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Every of the World’s citizens would be quick to tell you what makes their country tick. The countries of the world stand at a place in history where we all celebrate our comparative advantage. With hundreds of countries in the various continents, each one gives us something to cheer. The diverse opportunities, challenges and ideals that make these countries what they are is seen in this list. You can call the shots by categorizing each of the countries based on your areas of interest. The fun and facts in this list remains unmatched.

To list the world’s most interesting places, I first had to figure out what interests me. While researching, I found myself drawn to uniquely odd places. I found way too many to include and narrowing the list was a chore in itself. Roopkund is a glacial lake located in the Uttarakhand state of India. It is also known as Mystery Lake because of what is found in the lake. During one month after the snow thaws, there are hundreds of skeletons visible in the crystal […]

The world’s population has been on a continuous rise thanks to the alarming and tremendous birth rates especially in third world countries coupled with improved maternal care that has reduced the mortality rate of infants even in the poorest countries. According to United Nations statistics, the world’s population stood at over 7 billion people as of June 2015. Of these, china has an estimated over 1 billion people making it the world’s populous nation followed by India and the United States of America. China is […]

World’s oldest town

Do you want to experience something special and magical? If you are interested in history and you love to travel, you should definitely visit these cities. 1. Faiyum Faiyum, a town in northern Egypt. The first, original name of this town was Crocodilopolis. It was the main place where they would worship the god of crocodile – Sobek. This 4000 years old town is the oldest city in Egypt. There are still visible ruins of temples and pyramids. The south temple dedicated to the god […]

If we look at the globe, we will see there seven continents of land spread over the flat Earth, the continent of Australia and the continent of Asia, Africa, Europe and North America and South America continent and the continent of Antarctica and the Arctic. And as a result of wars, conflicts and political divisions, every continent includes a number of states, and each state located on a particular flat from the continent, and includes a number of the population and the population is different […]

Top Five Coldest Countries in the World. Extreme cold conditions might be as a result of harsh winter conditions, high elevations of land in relations to the sea or the positioning of a country on the global map. Most of the coldest countries are often countries that are located near the North and South Poles. Due to the sun movement north and south of the equator as the year progresses, some countries on Earth hardly sees any sun for many month. This often leads to […]

There are so many different countries in the world with different cultures,languages,climate and the type of people. Every country is unique in its own way. Some are rich while others are poor, some are hot while others are cold , some are strictly religious while others are liberal. Now among all these diversities, to judge the world’s most developed country is not an easy task. The overall development of the country depends on many factors such as Gross Domestic Product(GDP), per capita income of the […]

According to the ranking published in a Credit Issue report on globalization,The US is the world’s undisputed leader in the terms of military strength. Russia ranks second, just a bit ahead of China. Japan and India comes in the top five whereas Canada ranks 20. The report analysis said that it reveals the military is superior of the United States in convention of war capabilities as compared to its close rivalries. Its has a fleet of 13,900 aircraft, 910 attack helicopters, 20 aircraft carriers and […]

What are the world’s most beautiful paintings? Although there isn’t any one work of art the could be considered the ‘world’s greatest’, there are a few that artists throughout the years have looks towards for inspiration. The following is a collection of wonderful, inspirational art, that still holds their value through all these years. 5: Self-Portrait with Thorn Neckless (1940)// Frida Kahlo “I paint myself because I am so often alone, and because I am the subject I know best.”-Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo, a Mexican […]

If you are wondering what new language you might enjoy learning, but you want to steer clear of languages that are difficult to learn, French might be the right choice. The French language has so much in common with English that any native English speaker should pick it up with ease. Also, if English is not your native tongue and you we able to learn it (bravo), it at least gives you an edge on learning French, as it is well known that much of […]

Inflation is a global phenomenon that affects us all. The rise of inflation in the last few decades has been immense and it has no doubt affected every corner of the globe. The costs of living in any country are calculated with immense research and a few countries that have managed to top the lists of the world’s most expensive country consistently. Let us look at the top 5 in this list. 5. Denmark: Denmark like many Western European countries is an expensive place to […]

An army is an extremely significant resource in every country. While we are peacefully sleeping at night, the defense forces, diligently, ensure that external threats don’t penetrate into our countries. After the Second World War, nations sought to strengthen their armies to protect themselves against any uncertainties. The million dollar question remains- which is the world’s most powerful army? Get to know the top 5 countries with the most powerful armies in the world, and what makes them more superior than others. The U.S Well, […]

While it is difficult to grasp, it is true that some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world are also the world’s hottest country. The top 10 list of the world’s hottest countries will definitely take you by surprise. These beautiful countries have plenty of reasons to draw you in, but will you suffer through your entire trip? Oman Oman is one of the most beautiful locations in the Arab State. It is also known to be one of the world’s hottest countries. […]

The most beautiful country in the world is Italy.with its being strategically located in Europe and its being the centre for catholic religion,it’s no doubt the most beautiful country in the world.Italy has 20 regions out of which five are autonomous which include;Friuli-Venezia Giulia,Aesta valley,Trentino-Alto Adige,Sicily and has a land which covers at least 294,020 square kilometres with a population of 62 million as of 2011. One of italy’s astonishing and amazing features is its mountainous region (valle d’Aosta).this is where there is a […]

The Muslim Religion has been expanding in recent decades; winning new souls every single day. In their places of worship-the mosques- cleanliness, modest clothing and gender segregation are some of the fascinating practices. But these are not the only amazing facts about the faith; from the architectural styling to the sizes, some of their mosques will marvel you. Here comes the list of 5 World’s biggest Mosques. 1. Masjid al-Haram in Saudi Arabia Because its center serves as the heart of Islam, this mosque is […]

World’s biggest eyes

Who owns the world’s biggest eyes? Well, that’s some interesting question. We could say that it is someone whose eyeballs are already popping out. But, that might be too much of a humor. Could it be someone whose eyes melt your existence into nothingness? It might be a stalker who wants to grab every possession you are bringing. It can be your countless admirers or your fan girls who badly seek for your attention. You might be the most popular guy in the house if […]

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