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Leading men in the world have always been history makers. The place of the World’s men population and their contribution to society is sublime. A systematic look at each of the World’s records show that men have entrenched their place in every sector of human existence. Most people would argue that the times are changing and things no longer stand as they were. However, it is interesting to take a cue from some of the things that have created the benchmark in all we do. Men still have a prime place from whichever context we choose to look at life.

There is a debate in the whole world on who is the current world’s strongest child, this has been attributed to the many children that are coming up each day to prove to the world that they are the world’s strongest child. Most of the parents have allowed their children to enroll to the fitness classes and gyms where they are advised by their instructors on what to eat and do so that they can be strong. There are several children that would be termed […]

world’s scariest man

Who is the world’s scariest man ever? Throughout history there have been many vile, evil men who have committed heinous crimes and murdered numerous victims. Most people first think of Adolf Hitler, but as evil and despicable as he was, he never actually killed anyone directly other than himself and his wife, Eva Braun, in a joint suicide. For some time there was speculation that he may have also been responsible for the death of his niece, Geli Raubal, but he had an alibi. At […]

When you think about a contortionist, you typically envision a woman bending herself into various shapes and uncomfortable and slightly painful looking positions. Very few people really think about the men that can contort themselves in complicated ways. While it looks painful, these men have trained their bodies for the ultimate flexibility, as well as strength. Here are the top 5 most flexible men, including the world’s most flexible man according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Daniel Browning Smith- Daniel Browning Smith currently […]

world’s biggest nose

The Longest nose on a living person measures 8.8 cm (3.46 in) long from the bridge to the tip and belongs to Mehmet Ozyurek (Turkey). It was measured on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 18 March 2010.The man is now in the Guinness book of records as the man with the longest nose on earth. However the record keeps on changing as new people are born everyday and soon there will emerge another person with longest nose.Although it seems […]

The world’s biggest body builder of all time is Mr. Ronnie Coleman also known as the beast due to his body size and structure. He was born in Louisiana and went to Grambling State University where he played college football. Although he aspired to be a professional accountant, he later moved to Texas where he joined the Texas police force. Ronnie Coleman signed in a nearby gym in Texas in the year 1990 after a work mate invited him. Coleman took part in his first […]

Football is the most followed sports game and soccer players are also the world famous. Over the years, we have enjoyed great entertainment from the highly talented soccer players. If you are a football fan, you will definitely enjoy reading. This article focuses on the top 5 soccer players based on their achievements, general performance, talent, skills, consistency and their general influence on every game. 1. Lionel Messi {Argentina and Barcelona) Magical performer, talented footballer and has been referred to be a god of football […]

world’s best fighter

You know, it is amazing how the world is developing in regard to extreme sports. Fighting Sports has been there since time in memorial; however, it has not been interesting as well as sophisticated as it is at the moment. To tell you the truth, all has changed for the best! In the contemporary society, lots of people stay awake all night just to watch the top cream fighters across the globe take to stage to entertain them. It is clear that everyone who stays […]

There’s been a lot of buzz around men that are good looking, but have you ever really thought about who was the sexiest out all those men in society’s eyes? Well this is the perfect place for you. You’ll find out how these men rank on the sexy scale and then which men you want to hang on your wall afterwards. So let’s dive in! Number Ten – Pharrell Williams This 42 year-old musician has been making jaws drop in the public by looking great […]

Strength is a highly values attribute, especially in men. Both physical and emotional strength is important, but when it comes to first impressions that are made on others, being and looking strong can go a long way at impressing someone else. It’s usually as a young adult that we begin to care about how our body looks and what it can do. Many work out with enthusiasm. They join gyms and lift weights. There are some, however, who start early in life and are able […]

World’s powerful man

Power is such a broad word when used in the context of social and political dimension. It is simply having control over something. In this case we are considering how much control these people have over people and financial resources. Also, what good is all this power if you canТt use it? It is no good. So we consider the use of this power by these people. So, weТre all wondering who these top five most power people on earth are. ArenТt we? Let us […]

World’s largest cock

A little man talk would do before I jump into writing the following article. Every man would surely brag to his fellow mates barely for the fact that he has a large cock. It is fulfilling to have a really huge dick. Girls have rumored around to also have a great affiliation towards guys with large cocks. The world’s largest cock to have appeared in the top records in the world belonged to a man known as Jonah Cardeli Falcon. Falcon who hails from Brooklyn […]

World’s poorest man

You will be left wondering how this man has survived 90 years of his life. If you travel the north of Kenya, a vast land with no vegetation, no water sources noticeable by any visitor apart from this man. In a remote village in Turkana District in Kenya,a neighborhood with no healthcare, schools, roads, or simply with nothing; Kariokine Koree has twenty two children among his three wives. Twenty children survives by now while the two late sons succumbed to hunger in 1996. Only one […]

World’s biggest head

The account of few individuals experiencing overgrowth in their body making them look clearly unearthly and odd seems to be a rare case. One Pakistani man, Sain Mumtaz, experiences this uncommon issue called Proteus Syndrome. Individuals in his area call him Giant, some severely dislike him and some think he is close to God and pay him to bring their petition to God for them. He needs to get treated of this disorder to win back the love of his life that left him. Sain […]

World’s Most Muscular Man Big have always been admired. Even in ancient times they had legends of super strong demigods such Hercules whose tales entertained generations? Today, we have our own legends. The likes of Superman or the incredible hulk. Children love these stories. Some adults may not admit it that they love the stories. However, super strong men or very muscular do exist. These are not limited to those that feature in pro wrestling, but we are talking about super muscular men that who […]

world’s biggest man

WORLD’S BIGGEST MEN LIVING The human being is sometimes described through their body weights and sizes. It’s an amazing thing to find people with different heights, some have bigger bodies than others and some are born with their body parts not functioning well. All this is considered normal and no questions ask because it has been there for many generations. But what most people don’t know is that there are some people with extraordinary bodies ever imagine. These people are very few around the whole […]

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