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The constructions that go on in the World’s leading cities are a beauty to behold. We have seen the world’s greatest constructions redefine the idea of what we call a masterpiece. Some of the constructions have blazed a new trail in setting new heights in this genre. You can make this a place of fun when you engage your family and friends to go through the massive constructions. Let it open you to the plethora of designs that has enjoyed rave reviews. The world’s greatest works has never been so captured in one fell swoop.

Few things can match the feeling of comradeship induced when approaching your teams stadium on match day, wearing your teams colors and singing your heart out. Except maybe approaching a bigger stadium. Here are a list of the five biggest football ground from around the world. 5. Rose Bowl, Passedena. (92,524). Although primarily an American Football stadium, few will deny the Rose Bowl’s pedigree as a football stadium. When the World Cup came to the states in 1994 it was the Rose Bowl that was […]

The World Тs Biggest Fountain Do you know where the worldТs biggest fountain is located? The WorldТs biggest fountain is situated partially in the underground branch of Suntec City; one of the largest and most exclusive shopping malls in Singapore. The WorldТs biggest fountain was designed by the famous architectТs Tsao & McKown who are originally from Brooklyn, New York. Those who visit this fountain of fortune feel providential and blessed. This large fountain was first built in 1995 in the underground portion of a […]

The world’s biggest cathedral nestles in the historic and lovely city of Rome, specifically in Vatican City. Across the globe, St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest place of worship for Roman Catholics. Michelangelo, together with three other architects in the person of Donato Bramante, Carlo Maderno, and Gian Bernini designed the basilica. St. Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, was buried in this holy place; hence, its name. The basilica itself has an area of approximately 15, 000 square meters. With its […]

World’s largest subways systems are found in China, Hong Kong, Paris and New York among others. Tram is a sound decision to devouring at some snappy dinners feasting foundations and it has end up being the favored spot for a huge amount of people to attempt to have lunch. On the off chance that you are worn out on paying for your lunch and need to attempt to eat for absolutely free then make persuaded that you figure out how you can get your no […]

1. The World’s Largest and Most Expensive House (Antilla, Mumbai): This house is owned by Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man. This house, located in Mumbai, is a 27-story house, costing over 2 billion dollars. Every level has different specifications built. This house was built with the idea of an Asian style indoor decor, as requested by his wife. Designed by Hirsch Bedner Associated, this house, or rather, skyscraper, requires extremely detailed planning for its design and uses a wide variety of luxurious materials. 2. England’s […]

The world’s highest skyscraper is called Burj Khalifa located in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates(UAE). It is also known as Burj Dubai and stands at a whopping 829.8 meters or 2,722 feet high. It has a total of 163 floors and was constructed using more than 7,000 tonnes of steel and reinforced concrete similar to the weight of 100,000 elephants. Its construction began in 2004, completed in 2009 and was officially opened on 4th January 2010. It cost an estimated 1.5 billion US […]

The Ferris wheel has come a long way since it’s lowly beginnings as the pleasure wheel from Bulgaria in the 17th century. The earlier structures were composed of large wooden rings that needed several strong men to turn. Now, the wheels have been replaced by giant steel structures that not only work on their own but in many cases also offer so much more features like air conditioned compartments and even restaurant services. The first giant wheel constructed using steel was created in 1893 by […]

Man’s quest to compete and achieve must be on of the most insatiable attributes that human beings possess. Ever since the 1890 when the world’s tallest tower was constructed, mankind seems to be pushing the limits to bigger and greater heights with 15 more buildings being constructed to achieve the title of being the world’s biggest skyscraper. There is little to no comparison between the world building that once held the position of the world’s biggest skyscraper and the current tallest building ever constructed. In […]

world’s biggest lego

LEGO, since its inception in 1932, has been the ultimate toy for its millions of fans ranging from infants to adults. While many clones have dotted the landscape since then, LEGO continues to be the greatest plaything for creative, aspirant builders hoping to stun due to its flexibility. Despite its apparent simplicity, true masters of the brick art have went on to extremes in creating absolutely amazing structures that wipe all preconceived notions about those little bricks. With that said, here are some of the […]

The clock of the world this is a machine or a device which help people living in a certain country to know the time, whether is daytime or night, however, also help in identifying date and seasons throughout the year. With the help of Greenwich Meridian the whole world share this clock in the Saudi Arabia. For the multitudes of the intellectual differences that are present all through the human evolution, we do share single world aim, to build bits and pieces bigger and better […]

Man began to build bridges thousands of years ago to help navigate the world. Today technology has evolved from then wooden and boulder based bridges and it is now time to take a look at the five longest bridges in the world today. 5. Beijing Grand Bridge At number five we have the Beijing Grand Bridge located in, you guessed it, Beijing, China. The bridge serves as a railway viaduct and runs a total of over 48 kilometers (almost 30 miles). It is the first […]

The world’s biggest aircraft carriers are a vital part of warfare in every country and very impressive ships to behold. They are critical to warfare because one of the main obstacles to winning or losing a battle is getting aircrafts to their destination. An aircraft carrier alleviates this by storing a large amount of army aircraft close to the destinations where the aircraft are needed. What exactly is an aircraft carrier? It is at its core level, a ship that includes a deck for military […]

Human kind will always remember the terrible, infamous fire that destroyed the Ancient Library of Alexandria (Alexandria, Egypt), and precious papyrus scrolls that were kept there for years. In 391 AD, the most magnificent pieces of literature were eternally lost. However, today, luckily for us, we have many impressive libraries that can match the one from the ancient times. Knowledge has never been more available for us, and libraries serve to help in achieving the goal of widening public knowledge. Here are some of the […]

world’s best place

By owning this area, you could have whole lots of enjoyment. If you desire to cash in your time, then no other area is far better compared to Disney globe trip spot. If you are still waiting, merely take advice of your friends and review what they will certainly inform you. Since they review it as the ideal area for satisfaction, there are thousands of family members that enjoy Disney globe to be their spot of getaway. Each year this place is an active hub […]

world’s widest road

Introduction When talking about the world’s widest road, one of the key factors that would cross someones mind are some of the longest and widest highways found in various parts of the world. The word highway is widely used when referring to a long stretch of endless and unchanging road, covering a long distance or stretching over a long distance. Major highways especially those connecting major towns, cities, states or different countries have gas stations and hotels, motels restaurants and fast food shops spread along […]

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