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The constructions that go on in the World’s leading cities are a beauty to behold. We have seen the world’s greatest constructions redefine the idea of what we call a masterpiece. Some of the constructions have blazed a new trail in setting new heights in this genre. You can make this a place of fun when you engage your family and friends to go through the massive constructions. Let it open you to the plethora of designs that has enjoyed rave reviews. The world’s greatest works has never been so captured in one fell swoop.

Fancy spending the night in the world’s most expensive hotel? Or just spending a years wages on one night? Take a look at this list as we introduce the Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels In The World’. 5)Cannes Hotel Martinez – France Coming in at number five, the Cannes Hotel Martinez offers The Penthouse Suite at ?24,000/$40,000 a night. Situated on the 7th floor, you can spend the night in a king-sized bed, a dining room and a marble bathroom, although you can ask for […]

The world is filled with large water bodies such as the rivers, valleys and cliffs. Bridges have therefore become necessary for the survival of human beings during movements in search of food and better places to live. Man has therefore learned the art of engineering bridges of various heights from the early ages of existence. Construction of bridges require high level of engineering as they are built in risky places where there is supposed to be nothing. However, man has perfected this art over the […]

We are all very lucky we have a house to go home to, sheltered from the rain and hot sun and roaming wild animals. A place that stores all our valuables and have an address so we can make online purchases as well! Really, all we need is just need a space that we can call our own, luxurious privacy to do our thing as and when we like. One of the latest trends that is very interesting is that some people love the idea […]

From the Jungles of Ecuador to the nooks and crannies of Ethiopia, the world is replete with roads that offer few second chances to incautious drivers. This list lays bare the worst of the worst when it comes to heart-stopping roads. So ease off on the accelerator and fasten your seat belts, for we are about to take you through the world’s five most treacherous roads. 5.The Cotopaxi Volcan Road Ecuador is a country that is famous for soccer, the Galapagos, and nothing else. But […]

Currently, there are several tall buildings in the globe that stand out conspicuously with great features. These structures have occupied a place in the Guinness book of record and helping people to know the world’s highest buildings. This article will broadly unleash 5 world’s highest buildings that you ought to know today. Burj Khalifa: Dubai has been known as a place where skyscrapers flow like rivers of water. Nevertheless, Burj Khalifa is located in the heart of Dubai and listed among the highest buildings of […]

The basic principle for someone to build a house is to have a place they can call home. That answers to the basic needs of being a human being – having shelter. However, houses also serve another purpose, they are used to symbolize a person’s wealth and standing in society. To rank the homes in the list of the world’s biggest house we need to look at the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other things like indoor pools and cinemas that most people would not […]

Shelter is one of the most valued basic needs, we all admire a perfect life where we are able to live large, luxuriously and enjoy the great things that life has to offer. Living comfortably entails a lot of perfect planning and great organization. For this case, humans will always come up with unique deigns of homes that have the best designs, quality interior as well as exterior features, top class furniture, spacious compound and a lot to befit a king. The world’s most expensive […]

I was fascinated to read about bridges when I fast encountered the Danyang-Kunshan-Grand Bridge in the Guinness world record for the longest bridge in the world. Did you know that the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in Shangai China is the world longest bridge? Then I think you should know. The bridge stretches 165km long and 260 feet off the ground and runs parallel to the Yangtze River. The bridge commences in Danyang and end in Kunshan. It’s amazing how Chinese work. What I thought about how […]

The vital thing to come for your mind after you hear ‘airport’, will probably be the substantial dimension. But have you ever wondered what size the best airport on this planet is actually… or which usually airport it is, for example? The world’s biggest airport may appear extremely hard, however the California king Fahd Airport terminals (KFIA) inside Saudi Persia defies normal. The particular airport, sprawling over an area connected with 301 sq mi, is situated close to Dammam — money with the Japanese Domain […]

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