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The World’s history has been shaken to its fabrics based on recent events that has changed the way we live. It is instructive to note that we cannot mitigate the flow of history simply by ignoring the antecedents that are commonplace. History holds the ace for the future we believe and work for. It is on this note that we capture the essence of important historical facts that would WOW you. The World’s history is captured in a way that would help you keep tabs with the events around you. Each of the listing is perfectly suited to satisfy you.

We present you ten tallest monuments in the world. According to them, in the history people were obsessed with deities and politics. Most of the top ten monuments are deities. In the top ten statues are Buddha in various poses. Surprisingly, there are just one Catholic monument, and it isn’t most famous. Everyone probably thinks about Jesus over Rio de Janeiro, but it is not. It is his 28 years younger clone at the entrance to Lisbon. Also surprisingly, in these deities are two Greek. […]

Numismatics is the name given to collection of currency which includes paper and coin currency besides tokens and paper money. Coin collection is a big part of numismatics and has even led to the misconception that it is only about collecting coins among many. Regardless of that, coin collection is one of the most popular hobbies around and is quite exciting as well with price of rare and old coins touching millions. Many such coins are rarely even seen by anyone except the elite collectors […]

world’s biggest book

The world’s biggest book is found in Kuthodaw pagoda, Myanmar. However, the book is on display in Sinpetri, Hungary by a watermill at the Aggtelek National Park. Its measurement and pages aren’t quite accurate but they are roughly 1460 pages each 108 centimeters wide, 153 centimeters tall and 13centimeters thick. Its also made with five pairs of hinges cut t by a company with laser. Each stone tablet is in a tomb like structure that is of a casket type and are arranged among a […]

Screams From The Woods

Top 5 Tiniest Books Found In the World Who doesn’t love a good book but what if your favorite book were written in the tiniest text known to man? Would you still read it? Some folks already have trouble reading normal size text much less text that requires a microscope. Let’s see what some of the smallest and tiniest books available are. 1. “Teeny Ted Turnip Town” Despite the original title being such a large title, this title belongs to probably one of the most […]

This world is full of creepy and scary things, but what would you consider to be the creepiest? Let alone what would you say the scariest thing that goes bump in the night is. This is a list of the top five scariest stories also known as creepypasta tales. 5. Toast; Running late a young boy rushes around his messy room remembering his father had left him and his mother alone. The boy is angry, yet sadden finding out his father just didn’t want to […]

When it comes to the World’s Most Expensive Book you will find impressive that the Bay Psalm Book was sold for 14 and half million dollars in 2013; if you think that is a high price to pay for a book then you will be even more impressed when you find out that St. Cuthbert Gospel was sold for $15.1 million. The Magna Carta was sold for 24.5 million in 2007; the second finalist is The Gospels of Henry the Lion Order of St. Benedict […]

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