass of any other planet in the solar system. Your probably thinking, who cares what the worldТs biggest planet it? Well my question to you is, who doesnТt find the mysteries of space […]

Highest point on earth is that specific location on earth which has a top most level or altitude with reference to the distance from the center of the earth to the top of the peak of the identified mountain. It is also the point which stands closer to outer atmosphere of the earth. As you all know the height of the mountains can be measured in three ways. 1.. By measuring its height from the base of the mountain to its summit.2. By measuring the […]

Volcanic eruptions have baffled humanity since ancient times. However, since the 18th century geology has enabled us to understand, classify and measure the heights of volcano mountains. Below is a list of the world’s highest volcanoes: 5. Mauna Kea (Hawaii) Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in Hawaii. It is also the world’s tallest mountain when measured from the sea level with 10205 m. However, by elevation Mauna Kea only measures 4205 m since it’s 6000 m is submerged in the Pacific ocean. Mauna Kea’s […]

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