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Leading men in the world have always been history makers. The place of the World’s men population and their contribution to society is sublime. A systematic look at each of the World’s records show that men have entrenched their place in every sector of human existence. Most people would argue that the times are changing and things no longer stand as they were. However, it is interesting to take a cue from some of the things that have created the benchmark in all we do. Men still have a prime place from whichever context we choose to look at life.

A regular person walks in the gym expecting to get lean and ripped, but these top five candidates for biggest biceps passed the limit and become legends themselves. It was a long road for these bodybuilders to achieve prestige and fame. Whether they were at a gym or at home, we can infer that they have spent a lot of time in both places by working out, and perhaps the most potent factor in their success was dedication. To be even considered as having the […]

world’s ugliest man

How do we find a man ugly? Well, frankly speaking, people may find someone ugly by looking at his physical *1 appearance. But mind you, love is blind, and appearance does not stop someone from loving. Take it from the ugliest man in the world, Uganda’s Goddfrey Baguma, 47 years old, who is a happy and most handsome husband to his second wife, Kate Namanda, 30 years old. Yes, you read it right, he is happily married to his second wife and now a proud […]

World’s heaviest man

The following is a list of the top-10 heaviest people on the planet ;(All the weights refer to the documented weights. ) 1. Jon Brower Minnoch was a man who was born in the United States. He was born in 1941 and died in 1983. At the peak of his weight, he was recognized as the heaviest man on the planet. He had a weight of about 1400 lb (640 kilograms). However, this figure was not very accurate because of his poor health and lack of […]

World’s fattest man

The worst thing you can ever do to a person is call them fat. Have you been called fat or thin? Yes am fat and I know it but just use polite words like plus size, it does not cost a dime. In health, weight and size forums; we are just a product of what we eat, is a phrase that never passes unmentioned. Is this always the case? Well most of the time it is but other factors like genres also have a role […]

It is undeniable that it is the desire of most men if not all to be physically strong enough to stand out in the midst of others. The yearning to be physically strong is closely intertwined with the desire to be big in terms of size and height. This desire is primal and is evinced not only in human beings but also in other creatures such as apes. It is the same desire that drives male apes of average size to puff up their chests […]

world’s smallest man

Have you ever wondered who is the world’s smallest man? The answer is Chandra Bahadur Dangi. This man was born on 30th November 1939. This amazing man was tall only 1 ft 9.5 (54.6 cm) and weighted only 32 lbs (15 kg)! He was born in Nepal and it looks like his height was in his genes. He had five brothers and three of them were less than four feet tall (1.2 m), while his other two brothers and two sister were of average height. […]

world’s shortest man

We were all created different and unique from any other creatures in the universe. In our physical descriptions, we are slim, fat, short, tall, dark or light skin. All this happens for a reason this making the beauty of life; that we do not maintain similar height. Here is a list of the world’s shortest men and it includes people who are claimed, described or thought to be short in terms of height and their life as adults. Though many people across the globe consider […]

world’s richest man

Many people often have no idea on the world’s richest man especially when looking for the factual information on their net worth. Here is the top 10 world’s richest man as per the net worth: 1. Bill Gates Bill Gates is the world’s richest man with an estimated net worth of $79.2 B. He is only 59 at the same time has majorly invested in Microsoft. He comes from United States making it one of the most influential people in the world. Due to its […]

world’s oldest man

It is indeed a great achievement to have lived long enough to witness three centuries. Believe it or not but there are oldest men in the world who have seen it all from world wars to space race and to the computer world they have lived through decades! What is even more surprising is that during those times in the 1800s life expectancy of human beings was only 60 when these people were born. Here are mini-biographies of 5 extraordinary men on Earth, all born […]

5 World’s Ugliest People Today: The definition of being ugly may be different with respect to people’s opinions. However, ugly people can really look at themselves in the mirror and make a confirmation. The list in this article will reveal some people who are considered being ugly in today’s context. Is your quest for the world’s ugliest people? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover the great list of ugly people living in the world today. Michael Berryman: From research […]

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