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Current dispositions towards the world’s cultural orientation has been changing. The emerging forces in the world has made it quite interesting to study and understand different cultures. You do not need to be a geek to have a good grasp of the mix of cultures that are shaping the world. When the world’s story is told, it is ideal to note the cultural coloration that serve as markers to each phase of our existence. The new ways of living are adding to the cultures that we have embraced. It is pertinent not to be left as we fit into the culture prevalent in our world.

Below we present to you a list of the five greatest movies of all time. Whether you want to re-watch some classic flicks or discover some films that are highly regarded but you may have never heard of, this is the definitive list is for you. Below we present to you this world’s best movies list. So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the article. 1. The Usual Suspects: Kevin Spacey stars as the brilliant and mysterious mob boss Roger Kint, aka Kayser Soze […]

world’s best dance

The concept of dance is in everyone, be it if you’re a newborn or an elderly in a wheelchair. But let’s face it, some of us (or maybe a lot of us) aren’t dancing prodigies and usually end up looking like we’ve got two left feet. Thankfully, over the years, several dance moves were created so that those who can’t dance can atleast pull out one of those moves to trick everyone into thinking that they can. Here’s my secret stash of the top 10 […]

world’s best cartoon

Like many people of my millennial generation, we grew up on South Park. A brilliant cartoon created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. A show about four corrupted young kids living in a small Colorado town. The show had the aesthetic of an innocent child’s cartoon, which may be why so may kids where able to watch it. Parents walking into the room maybe had no idea of the dark twisted humor that came out of every characters mouth. Because we where kids growing up […]

world’s best anime

The Anime “Code Geass: LeLouch of the Rebellion” is in the top of my list. Unlike the famous anime from its genre “Death Note” its not about how the main character falls in the hands of evil because of power but is about how the main character Lelouch Lamperouge sees through the difficulties and the evil he faced despite his ultimate power to make anyone obey his orders. In this anime, Lelouch and his younger sister, Nunnaly Lamperouge suffer an assassination attempt but somehow are […]

world’s best book

Where do we begin in making a top 5 list of the world’s best books? This is a difficult task, given that tastes in literature will differ between readers. The books chosen below are all very well known titles, but each of the authors made a huge contribution to the fictional world that we take for granted. These books all come from a particular era, but the authors ventured into brave new territory and had to face harsh critique at the time of publication. Some […]

Screams From The Woods

Top 5 Tiniest Books Found In the World Who doesn’t love a good book but what if your favorite book were written in the tiniest text known to man? Would you still read it? Some folks already have trouble reading normal size text much less text that requires a microscope. Let’s see what some of the smallest and tiniest books available are. 1. “Teeny Ted Turnip Town” Despite the original title being such a large title, this title belongs to probably one of the most […]

1. Tale of Two Sisters (Korea) This is a Korean movie that came out in 2003. This movie has it all, great plot, and a scary atmosphere. The plot is a little complex at times because of the multiple story lines. The movie toys with the viewer and makes you wonder if there is a ghost or if it’s all in the main characters head. A Tale of Two Sister does not disappoint with its great ending. The movie also has one of the most […]

You might have heard that English is spoken everywhere, that everyone understands English, etc. That is not quite true. English is certainly widely spoken, mostly in companies, because of its economic influence, but there are many other languages that people are choosing to learn, too, because of many other reasons. 5) Spanish. Spanish is a beautiful romance language that was brought into Latin America by Spaniards back in 1492. Today, many Latinos are moving to the United States and since the numbers have been growing […]

world’s best movie

With the history of film industry dating back more than a century ago, it is very difficult to shortlist world’s best movie among the millions made and stored in the treasure trove of the silver screen art. Here is the list of the top 5 movies that stole the hearts of people and catapulted them in the kingdom of everlasting stardom. 1) The Shawshank Redemption (1994): Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman star in the undoubtedly best movie of the world ever, as two prison inmates […]

Our planet is filled with culinary experiences that would bring even the pickiest eaters to their knees. Here is a top 5 list of the world’s tastiest food: 1. Japanese Sushi Whether you like it raw or cooked, vegetarian or meat-filled, the complex flavors to be found in Japanese sushi are enough to make any culinary enthusiast fall head-over-heels in love. The variety is endless. Nowadays, sushi is made with almost anything. Cultures collide in creative chef’s interpretations of the traditional Japanese dish. There’s Mexican […]

world’s weirdest

Our world is defined by different cultures. Despite modernization, different cultures have maintained some of their traditions for the purpose of preservation. Some of these are plain weird which brings us to some of the weirdest cultures and traditions in the world. The world’s weirdest cultures go a long way to not only show diversity but the lengths people will go to safeguard their beliefs. FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION This may be one of the riskiest traditions commonly practiced in Kenya. Some communities in Kenya including […]

The Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Time With Halloween quickly approaching many people are looking to give themselves a good scare. Hollywood and certainly delivered some terrifying films over the years but there are a few that stand out from the others as being among the most frightful and eerie. From zombie flicks, to serial killers to psychological thrillers, there are so many movies out there to scare the pants off of you. Here is a list of the top 10 most scare worthy […]

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