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Leading men in the world have always been history makers. The place of the World’s men population and their contribution to society is sublime. A systematic look at each of the World’s records show that men have entrenched their place in every sector of human existence. Most people would argue that the times are changing and things no longer stand as they were. However, it is interesting to take a cue from some of the things that have created the benchmark in all we do. Men still have a prime place from whichever context we choose to look at life.

World’s coolest man

Dear Friends as everybody is saying he is world’s cooled man but its every from person to person thoughts. As per my thinking Mohandas karamchand Gandhi ( M.K.Gandhi or Bapu) is world’s coolest man. What is world’s coolest man who did many thing without any benefits or do work for others. he born in Gujarat in merchant family on second October 1869.when he was gone to south Africa for study that time he faced problem in train because he is black color and many other […]

He is the first Black-American president of the United States of America. His family is the first Black family to live in the White House. To many, this will only remain to be a dream that we wish will one day come true. Barack Obama is one of the most famous men in the world. From young to old, white or black, rich or poor, everyone has heard of him. Children have been named after him with a parent’s hope that they will grow to […]

World’s best man

The world’s best man. Does such a thing even exist ? Ask a woman and she will definitely say no. But let’s dig deep.Perfection is something we all strive for and look for in others. There are many qualities we admire and we are constantly to drawn to people who possess them. The best man is a mixture of many qualities. Each person has their own opinion on perfection. Here are some qualities that a best man should possess, that most of can agree upon.1. […]

When thinking of powerful weapons most people go through thoughts of bombs and powerful guns. I seem to think differently because if you take a look around you will realize that there are far more greater things that can be used as weapons other than those things that were made for destruction. The most powerful weapon is actually a woman. We all have seen the power a woman has over a man. A woman can drive the sanest man crazy. Come on guys, you all […]

world’s luckiest man

We all wants to be lucky in our lives and we do need a good luck for every task that we perform.But it is not necessary that we all do have a same luck and will definitely achieve success in the task that we perform.We do require hard work to become lucky at times but it is not applicable for all of us, some people do get lucky without any hardwork or we can say they are born with charming or great luck.Every person wants […]

Everyone says that women are the pretty humans, not men. Female sex should be beautiful, elegant, a person that everyone wants to look at. It’s expected from ‘the pretty sex’ that it should take care of itself. Make-up, clothes, appearance – that’s all very important for women. However it doesn’t always mean that we can’t find really handsome men with beautiful faces everyone would like to have. They do like to take care of themselves which leaves them with even better and prettier appearance. That’s […]

world’s first man

Hello everyone. Let’s get straight to the point. Below are my top ten men the earth has ever produced. These are just my opinions. I am extremely sorry if you are hurt by some of the words. 1. Adam : World’s first man to set foot on earth. World’s first ever man to have sex and reach orgasm with Eve. Believed by the Abrahamic religions to be the first ever man, those are some special feats and we should be ever grateful for Adam for […]

world’s fastest rap

When it comes to rap and hip-hop, there are rap artists that can really spit on the Mic. You might know of one, who can really drop countless syllables within a few seconds, such that you can’t get a word they are saying without requiring a highly sophisticated computerized transcriber to tell for sure. In fact you might be one of them if you are reading this! However, when it comes to documented facts about the world’s fastest rap artists, we have a good number […]

With a vast number of players, different players during attack and defending, some re faster than the other but today many players have proven to be fastest with the ball. When asked about who is the fastest players in the world, many will argue that Theo Walcot,Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale are the fastest players. Now if you can guess who is the fastest player in the world of football? This can be answered according to the speed clocked by the players during […]

Gareth Bale is the world’s most expensive football player. He was born on July 16th 1989 in Cardiff, Wales. He is a Welsh international and plays his career football for a club known as Real Madrid in Spain and the Wales national football team. He plays as a winger and he is well-known for his pace and his ability to take free-kicks. He has jersey number eleven. He has outstanding physical qualities that a player should have as well as tremendous ball crossing ability. In […]

Here’s a wonderful and wacky list of the world’s top five biggest tongues: Number five goes to 18-year-old Adrianne Lewis, whose tongue is said to measure in at about 10cm. Despite Guinness World Records rejecting her several times, she is still as confident as ever that she has the worlds longest tongue and has created her very own YouTube channel to show off her tricks to the world; she is able to be able to lick her nose, chin, eye, and ELBOW. Her tongue gained […]

How long does it take for you nails to have world’s biggest fingernails? Well, you wouldn’t know unless you knew juts how are leading in that arena, and just how long their nails are. Earning the record for the world’s biggest nail seems quite forward and easy. Decide whether which of your limbs should take the burden, and sit on your comfortable coach weighting for nature to do its part. But, weight until you hear from Shridar Chillal, an Indian who earned the Guinness World […]

world’s biggest legs

The world is a complex phenomenon, and so are people. Every aspects of an individual is unique, not to mention that nature endowed each and every one of us with peculiarity who dynamics is beyond the human comprehensions. Well, if your legs do not speak for you, most of know the basic doctrine of genetic makeup and fingerprints. Talking of legs, recent findings have it that the world’s biggest legs category of the Guinness Book of Records is getting more fans. People all around the […]

world’s best daddy

World’s best daddy Since time immemorial relationships have always been a source of living and bonding. Among all other relationships dad, daddy, papa or father is looked upon with lots of seriousness and affection. Being a dad and to father and raise kids is challenging but one of the most satisfying and eternal job and relation as well. Daddy or a father is always looked upon as a role model for any gender be it a boy or a girl, as he is closely followed […]

There has always been a competition for who the most Richest man in the World is. Some people believe that Vladimir Putin is the richest man therefore giving him the title “Putin World’s Richest Man”. However there are some minorities that completely go against the title “Putin World’s Richest Man”. In order to clarify the differences that who is the Richest man or woman in the world, we have top 10 Richest People in the world. After this it would be clarified that does Vladimir […]

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