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Current dispositions towards the world’s cultural orientation has been changing. The emerging forces in the world has made it quite interesting to study and understand different cultures. You do not need to be a geek to have a good grasp of the mix of cultures that are shaping the world. When the world’s story is told, it is ideal to note the cultural coloration that serve as markers to each phase of our existence. The new ways of living are adding to the cultures that we have embraced. It is pertinent not to be left as we fit into the culture prevalent in our world.

If you have successfully ignored any accusations of being a modern-day ‘snob’ and the ridiculous assumption that any interest in the world’s most beautiful drawings is entirely an aristocratic affair, allow me to indulge your epicurean appetite…in 8 minutes. It is hard enough to properly appreciate all the great works of draftsmanship, let alone coming up with a top 5 list of the world’s most beautiful drawings. The artistic eyes see differently, and so do the consumers of art. Here are (arguably) 5 of the […]

Some pictures are so powerful that they say more than words ever could. Some even manage to evoke feelings of horror from the viewers. The following is a list of the five scariest photos of all time. 5) James Bulger’s Kidnapping   James Bulger was a two-year-old from Liverpool, England who was abducted and murdered by two ten-year-old boys named Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. Thompson and Venables had been skipping school earlier that day and came across the toddler, who had wandered away from […]

When you have a costume party coming up, you want to get it right. Some of us are even willing to lay down a good amount of cash. So for those of you who have a well-padded wallet, this is for you: the world’s most expensive costume 10: The Human Slinky $1 millionThe Human Slinky by Veniamin Shows. If it was a childhood dream of yours to fall down the stars like your $3 slinky, now is your chance! Just be careful because the Human […]

When we were asked to compile a list of the world’s most popular books, we trembled in our boots. How could we condense it down to just five? But, of course, we accepted the challenge. This is what we came up with. After much debate, we were able to decide on a couple of great picks. People, may we present to you, a list of the top five of the world’s most popular books. 1.First up on our list of the world’s most popular books […]

A good laugh is always good for the soul, there are a lot of funny videos in the internet to choose from in various sites including you tube and Facebook. From randomly occurring home videos to staged and scripted clips, some of the world’s funniest videos get the coveted a million plus views while others are gathering cobwebs from lack of interest. Making a viral video is more of a science with the perfect recipe you are guaranteed success. To make a randomly occurring funny […]

The internet has really mad the world this one big huge community filled with crazy and funny people who will definitely make your day. And most of the time people will use the internet for all the wrong reasons especially when they are drunk. These moments have made for the world’s funniest pictures in the internet. But most of these pictures are of animals doing crazy things that we all never imagined they would pull off. Access to such pictures has been made possible by […]

Kiswahili is the most beautiful language in the world. Swahili passes as the most beautiful language in the world! ‘Swa’ comes from the term Ziwa, meaning Ocean” for speakers of this language come from the coast-line of the Indian Ocean. Today this beautiful language is spoken in many countries including China and Germany. English language has borrowed heavily from this language, due to its beauty. Words like Jembe, Ugali, Jambo have there origin in Kiswahili. May be the ability of Kiswahili to borrow from other […]

Music is medicine to the soul,joy to the heart and a reliever to the can caress you and take away your troubles and pains even just for a is not just made up of beats but also of words that describe emotions.To some,music is not just a song,to them,music is life.AII these are descriptions of the effect of music whereby music is comprised of songs.However,which is the world’s most popular song? Famously known as the happy birthday is considered to be the […]

There are a lot of funny movies out there for people to enjoy. Some of the world’s funniest movies are hilarious and will leave you laughing throughout the movies. This top 10 list is in no particular order because all of these movies are funny. Are any of these movies the world’s funniest movies to you? 10 Clue (1985) Clue is a murder mystery based on the popular board game of the same title. This is about six people invited to a mansion for a […]

world’s fastest rap

When it comes to rap and hip-hop, there are rap artists that can really spit on the Mic. You might know of one, who can really drop countless syllables within a few seconds, such that you can’t get a word they are saying without requiring a highly sophisticated computerized transcriber to tell for sure. In fact you might be one of them if you are reading this! However, when it comes to documented facts about the world’s fastest rap artists, we have a good number […]

If you are wondering what new language you might enjoy learning, but you want to steer clear of languages that are difficult to learn, French might be the right choice. The French language has so much in common with English that any native English speaker should pick it up with ease. Also, if English is not your native tongue and you we able to learn it (bravo), it at least gives you an edge on learning French, as it is well known that much of […]

world’s best songs

Now, you may think who am I to tell you what the world’s best songs are. Well,you are right to question me. I am your typical college Freshman girl so beware. No, I will not throw any Justin Bieber at you, but brace yourself for my opinions on what the world’s best songs are. I’ll start off with my current favorite, “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader. Now, why is this the world’s fifth best song? It begins with a peppy little tune that makes […]

When traveling to a new country or city for a vacation, Museums are some of the fascinating sites you should visit, and these should be priority in your to do list of activities if you at all love history. Visiting museums is not only educative, but it is also fascinating and fan to view arts, culture and human history. This being the case, here are the World’s Biggest Museums perhaps you never knew about. 1. England’s The British Museum Located in London’s Bloomsbury area The […]

world’s best place

By owning this area, you could have whole lots of enjoyment. If you desire to cash in your time, then no other area is far better compared to Disney globe trip spot. If you are still waiting, merely take advice of your friends and review what they will certainly inform you. Since they review it as the ideal area for satisfaction, there are thousands of family members that enjoy Disney globe to be their spot of getaway. Each year this place is an active hub […]

world’s best music

The debate around world’s best music is a never-ending due to heterogeneity of societies in the world today. Music is as old as history of man. Archeologists have in their numerous researches discovered musical tools used by the early man. Globalization has enabled music to transcend boundaries as has technological advances where traditional musical instruments have undergone improvements and more sophistry seen in recording in some cases dead artistes ‘brought into life’ through renditions with living artistes. In the 20th going into 21st century, music […]

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