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The constructions that go on in the World’s leading cities are a beauty to behold. We have seen the world’s greatest constructions redefine the idea of what we call a masterpiece. Some of the constructions have blazed a new trail in setting new heights in this genre. You can make this a place of fun when you engage your family and friends to go through the massive constructions. Let it open you to the plethora of designs that has enjoyed rave reviews. The world’s greatest works has never been so captured in one fell swoop.

My name is Dev and I am from Bhangadh Jaipur India. Jaipur is also called as Pink City. It is also famous for its haunted places. And as a resident and with recent few incidents I believe some negative power really exist here. Today I am going to share with you the real ghost story which happened with Me and still I am scared because I think that thing is still looking for me and she is near me somewhere. Earlier I didn’t believed in […]

The world is ridden with things sure to send chills down your spine. Below, there are 5 of the most terrifying houses in the world, which you should avoid at all costs (or visit, depending on how brave you are). In Amityville, New York, on 112 Ocean Avenue, lays a magnificent house. A heated swimming pool, a boathouse, waterfront access, a garage, a completed basement; this house had it all. While the structure of the infamous Amityville House is gorgeous, its history is quite the […]

The words “biggest statue” instantly bring to mind the Statue of liberty. This 151 feet statue may have been the tallest statue in the past, but it is no longer so. Even the Buddha of Bamiyan made famous recently by infamous Taliban were only 150 feet tall. These were perceived as taller because they were built at a height of 8,200 feet above sea level. The statue of Christ the redeemer, which has become an iconic emblem for Rio de Janeiro is about 98 feet […]

Worship in the 21st century has adversely grown prompting the clergy to re think the sizes of the churches they are erecting for the people to worship. Nigerian church currently emerges as the largest building for worship in the world. indeed it is evident that worship has drastically changed from people just viewing Christianity as a field for the poor to many worshipers now getting out there to claim their portion in terms of wealth and the material possessions in the world. Initially the catholic […]

Someone said that an education is the best thing any parent can gift their child. Education is a stepping stone that has helped people from our forefathers set the pinnacles in society. We all know the value it gives us, below we look at five of the best universities: The University of Cambridge One of the first established higher learning institutions in the world. The institute opened its doors in 1209 and the school remains open never closing its doors to students. The institution has […]

world’s best school

Education is a requirement these days. It is simply because education will mold you as a better citizen in this world as well as a competitive individual in the field you belong with. Without proper education, you may not have the knowledge that is needed in order for you to become successful in this highly demanding world. This is why a lot of schools in the entire world are made available for you. The big question is, what is the world’s best school where you […]

Over the years structures and buildings have been build by man. There are those that are very high. A tower, in engineering can be defined as a very tall structure made by man. many a times the length is usually longer than the width. Towers often have floors, all the way going up. Towers are constructed for different purposes They can be accessed at regular times but they are not meant for office work or even living in. Many a times they serve as observational […]

The rides on Ferris wheels are described as experiences rather than rides. They do move far too slow to be amusement rides although they offer a lot of pleasure to its passengers. The viewpoint that some of them show is unparalleled. The saying the bigger, the better definitely complements well with Ferris wheels. These are the current top 5. Make sure to check them as the spots are up for grabs. 5. Melbourne star The Melbourne Star was previously known as Southern Star. The reason […]

  While some people are happy eating a one dollar hot dog, some of us will admit that indulging in one of the most expensive and glamorous restaurants of the world is something that they must experience at least once in a life. Most restaurants that fall within this category are really worth the trip alone. And we do not refer here to a place that charges a lot for a single sandwich but to a place that is concerned with quality in the sense […]

San Francisco, California is one of the worldТs most beautiful cities. Its unique roadways and architecture make it a true work of art. Even though it is an extremely windy city, the colorful views make up for the cold. LetТs start with the fact that most of the city hugs the Pacific Ocean. Just imagine the sound of the waves brushing up against the shore, and seagulls squawking away as they pick up any leftover food they can find. Since it is located in California, […]

World’s deepest mine

When discussing the world’s deepest mines, South Africa holds the record as eight of its mines make it into the top ten list of the world’s deepest. That is quiet of a surprise given that countries like China and India fails to make the cut despite their vast mining activities. We are going to sample just 5 of these mines which are not only among the world’s deepest; but are also known for their sheer vastness in size as well as the mineral deposits. Mponeng […]

Introduction The whole world is awash with innumerable buildings that serve varied purposes ranging from military, sales and marketing, banking, healthcare, and indeed, more besides. These buildings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, capacities, and height alongside other parameters. The proceeding discourse identifies and explains the top ten world’s biggest buildings by height above the ground level and in a descending order i.e. from the highest to the shortest. Burj Khalifa It is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has a height of […]

World’s best house

The world’s best house is a twenty seven-story skyscraper located in Mumbai downtown built at a cost of between one and two billion dollars. This building is owned by the fifth richest man in the world, Mukesh Ambani. He is the head of the petrochemicals Reliance industries and he is estimated to be valued at a net worth of forty three billion dollars. During her stay in the Mundarian Oriental in New York, his wife was very impressed by the interior Asian design of the […]

Many cities in the world have a lot to offer when it comes to architectural display as well as the vibrant lifestyle and culture to be enjoyed. Depending on your definition as to what makes a given city beautiful; it is without a doubt that these cities really holds on to what beauty is. Some of the cities sampled here offer a unique cultural mix, entertainment and the horizons means that there are lots to be enjoyed and this is what beauty is all about […]

Far beneath the majestic, rugged mountains of Switzerland, and deep in the rockbed, the world’s longest tunnel was completed recently. Although not yet fully operational, the Swiss Gotthard Base Tunnel is the world’s longest (travel) tunnel, besting Japan’s Seikan Tunnel by 16 miles. It will connect Zurich to Milan in a span of 35 miles. The new tunnel crosses underneath one of the most scenic (and ancient) mountain passes. An important travel route for hundreds of years, the rugged Swiss mountains are unforgiving and difficult […]

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