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Steamy Summer Trends For 2015 The apparel stores are teeming with the newest fashion trends of the year, which includes swimsuits, sheer fabrics, lively prints, embroidered denim shirt as well as pants and accessories. However, to beat the tropical heat decorate the wardrobe with simple fashion garments that suits your exclusive fashion. Being stylish and comfortable is the key to flaunt your summery style statement and for that purpose you can mix and match your present fashion garments. The body type, shape and size cannot […]

Five Of The World’s Most Expensive Watches Contrary to popular belief smartphones haven’t changed the allure of having a well-crafted watch. If you are a watch enthusiast you probably consider your watch to be an investment. This means that you are not only concerned with how well it tells time but the intricacies that make it work as well as it does are important to you and of course, how it looks is just as important. Here is a list of the world’s most expensive […]

world’s smallest man

Have you ever wondered who is the world’s smallest man? The answer is Chandra Bahadur Dangi. This man was born on 30th November 1939. This amazing man was tall only 1 ft 9.5 (54.6 cm) and weighted only 32 lbs (15 kg)! He was born in Nepal and it looks like his height was in his genes. He had five brothers and three of them were less than four feet tall (1.2 m), while his other two brothers and two sister were of average height. […]

world’s smallest dog

There has been clamor on which dog is the smallest in the world. Well, the world’s smallest dog can only be found through research and feasibility study. This article is set to unleash the top 10 world’s smallest dogs that you can ponder on with respect to their features. Boston terrier: This dog breed has been on the list of the smallest dogs in history. In fact, to be precise, it is about a century ago that Boston terrier occupied the status of being one […]

The world is made up of a landmass and water bodies, and it is divided into continents and the continents contain countries. The countries vary in sizes, shapes, and inhabitants. There are some countries that cover a huge land mass, and some cover a very small area. Here is a list of at least five of the smallest countries on the earth. • Vatican The Vatican City is the world’s smallest country. The country is so small such that at times it is compared to […]

world’s smallest cat

While cats are so adorable nothing can beat the immense cuteness that comes with kittens. Their petite size cute big eyes and playfulness just makes you want them to never grow up and just remain the adorable little cats. If you are a cat lover who just wants your cat to remain a kitten, well, that’s impossible but you can get some cat breeds that even at their adulthood look pretty much like kittens in adult form. Here is a list of the top 5 […]

world’s shortest man

We were all created different and unique from any other creatures in the universe. In our physical descriptions, we are slim, fat, short, tall, dark or light skin. All this happens for a reason this making the beauty of life; that we do not maintain similar height. Here is a list of the world’s shortest men and it includes people who are claimed, described or thought to be short in terms of height and their life as adults. Though many people across the globe consider […]

The Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Time With Halloween quickly approaching many people are looking to give themselves a good scare. Hollywood and certainly delivered some terrifying films over the years but there are a few that stand out from the others as being among the most frightful and eerie. From zombie flicks, to serial killers to psychological thrillers, there are so many movies out there to scare the pants off of you. Here is a list of the top 10 most scare worthy […]

world’s richest man

Many people often have no idea on the world’s richest man especially when looking for the factual information on their net worth. Here is the top 10 world’s richest man as per the net worth: 1. Bill Gates Bill Gates is the world’s richest man with an estimated net worth of $79.2 B. He is only 59 at the same time has majorly invested in Microsoft. He comes from United States making it one of the most influential people in the world. Due to its […]

When discussing on as to which is the world’s richest country , to draw an a robust conclusion on the topic is usually a tough task as there are lots of many factors to be put in and these may vary from one region to another. Over the past time different economic models have been developed so as to favorably rank regions based on their economic perspectives. Some economists will prefer using the per capita model the GDP-based model or by just taking into consideration […]

By and large, there are two standard routines for measuring the abundance of nations and how rich or poor its occupants are. The measure frequently utilized is Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which speaks to the extent of a nation’s economy. A refinement of this is per-capita GDP, which is a measure of the normal welfare and riches, or destitution, of inhabitants of a nation. Be that as it may, GDP and per-capita GDP are less valuable when looking at economies crosswise over national limits – […]

world’s oldest man

It is indeed a great achievement to have lived long enough to witness three centuries. Believe it or not but there are oldest men in the world who have seen it all from world wars to space race and to the computer world they have lived through decades! What is even more surprising is that during those times in the 1800s life expectancy of human beings was only 60 when these people were born. Here are mini-biographies of 5 extraordinary men on Earth, all born […]

world’s oldest cat

Cats belong to the feline family which has some of the most ferocious to very cute and furry creatures. At the outset, though the habitat of the cats varies, it is about the life span of the cats that have been found to be evolving more than anything. Any cat living above 25 comes under the world’s oldest cat category. It is said that spaying/ neutering the cats tend to increase their life span as they are less affected by those mammary gland problems. People […]

world’s biggest cat

Think of a big cat 11 feet long, weighing 850 lb (380kg), with 4 inch long canines, 4 inch claws and capable of bringing down even the largest buffalo. Panthera tigris altaica commonly known as the Indian Tiger is biggest in the cat species. As a cat, Tiger is classified in the genera, Panthera, which includes other great predators like jaguar, lion, snow leopard, and Leopard. Tiger’s large body and characteristics have been defined by its environment and successive evolution over time. Here is everything […]

Lets take a look into the list of the top 5 largest snakes on earth. #1: Green Anaconda Originating in South America, the Green Anaconda can tip the “scales” at a staggering 227kg (500 lb), and the longest recorded length was a little over a massive 8m (28 feet) long. The scientific name of the Green Anaconda is called “Eunectes murinus” in which Eunectes derives from Greek meaning “good swimmer” and the Latin name murinus, meaning “of mice” (which they commonly prey on). A member […]

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