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Our craving for new horizons is quite synonymous with the adventurous nature of man. The world’s cities are steeped in rich heritage that give us a lot to enjoy. Every coast that we turn continues to spring surprises that would keep us engaged to time to come. When the list of cities in these groupings are stacked against our current realities; we can see that there is more to explore. The World’s yardstick for making a city an iconic place might be different from what you find in this list. It is interesting to know that this might shift you from your comfort zone.

There is a wonderful place for everybody to visit on this Earth. The world is beautiful and there is nothing like visiting your dream destination. There is no dearth of wonderful places, worth seeing. They are many and the list seems never-ending. With life so busy and demanding few fortunate get to see the places they want to see. Perhaps, it is not possible to explore every nook and corner of the earth but to choose some of them can be planned and transformed into […]

world’s largest city

Tokyo is the largest city in the world as well as the capital city of Japan. It is one of Japan’s Prefectures and the Japan’s largest city. Tokyo is the most populated city in the world with people of diverse cultures. It is the residence of the Japan Emperor and a host of the many Japanese Government offices. The geography of Tokyo Tokyo is made up of two islands; Izu and Ogasawara and it is located on the southern section of the Honshu Island. Tokyo […]

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