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The vital thing to come for your mind after you hear ‘airport’, will probably be the substantial dimension. But have you ever wondered what size the best airport on this planet is actually… or which usually airport it is, for example? The world’s biggest airport may appear extremely hard, however the California king Fahd Airport terminals (KFIA) inside Saudi Persia defies normal. The particular airport, sprawling over an area connected with 301 sq mi, is situated close to Dammam — money with the Japanese Domain […]

World’s fastest car

There are always so many ways through which the performance aspect of an auto can be evaluated however the most favorite of them is the speed factor. Auto enthusiasts are always amazed by the speed aspect. The reason behind can be attributed that faster speed always implies better performance as well as functionalities of a given auto. There are so many brands out there and this means that there is always a wide collection to choose from. For speed lovers, the question has however remained […]

world’s best phone

Do you know what happened in 1876? If you are seriously checking the encyclopedia, along with other amazing and interesting happenings, the world’s first telephone was invented in the year which helped people to convey messages to one another faster than mail service. As time evolved, telephones too changed and after a century, the world has been taken over by the smartphone fever. Larger than a phone and smaller than a personal computer, these phones have become the talk of the town. A sneak peek […]

The wonderful wonders of the world Our world is full of wonderful stuff. There are many things which make us say WOW when we see them. The nature and its creations never seize to surprise us and there are many things which are unusual ion any ways. There are beautiful valleys, animals, weathers, humans, etc, which continue to how us the other faces of nature. Just like that, there are many interesting types of humans are also present around us who are making us think that […]

What does one need to do to earn him an entry in the Guinness World of Records book? Well, that’s simple. Forgoing basic hygiene is one of them. Every normal man has nails that they regularly trim and polish. The reason why we have them could be…..we are all primates and like any other primates we biologically should have them. Well, stop trimming them .in 62 years time you could hit the chapters in the latter great book. Shridar Chilal, an Indian last cut his […]

Top five world’s most expensive cars. When it comes to budgeting for a car, an average person would be thinking of a range of $15,000-$80,000. This is not the case for the high rollers. When you are rich you would like to spend seven figures for a car. What would be the essence of having money if you can’t show it? For this top one percent of world population flamboyance and expensive lifestyle always supersedes efficiency and practicality. Most of these cars in the top […]

5 World’s Ugliest People Today: The definition of being ugly may be different with respect to people’s opinions. However, ugly people can really look at themselves in the mirror and make a confirmation. The list in this article will reveal some people who are considered being ugly in today’s context. Is your quest for the world’s ugliest people? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover the great list of ugly people living in the world today. Michael Berryman: From research […]

What’s the deadliest animal you know? Sharks are the largest predators in the world . They generally rule the seas and oceans making them one of the deadliest predators in the world. Below are the world’s biggest sharks. 1. The Whale Shark – This is the world’s biggest shark .It weighs 79,000 lbs which is approximately 75ft. – Little known fact is that they are very friendly to humans and pose no threat. Divers have actually hitched rides on their fins. – In Kenya, these […]

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