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Ninja H2 the world’s most powerful motorcycle is , a product of Kawasaki Motorcycles- Japan. The motorcycle is a supercharged 998cc Inline with four pumps out of an incredible 300hp engine. This is substantially higher than that of a top flight motor GP racer. The world’s most powerful motorcycle street illegal bike, specifically designed for tracks riding. The world’s most powerful motorcycle is named after the previous 750cc stroke triple Kawasaki motorcycle previously launched. It introduces new era in the engine performance in the bikes […]

Spacecrafts have always been a source of curiosity for each one us. Fortunately, space investigation organizations from all over the world have been highly successful in the improvisation of space technology. There are a many interesting things about these objects, like, their construction, working, materials used, design, safety ,but, the one aspect that keeps even the ‘not’ so technically driven people, amazed ,is “speed”. Every single, fuel driven vehicle is judged by people on the basis of its speed. This is what technology is all […]

The Wright brothers changed the world when they were able to fly and control a powered aircraft back in 1903.Although they were in the air for a very short duration, their work pioneered today’s aircraft industry and led to a radical transformation in the way man could travel. Today we have planes that can travel at three times the speed of sound and even carry tonnes of cargo around the globe. These engineering marvels are some of the most complex machines today and they cost […]

On your mark,get set,go! Running has never stopped us from excitement isn’t it?Well,who would not get excited while watching athletes running with all they’ve got to reach first and be the fastest man or the fastest woman.Running to be the fastest woman or man isn’t easy and you have others who have the same dream as you:to be the world’s fastest woman/man.Here we take a look at the world’s fastest women.With Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce having 7 World Championships and 2 Olympic Gold medals to […]

Paris, France. The city of love. When one sits and thinks about Paris one cannot deny its prestige in displaying the very essence of romance and artistry. Take the “Louvre” for example, the home of the world’s most famous painting, the “Mona Lisa”, or the Eiffel Tower, that inspires legions upon legions of men to get down on one knee and propose marriage to their spouses. Even the language spoken there is considered to be the most romantic in the world. Paris then, is, quite […]

Insects are everywhere,from our backyard to the basement,these creepy crawlers can be spotted almost everywhere. A majority of people would love to stay away from any sight or contact of insects owing up to the weird feeling they generate on look and touch. Well,today i give you a whole new reason to not only avoid them but be intimidated by them as u read about the deadliest insects in the world and the fact that they might be living with you right now in your […]

As a passionate girl about horseracing, I always thought that the world’s most beautiful horses are not in China or UK but it is in the Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar. I wouldn’t be surprised because these countries have been known for their excellent horses .Arab people are one of the oldest human who have developed horse breeds in a desert climate in a life marked by the nomadic style where horses have played a big role in their lives. Arabians […]

Deepest Place on Earth For mountain climbers, the prospect of reaching the highest point on earth may be welcomed with much enthusiasm given the thrill that accompanies it. On the other hand, ocean explorers crave for the deepest point they can find on earth. While there are many pretty deep places on earth, the Mariana Trench stands out from the rest by size and design. Located in the Pacific south of Japan, the Trench, which has also adopted the name “the Challenger Deep” after a […]

World’s most flexible girl Being flexible simply means you can perform some body stretches. However, flexible people have been able to showcase unique acrobats but Julia Gunthel just takes is a notch higher than everyone. She contorts her body like a snake with no bones. Julia, commonly known as Zlata hails from Kazakhstan but spent most of her childhood in Germany Many have called her boneless due to her bends that most humans wouldn’t do or rather if try, you risk breaking your limbs. But […]

World’s coolest man

Dear Friends as everybody is saying he is world’s cooled man but its every from person to person thoughts. As per my thinking Mohandas karamchand Gandhi ( M.K.Gandhi or Bapu) is world’s coolest man. What is world’s coolest man who did many thing without any benefits or do work for others. he born in Gujarat in merchant family on second October 1869.when he was gone to south Africa for study that time he faced problem in train because he is black color and many other […]

The World Тs Biggest Fountain Do you know where the worldТs biggest fountain is located? The WorldТs biggest fountain is situated partially in the underground branch of Suntec City; one of the largest and most exclusive shopping malls in Singapore. The WorldТs biggest fountain was designed by the famous architectТs Tsao & McKown who are originally from Brooklyn, New York. Those who visit this fountain of fortune feel providential and blessed. This large fountain was first built in 1995 in the underground portion of a […]

World’s deepest sea

The Caribbean sea , a stretch of the Atlantic ocean , is located in western hemisphere is known to be the world’s deepest sea . Its deepest point is seven thousand,six hundred and eighty six meters below sea level with an average depth of two thousand ,two hundred meters. This point of the Caribbean sea is known as Cayman Trench/ Bartlett deep or Bartlett trough positioned between the cayman island and Jamaica. The relatively narrow Cayman trench is the world’s deepest sea vent with small […]

Everybody loves cakes from young children to old people and when you meet someone who does not like cake it is usually due to health concerns like diabetes or hypertension and they only avoid it because of the implications on their health. When you hear the word cake most of the times you start picturing how you will dig into a big layered cake, licking off the frosting from your hands. Red velvet cake I must say is the World’s tastiest cake, it is unigue […]

There are numerous water bodies on earth and each has its own distinctive characteristics.Some of the most common characteristics attributed to water bodies are salinity,depth,area coverage or spread,location and temperature.Temperature is viewed in duality:cold or warm.In this context,we examine not just the cold side of it but the coldest. The coldest ocean in the whole world is the Arctic has a relatively small area of 14,070,000 square kilometers which is approximately 5,430,000 square miles,compared to the likes of the Pacific,Atlantic and Indian Oceans which […]

Mercedes-Benz has been making cars since 1926. The 89 year old Stuttgart based company has come a long way since its inception. The company now makes extremely sophisticated cars that are an engineering marvel. But more the sophisticated car the more its price we take a look at Top 15 Most Ridiculously Expansive Mercedes Cars present. NUMBER 5 – CLK GTR AMG SPORT ( PRICE – $ 3.3 MILLION DOLLARS ) This super car has costs twice the price of a brand new Bugatti Veyron. […]

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