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Who is the world’s greatest humor merchant in your estimation? This single question can make you start juggling so many facts to arrive at an appropriate answer. However, there is so much humor in that question that you only need to flip the pages to find your answers. The World’s greatest names charge us to keep our minds open and what better way to do it than with humor. We cannot equate the gains that humor can give without paying attention to some of these listed details. Let us have fun and laughter as we explore the world’s brightest offerings.

  Humor is a subjective term. Everyone has their opinion on what is considered funny and what not. However, this list consists of the undeniable comedy geniuses who can make anyone laugh! 10. David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt Leblanc One of the most underrated comedy trio in televison history, these three best friends became insanely popular due to the success of the hit TV show “Friends” which first aired in 1994. The sarcastic tone of Chandler, the goofy, playboy character of Joey or Ross […]

Our favorite TV shows are our favorites for a very good reason, but nothing is ever better than those episodes where two of your favorites fuse together to create a master crossover. So what is the world’s best crossover on TV? It’s difficult to say but this is a personal list of top 5 (in no particular order.) 1. “The Springfield Files” – The Simpsons. This episode sees Mulder and Scully from hit 90’s show The X-Files team up with Flomer Simpson to investigate a […]

Can allow someone to call you a donkey? Then in this world’s funniest game, you will! Someone will ask, what is this “be my donkey?” Well, I’ll tell tell you that it is the world’s funniest game to be. this is a game where ateast two parties throw stones trying hit them that u may be carried around by the one whose stone has been hit. So what makes this game the title “world’s funniest game? the fun part comes in when the two try […]

World’s best riddle

TOP 5 WORLD’S BEST RIDDLES A riddle is a statement, a question or a phrase that describes something in a difficult and confusing way. They always have difficult or funny answers. Riddles have many functions in society. They are used as games by children. In this sense, they introduce children to intellectual humor. This helps them to relax their brain and body while at the same time help to Kill boredom. Boredom is one of the largest problems that children encounter in their education today. […]

The smallest cat in the world according to Guinness book of records is kitty. Stroll into numerous high road stores, and you will see a well known face, shes little (about the tallness of three apples, as indicated by her inventors), somewhat plump (in spite of the fact that she just measures five apples), has a red bow to her left side ear, and often wears somewhat red dress. Will you think about who it could be? That’s right, its Hello Kitty, and to the […]

Can you say ‘Black sheep mom says, white sheep dad says’, continuously 3-4 times? No? Relax, there is no problem with your speech, neither it is some disorder. Actually it is one of the hardest tongue twisters in the world, according to the Indian Institute of Technology researchers. It may not make much sense grammatically but the phrase “Black sheep mom says, white sheep dad says” has completely defeated all the volunteers who took part in a U.S. speech study. When told to repeat the […]

There were three men , a mathematician, a philosopher and an idiot, who dispite of their differences were good friends and lived in the same neighbourhood. One day the three gentlemen agreed to go out for a ride in town in one of the latest model that the philosopher had bought, just to show off to his friends on his silverish car. As they were riding to the town, the car got an accident and crashed in a bridge and before they knew it they […]

Some guys will never show their teeth on any gag. Let’s take a bet; if you won’t show your teeth on this, then you probably have none on your gums. This has been rated the world’s funniest joke. As you can guess, (and your guess must be right compared to mine as you are not on a few glasses of wine) the joke left me sprawled on the carpet nursing a real rib ache after the laughter. To start with, we all like babies. Well […]

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