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The dynamics in our world has continued to create new frontiers in various segments of business. The records that has been achieved in recent years show the enterprising nature in which businesses have evolved. The world’s brightest minds have a lot to share and it would be ideal to learn from them. Each of the topics captured in this segment would give you something to cheer. It is important to state that we have gone through the extra mile of ensuring that we present accurate facts. You are welcome to the world’s business melting pot.

Shoes, who doesn’t love them? Below is the list of the Top 10 shoes that will make you speechless with both their design (not to mention their price!) 1. Kanye West’s YEEZY Line $350+++Although the price of these shoes aren’t that outrageous, the lines of people that are waiting for them are! In 2015, this is definitely the shoe that has sold out globally. Making people line up for hours just to get a raffle of getting one. Are they worth the money? Sure. Worth […]

People across the world search for comfortable, luxurious resorts to enjoy a luxurious,relaxing holiday, as resorts provides an amazing opportunity top get rid of our tensions and freshens our minds.The world’s 5 most expensive resorts are: 1 .NECKER ISLAND: Situated at the Carribean, this is one of the most expensive resorts to visit and stay on in the world. After two flights and a speedboat ride, when you finally reach, you will be greeted by the ever smiling, Sir Richard Branson. The staff will show […]

Ever been to an apartment on a skyscraper? I bet you have but i don’t think that you have been on the type of flat that am just about to describe. The average apartments in uptown states like New York are usually about 750 square meters and usually range at about $2500 to $3000 per month. Not so bad right? its an affordable one, however, one penthouse in the Odeon tower, Monaco – Rich man’s paradise- has taken the quality and features of apartments to […]

With winter just around the corner, many people start thinking about getting a warm and comfy outfit. But some are ready to go to the extremes and pay ridiculously huge amounts for a simple piece of cloth! Fur coats always pertained to the most luxurious and expensive goods, but the items on this list will surprise even the most composed person. Here is the top 5 of the most expensive fur coats in the world. Number 5 is a brand called Gorski. It positions itself […]

When speaking about precious stones, three words normally come up-rare, precious and expensive. Contrary to what most people might think, these do not necessarily mean the same thing. Rarity refers to the level or rate of occurrence of a precious stone. Preciousness refers to its value and attractiveness and expense refers to the monetary value it fetches in the market. Some of the world’s most precious stones include the tanzanite, black opal, red beryl, jadeite and finally the most valuable of them all, the diamond. […]

Gareth Bale is the world’s most expensive football player. He was born on July 16th 1989 in Cardiff, Wales. He is a Welsh international and plays his career football for a club known as Real Madrid in Spain and the Wales national football team. He plays as a winger and he is well-known for his pace and his ability to take free-kicks. He has jersey number eleven. He has outstanding physical qualities that a player should have as well as tremendous ball crossing ability. In […]

8. The Heart of Eternity Approx. 27.6 carats the Heart of Eternity Diamond is valued at roughly $16 Millions, this beautiful and magnificent blue diamond is among the rarest in the family of colored diamonds 7. The Wittelsbach Diamond Approx. 35.36 carats & is valued at roughly $16.4 Millions is a deep-blue diamond with internally flawless clarity, because the Wittelsbach Diamond and the Hope Diamond (4th on the list) have similar color and long-lasting phosphorescence – both are believed to have been purchased in India […]

What would you do if you were worth 700 Billion?? That’s a lot of money for anyone in one lifetime. What would you buy first a plane? A new iPhone? If your answer is a new iPhone(golden perhaps) you are part of the multitude of people who flock to buy the edgy Apple products which in turn enabled the company to grow and hit the unfathomable 700 Billion market capitalization mark making it to be the world’s most expensive company. This unprecedented height was hit […]

There has always been a competition for who the most Richest man in the World is. Some people believe that Vladimir Putin is the richest man therefore giving him the title “Putin World’s Richest Man”. However there are some minorities that completely go against the title “Putin World’s Richest Man”. In order to clarify the differences that who is the Richest man or woman in the world, we have top 10 Richest People in the world. After this it would be clarified that does Vladimir […]

Ever watched a movie, and just sat there in awe of all the effects and visuals? Well, you’re not alone. Movies have come a long way, and now more and more of them require budgets well into the millions. Today, we’ll be looking at the ten most expensive movies that were released in history, and you can sit there in awe again at how much they spent on these bad boys! Number Ten – Avatar Avatar was a movie that released in 2009 and centered […]

Surprisingly in 2015, the title of the most expensive currency was not the U.S. dollar, the Euro or the Great British pound. The most valuable currencies don’t always belong to the west or the most wealthiest economies in the world. Here is a list of the top 10 currencies that have overthrown the western currencies’ and are ranked for their value against the U.S. dollar. lO.DAzerbaijani Manat 1 AZN = $0.96Located between the Caspian and Black seas, Azerbaijan is an oil rich nation that is […]

The size of a company is considered larger compared to others based on the following important elements: assets, revenues, profits and its market value. Assets refers to the business belongings.The more assets a company have, the more probability to remain in existence.The level of business claims or debts should be kept as low as possible. Assets can be categorized as either fixed or current. Fixed assets refers to those assets which cannot be converted easily to cash.Example of fixed assets are building,furniture,vehicles and the like.On […]

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