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Our craving for new horizons is quite synonymous with the adventurous nature of man. The world’s cities are steeped in rich heritage that give us a lot to enjoy. Every coast that we turn continues to spring surprises that would keep us engaged to time to come. When the list of cities in these groupings are stacked against our current realities; we can see that there is more to explore. The World’s yardstick for making a city an iconic place might be different from what you find in this list. It is interesting to know that this might shift you from your comfort zone.

Nearly everyone has a bucket list. Even those who do not have given some thought to all the places in the world they would like to visit. This top 5 list of the world’s most unusual places is worth checking out and is sure to have a destination or two worth adding to your own bucket list. 1. The first on this list of the world’s most unusual places are the visually delightful houses located in the medieval town of Lavenham in London. The buildings […]

World’s hottest city

No matter who or where we are, during summers we all have complained that the weather is too hot in his or her respective city Уis it really summer or am I being punished for some cardinal sin that I did and am not aware of??!!Ф this is something we all have thought or said at some point as many people claim that their city is the hottest city in the world or at least feels like it So here are the top 5 hottest […]

World’s coldest city

Our planet has various types of climate; some of the places have moderate climate, and some experience extreme climate; making it difficult for human habitat to exist. When you talk about world’s coldest city it is difficult to give accurate names as there are various parameters to measure the same. You can measure the coldest city by taking the record lowest temperature or average temperature over the years; however, irrespective of the way you measure you will get a similar list of the world’s coldest […]

Buford town in America represents a small town not only in America alone but also in the world. Amazingly the town is resided only by one person, by the name Don Sammons. The owner rans a store in it and receive many customers in the job. Had a population ofqqqqqq two thousand people in 19th century, thdy werd railroad workers who needed a place to settle. As the construction of the railroad continues, the workers continued also moving and as a result left the town […]

When the wealthy travel, they stay in luxury. Jade Mountain Resort in Saint Lucia Noted to be one of the most romantic hotels in Saint Lucia, Jade Mountain Resort lets us know that the ultimate romantic hotel is not cheap. At $1000-$3000 a night, depending on the season, and whether or not you want meals included in your meal. Jade Mountain Resort looks like it is worth it. Its claim to fame are its absolutely stunning views of Jade Mountain. Whether it is from your […]

As we go about traveling or exploring new locations, we often find ourselves stumbling upon some of the new city names that we come in contact with. Some are hard to say, some are funny to say, and some are just simply too long to say! Here is a list of some of the longest city names in the world, but the list does not end here. Spread all across the globe you will find a variety of beautiful cities who just happened to have […]

Any individual who has ever had any enthusiasm for Toronto at all realizes that Yonge Street is a really big fascination, however many don’t know precisely why. This is the longest street in Toronto as well as the world! Extending almost 1,900 km from Toronto Bay to Rainy River, Ontario, this street is for all intents and purposes a parkway, loaded with history. Much sooner than Toronto was a city and Yonge Street was an appropriate street, the Huron Indians utilized this same course as […]

world’s first city

Mankind has been around for a meagre 40,000 years but out of that, civilization has not been for more than six thousand. The definition of city has also evolved throughout the centuries. At present, it stands for a central conglomerate hub of economy, governance and advancement for a particular geographical boundary, from which modernizing advancements are spread to the rest of the region. Different cities stand for distinct welfare and interests for the public. For example, Washington D C. may be the administrative capital of […]

world’s best city

Toronto is one of the world’s best cities to live in.There are different reasons why this city is considered the best. Some of these reasons are: It is secure and it has a very low crime rate. Security is one of the things that most people look at before settling in any area or city. A safe and secure environment is important to anyone who wants to start a business or to raise a family or to live a quite life. This therefore means that […]

World’s richest city

What is it that makes a city poor or rich? The culture? The buildings? The people? Well, your are at the right place if these questions continue puzzling you. A city’s wealth is a multifaceted concept whose understanding cannot be constrained to a single element such as the people, infrastructure or culture. The globe’s wealthiest cities are mostly rated using their GDP, otherwise termed as Gross Domestic product. The implication in this place is that experts use the accumulative market value of all market offerings […]

Pollution is contamination of the natural environment in a way that causes adversity or change. It can take different forms. Energy or chemical substances. Examples include light, heat and noise. Pollution can be classified basically in to three classes; air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. The waste can take solid, liquid or gaseous forms. Air pollution is the release of gaseous substances into the atmosphere, toxifying the surrounding air. Substances like gaseous chemicals and smoke enter the atmosphere and change the natural balance of […]

World’s oldest city

Think of a place in antiquity with transport and commerce, or what could be more appropriate; trade and merchandise. Look at the kind of buildings this plase has; their architectural structures and designs. See if there is any kind of administration in the city, perhaps a uniquely constructed building with encriptions on it that suggest power. Then look around to see if there are places of worship, market places, theatre, any hint of a hotel? Stop thinking about about it if the imaginary place has […]

Top Five Most Populated Cities In The World. City population is defined as the population that is directly administered or controlled by one authority in the city. For the last one two centuries, human movement has been mostly to urban areas. This has seen the rise of many cities that didn’t even exist 100 years ago. In the beginning of 19th century most expanding cities were in Europe and the United states, this has since changed and now cities are coming up in every continent […]

The world’s most expensive city is Singapore as of 2015 breaking the record previously held by Tokyo. Located in The south east part of Asia and Though it is smaller than New York compared in size, price of basic commodities and homes soared to unexpected rates but that has not hindered the influx of foreign investors rising in wealth. The lEU’s bi-annual survey that ranks 133 cities based on cost comparisons of over 150services and products: in utility bills, food, clothing, cost of education, real […]

Some cities are known for to have many risks and hence full of awaiting dangers of all shapes and sizes. These dangers include war-torn cities, desperate marauders, petty theft, drug cartels and street violence. It also includes calamities such as wildlife and advance weather conditions. 1. San Pedro Sula – Honduras its a town in northern of Honduras, its a dangerous place and also known as murder capital city as it has most violence in the in the world. In San Pedro, it has a […]

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