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The World’s Animals have adapted to changes in the ecosystem. They have remained relevant in the discussions such as climate change and various control measures in the world. How can we not engage ourselves in making the most of each breed of the World’s Animals? They add lots of spice to our day to day living. It is mandatory to note that the research that has been carried out over the years has resulted in great findings. Animals have a choice place in making our universe what it is. Each list is worth our careful review.

world’s biggest wolf

When the image of a wolf comes into the mind of the average person—at least those without personal, firsthand experience with wolves—would likely imagine a creature not very different at all from the average-sized domesticated dog. Though the majority of wolf species do in fact closely resemble the average canine house pet, there is one species of wolf in particular which is quite terrifying to imagine roaming freely about your home; the Gray wolf. There are many species of wolves in the world living in […]

Top 5 of the World’s Fastest Horses What are the qualities that make the world’s fastest horses? All championship racehorses have similar attributes. Firstly, they must have a big heart, both literally and figuratively. The average heart of a horse has a weight of about 10 pounds. However, heart muscles of thoroughbred racehorses weigh close to double. This makes them able to accommodate pumping of enough blood and oxygen required by the muscles. Additionally, they also need long strides and an innate ability of synchronizing […]

world’s fastest fish

Ever wondered what the inhabitants of water – fish are capable of achieving in terms of speed. Well, this list of top 10 fastest fish, from bottom to top, will amaze you. So let’s get started, shall we? #10 Tarpon: Tarpon is number 10 on our list with average speed of 35 mph. The great thing about tarpons is that they can live in freshwater as well as in saltwater. They are really hard to catch because of the fight they put up. These carnivorous […]

Ever thought about going on a ride on the back of a tortoise? Well it seems your wish can come true if you’re willing to visit the small islands off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands. It seems the Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most unusual creatures found on Earth. What is amazing however is that the world’s biggest tortoise, the Saddle-back Tortoise is responsible for the name of these small islands. I found out that Galapagos actually means saddle-back in […]

Armed with extraordinarily large eyes, very large tentacles and giant hooks swiveling all over, the colossal squid is believed to be the largest species of squid ever seen in the waters of the world. Very many myths have been told about this giant squid bringing people to some conclusion that it might be a mythical creature. Scientists however still believe the largest squid species is the colossal squid. However, the largest squid ever captured is a giant gelatinous blob. This squid was so large that […]

The world is filled with creepers, crawlers, and all sorts of hidden dangers that lurk under the vast canopies of jungle, rock, and waters. People have for time immemorial feared these beasts as well as revered them for their mystical associations. Fears are only propounded when someone encounters a giant species that seems to belong within the confines of myth rather than science. Here we take a look at five of the world’s biggest snakes known to man, living right here, in this cozy blue […]

Scientists usually use three measurable characteristics to highlight an eagle’s size: wingspan (length in centimeters), body mass (weight in Kilograms), and body length (in centimeters). Female eagles are usually larger than males and captive specimens can grow larger than what would normally be found in the wild. The list below considers all three factors, as well as sizes recorded from various sources to come up with the world’s top 5 biggest eagles. 5. Wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax) Found in Australia and in portions of New […]

Big cats don’t necessarily have to animals of the wild. As impressive as Pumas, Tigers and leopards are, their cousins that we allow to live amongst us at home are also big. If your house cat is a small fluffy companion, you will be surprised to know that there other bigger, fluffier and adorable cats. Let’s take a journey together as we discover about the five biggest domestic cat: Alexandra The Siberian Cat A native of the icy Eastern European continent; the Siberian Forest cats […]

world’s best dog

I have the world’s best dog. I found him at a shelter that I volunteered at with a group of individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). His name was Sammy; it is now Paxton. He is a dachshund mix, and he is the sweetest little boy you will ever meet. He is not very bright, but he is lovable and hug-gable. I saw him in a small room in a crate, and it was love at first sight. He looked like he was terrified […]

Maintaining aquariums is requires some fastidious adherence to rules. Those who love seeing those fishes swim should also know something about them. It may surprise many that rare fishes can cost not only as much as $400,000 but collectors would also need a permit to keep such fish in their home. But is spending that much on a fish that can die worth it? That is something that only the rich folks can answer. For now, let us look at the list of five of […]

Almost all dog owners will swear by the smartness of his or her dog. Aficionados of a specific breed will only be too quick to point out some of the reasons why they believe their breed is one of the smartest. Sometimes being smart may not lie on what breed the animal is but in how willing it is to learn. Some experts even argue that smartness may depend on the attitude of the breed. In spite of this observation from various vets and canine […]

Human, being the most intelligent creature on the planet, hardly associates smartness with the rest of the animals. However, nature has gifted many animals with the ability to act analytically, feel a plethora of emotions and show other intelligent signs of which humans are capable. Following is a list of 10 of the World’s smartest animals. Elephant: Elephants are not only the largest land mammals, but also one of the most intelligent ones. They have larger brains when compared to other animals. In the wild, […]

Snakes kill with neurotoxins or hemotoxins. Neurotoxins affect the nervous system whereas hemotoxins affect the circulatory system. In either case death is certain unless required medical treatment is given in time. Some snakes inject less venom but the venom is more potent than the venom in larger quantities of another snake. Other snakes inject more quantities of venom, by biting repeatedly, eventually injecting enough to result in fatality. Effectively, the most poisonous snakes are those that do not inject much venom but the toxins in […]

We all love the beauty that nature has to offer. Watching the wild animals especially in their natural habitat is such a pleasurable experience. Sadly, there are some animals that are not frequently seen because their worldwide population is so small. Let’s have a look at 10 world’s rarest animals. 1. White Lion The species is a rarity, and their numbers have drastically reduced as a result of trophy hunting. Their physical appearance is attributed to a rare condition of color mutation. The lions are […]

Nature has endowed a few species with herculean strength, which enables them to perform tasks which are otherwise daunting for their fellow fauna. Here is a compilation of 5 such animals whose brawn can scare the hell out of you! African Elephant: The African Elephant is the strongest and largest land mammal on Earth, besides being the smartest one! An adult male Elephant weighs around 5-7 tons. It has a very strong trunk and can lift objects that weigh around 700 pounds with its trunk […]

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