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The World’s Animals have adapted to changes in the ecosystem. They have remained relevant in the discussions such as climate change and various control measures in the world. How can we not engage ourselves in making the most of each breed of the World’s Animals? They add lots of spice to our day to day living. It is mandatory to note that the research that has been carried out over the years has resulted in great findings. Animals have a choice place in making our universe what it is. Each list is worth our careful review.

Snakes. Just the thought of them hissing and slithering can make the most fearless of daredevils shiver. Well, not all of them are scary. For example, that pretty yellow python Britney brought to the VMAs – that one was totally adorable! But if watching Anaconda 1,2 and 3 has taught us anything, it is that not all snakes can be trusted. A little internet research will give you tons of data showing fatal encounters between humans and these creatures. There’s even an entire Wikipedia page […]

it’s not always about the size. Great white sharks may not be one of the largest animals on earth, but they are deffinetly one of the scariest. And scary somehow beats big. But what are we affraid of exactly?White death, white pointer or simply whites are one of the oldesst and most adaptable creatures on Earth. Acording to some records they can reach the length of 26ft, even though 21ft is the longest white shark officially. Their life span is 70 years, almost himan like. […]

Insects are everywhere,from our backyard to the basement,these creepy crawlers can be spotted almost everywhere. A majority of people would love to stay away from any sight or contact of insects owing up to the weird feeling they generate on look and touch. Well,today i give you a whole new reason to not only avoid them but be intimidated by them as u read about the deadliest insects in the world and the fact that they might be living with you right now in your […]

As a passionate girl about horseracing, I always thought that the world’s most beautiful horses are not in China or UK but it is in the Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar. I wouldn’t be surprised because these countries have been known for their excellent horses .Arab people are one of the oldest human who have developed horse breeds in a desert climate in a life marked by the nomadic style where horses have played a big role in their lives. Arabians […]

The world’s biggest python is Medusa and was found to be, 7.67 m (25 ft and 2 in.) long. Medusa is now owned by Full Moon Production’s Inc. in Kansas, Missouri, USA. Medusa was measured on, October,12,2011. She required 15 men to all hold her so she could be measured. Medusa is a Reticulated python-named because of it’s grid like pattern of skin. Medusa’s diet includes hogs,rabbits, and deer. She has even eaten a 40 lb deer in one sitting. When Medusa was weighed she […]

Have you ever seen a spider the size of a large dinner plate? You don’t want to. It’s a sight that would probably scare the most hardened of men into running for their lives, in a panic to get away from it! Very recently a spider was discovered in South America, with legs the length of a small child’s forearms, tipped in claws at the ends of it’s hairy legs, that click when it walks upon the ground, fangs that rival Dracula’s, stinging hairs all […]

5. Trigger Fish Trigger fish are a nasty species. They are known to charge and bite any intruders known to approach their nest. However, they are highly sought because they display a brilliant combination of colors. From yellow to white to crystal blue to emerald green, trigger fish of different types show astounding combinations of colors that have led to the downfall of this species. They are now being bred in captivity to avoid any great impacts on the wild species. They have the ability […]

We can not deny that the bird species have been being one of the beautiful species in the world. Some of them have been in-dangerous animal because of the population day by day decreased. Take a look 5 world’s most beautiful birds, how beautiful they are. 1. Colorful Rainbow Lorikeet Beautiful bird which is known Rainbow Lorikeet has colorful feather like the morning rainbow. You can find all of rainbow colors on its feather. Australia, the habitat of the bird can be nice place to […]

5. Alpine Black Swallowtail (Papilio maackii)Considered as one of the biggest butterflies in the world, the Alpine Swallowtail butterflies have a wingspan ranging from 12-14 Cm. What’s interesting about these butterflies is that the top wings of the male are black in color but have a thin green layer speckled on the black base. This gives it the greenish emerald like shimmer when light hits the surface of the wings. Both genders of this species radiate a spectrum of colors depending on which angle they […]

WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL CAT Inside our minds, just about every pet .cats got breeds that produce litters which are the prettiest, most graceful pets on the planet. Although proceeding purely simply by visible good looks along with exclusive qualities, some exceedingly very purebreds may constantly tempt all of us to express, “How beautiful!” States Joan Burns of the Feline Fanciers Relationship, who may have spent years as a cat-show decide stated that “Beautiful* is usually a unique. That creates judging pet cats very tough, she […]

There is an old adage that goes, aD’a dog is man’s best friend” This saying may just be a cliche as there has never been an appropriate description of the connection between human beings and these star-spangled awesome creatures. Many adjectives have been put forward to describe these domesticated animals, for example, protective, loyal, smart, playful and fun. A dog’s characteristic is truly populated with only positives according to writings and reviews. Let’s come back to the topic at hand. A dog’s beauty is almost […]

All dog lovers dream of an amazing dog, but how much are we really willing to spend? These dog owners definitely didn’t find their four-legged friend for free online! The fifth most expensive dog breed is the Samoyed. The Samoyed may look like a picture of beauty, but this working breed was originally bred in Siberia to haul sledges, hunt, and herd reindeer. The Siberians would even spin yarn out of their fur for blankets and coats. The Samoyed’s have a life expectancy of 10-15 […]

Here’s a wonderful and wacky list of the world’s top five biggest tongues: Number five goes to 18-year-old Adrianne Lewis, whose tongue is said to measure in at about 10cm. Despite Guinness World Records rejecting her several times, she is still as confident as ever that she has the worlds longest tongue and has created her very own YouTube channel to show off her tricks to the world; she is able to be able to lick her nose, chin, eye, and ELBOW. Her tongue gained […]

Snakes are categorized according to their weight as well as the length of their bodies. The largest snake ever documented comes from the anaconda species, specifically the green anaconda. This species can grow up to a staggering 30 feet long, comparable to a school bus. They are also documented to weigh in the region of 600 pounds. In addition, these snakes continue to exhibit growth constantly for the rest of their living lives.They occupy the largest volume while simultaneously shattering the record for the heaviest […]

world’s biggest pike

Although fishing for pike is popular throughout the world, according to the IGFA World Record book, the biggest pike in the world ever caught was in Europe. In the list below you will find highlighted the top 5 world’s biggest pike ever landed. 5. 12 Pound Pike Caught With 6 Pound Lure One of the best places to fish for pike is in salt-waterr and that is where Christer Mattsson caught a 12 pounder. He had been casting in shallow water in the Baltic Sea, […]

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