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Every of the World’s citizens would be quick to tell you what makes their country tick. The countries of the world stand at a place in history where we all celebrate our comparative advantage. With hundreds of countries in the various continents, each one gives us something to cheer. The diverse opportunities, challenges and ideals that make these countries what they are is seen in this list. You can call the shots by categorizing each of the countries based on your areas of interest. The fun and facts in this list remains unmatched.

World’s best country

The Earth – a 4.5 billion years old spherical bowl of life hangs fourth in the solar system. Well, everybody knows that! Everybody also knows that what was once a cloud of dust now is home to approximately 7 billion people nested in 7 continents. But, which is the best among the 196 countries in the world? This is perhaps the question which integrates subjectivity and objectivity in its realm. And, this integration overwhelms. Even the definition of an world’s best country’ is different for […]

The world has entered a restless place, a place where planes are shot down and countries are invaded. In times like this, the protector of a country and its people, is represented by its army. However, not all countries in the world have a strong military equipment and service. Thus, not all of them can be highly ranked among the best armies in the world. However, they can ask for help if needed, from the best. The top five countries in the world with the […]

According to the 2015 United Nations Human Population report, the world population is at 7.2 billion and is expected to grow to above 9.6 billion by 2050. The rapid population growth is expected mainly in the least developed countries with low per capita income. The sub- Saharan Africa is expected to have the largest rise in inhabitants with countries like DRC, Kenya, and Nigeria, still having women giving birth to over five children in their families compared to at least two in the developed Countries. […]

GREENLAND Greenland an enormous island and a self-governing state is situated between the Artie and the North Atlantic oceans. It has an 80% ice covering with the majority of its sparsely population living along the coast. which is ice-free. The locals (Uummannaq) enjoy constant daylight two months yearly. The Eskimo (Inuit) people are dependent on hunting and fishing to survive whilst facing harsh social issues like unemployment, HIV/Aids and alcoholism. Environmental research studies have indicated that global warming is melting Greenland really fast and will […]

The World’s Biggest Country If we were to measure the size of a country based on landmass, the following 10 countries would make the list: Country Square Miles Russia 6,592,735 Canada 3,855,081 United States 3,718,691 China 3,705,386 Brazil 3,286,470 Australia 2,967,893 India 1,269,338 Argentina 1,068,296 Kazakhstan 1,049,150 Sudan 967,493 Russia might be bigger in terms of land mass but the important thing to condider with land is hat id being done with that land.   The World’s Biggest Countries The United States of America have […]

The world is made up of a landmass and water bodies, and it is divided into continents and the continents contain countries. The countries vary in sizes, shapes, and inhabitants. There are some countries that cover a huge land mass, and some cover a very small area. Here is a list of at least five of the smallest countries on the earth. • Vatican The Vatican City is the world’s smallest country. The country is so small such that at times it is compared to […]

When discussing on as to which is the world’s richest country , to draw an a robust conclusion on the topic is usually a tough task as there are lots of many factors to be put in and these may vary from one region to another. Over the past time different economic models have been developed so as to favorably rank regions based on their economic perspectives. Some economists will prefer using the per capita model the GDP-based model or by just taking into consideration […]

By and large, there are two standard routines for measuring the abundance of nations and how rich or poor its occupants are. The measure frequently utilized is Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which speaks to the extent of a nation’s economy. A refinement of this is per-capita GDP, which is a measure of the normal welfare and riches, or destitution, of inhabitants of a nation. Be that as it may, GDP and per-capita GDP are less valuable when looking at economies crosswise over national limits – […]

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